Sunday, April 10, 2011


Dear Mom,

Are you sure THIS PLACE is the right place for me to stay when you are away?????   THAT LADY left us alone by ourselves yesterday until the girl came home from her sleepover. We were ALL ALONE!!!!!!  I got a little bored and looked through her ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) that she left ON THE SOFA. Well I just had a little peek at one, but I didn't HURT ANYTHING - HONEST I DIDN'T.

And the big black dog and the fuzzy dog - they are SO BORING during the day - all they want to do is sleep. But that lady made up for it when she got home. I got to go in the back yard - then I was BARKING and BARKING. But THAT LADY was NOT HAPPY and made me come in. What is the fun in being inside????  The big black dog got to stay outside. BORING!!!!!!!!

But Mom - one thing - THAT LADY listened to me. Yes she did!!!!!   When she got home, she got the fabrics all prepared so she could cut a bunch of half square triangles on Monday. She figured out what fabric she needed (well what she had that worked - she tells me she does NOT want to buy if she doesn't have to) for borders and bindings. That was for the Patchwork Sampler.

Then she got out the mini Stack n Whack. She laid out all the pieces - then she cut FOUR extra yellows. How pathetic that she couldn't cut those four pieces BEFORE.
Mini Stack n Whack - TAKE ONE

Well MOM - AFTER she got all those yellow triangles sewn onto the ends of the rows, and the ruler was safely stowed on the peg board,

This is the ruler used to do the Stack n Whack and the One Block Wonder
Here is the ruler safely stowed on the peg board wall
I SHOWED her the way it was supposed to look. You see - she made a BIG stack n whack several years ago and gave it away. This is a photo of the original quilt. She was able to get little blocks from the left overs and the plan was to make the little one - just like the big one.

Stack n Whack - Original Quilt
So - she got out the seam ripper. You know MOM - she didn't say ONE BAD WORD. She just got out the seam ripper and ripped away. She is very calm - I think it is because of ME!!!!!   I HELP HER TO BE CALM!!!!!!

Mini Stack n Whack Take TWO
This is what the Mini Stack n Whack looks like now. She has the bottom three rows complete. She had to pack it up because TODAY is another Pampered Sit n Sew day. And there are TEN people coming. TEN people - I can hardly wait!!!!!!   I am VERY WELL RESTED and can't wait to impress them with my jumping skills and my licking skills.

While THAT LADY was working on the stack n whack she was using half square triangles (little odd ones) as enders and leaders, then she decided to get out one of the blocks from the Patchwork Sampler to use as enders and leaders. Boy oh boy - she sure listened to me!!!!!!

Block 18 of The Patchwork Sampler - look at all those little pieces. 

 Then she got this much done and realized that she had FORGOT TO TRIM those flying geese and the block was too big. I sure learn a LOT OF HER SECRETS when I am here. She took it apart and hasn't had time to sew it together yet.

And MOM - when she moved the dog beds to make room for the ladies - I found ANOTHER SECRET. Look at all these tubs - they are FILLED with quilt tops that need borders or backings or bindings. Isn't that pathetic!!!!!   I can see that THAT LADY needs me a LOT. I give her advice and she gets work done. SO MOM - you had better keep your bags packed - it seems that is the only way THAT LADY gets anything done. You are away and I give ADVICE.

Boxes of quilt tops waiting for backings, borders and bindings. 

Mom - I have to go - the first lady is due ANY MINUTE and I am POISED and READY!!!!!!

I MISS YOU LOTS - THAT LADY is NOT CUDDLY and even though she was tossing and turning in bed and I jumped up to help calm her down - SHE TOSSED ME ON THE FLOOR. HOW RUDE!!!!!!!


Love Kaylee

PS - I've got loads more pictures to show you, but we don't have time right now. Wait until tomorrow.

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