Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's all about the NUMBERS!

Do you remember that picture from my One Block Wonder class a couple of days ago????

No - well here it is again.

Well - I am currently getting my next article ready for A Needle Pulling Thread. Guess what the topic is????


I had prepared this article a number of years ago and handed it out to some of my students - (here is an interesting tidbit -  if I do a rough calculation - I have taught HUNDREDS of classes and THOUSANDS of students over the last 11 years that I have been teaching quilting. I never thought about it that way - that is HUGE!!!!!!)

Anyway as I was going through this article to see if I should make any changes - well - I think I have FAILED!!!!   There are a few references to noise levels!!!!   Ooops - I think we totally ignored that one at this class. But here is the difference - EVERYONE was having fun - EVERYONE was participating - EVERYONE was getting work done and EVERYONE went home feeling great.

I am worried because today is CHRISTMAS CLUB at Cockadoodle Quilts and that class is VERY ROWDY. I am going to read them some of my Etiquette suggestions!!!!!   Oh dear - my sides are hurting already!

But the last point I make in the article is to HAVE FUN in a class - oh yes - I really try to make every class fun or as entertaining as possible!!!!

Watch for the article in A Needle Pulling Thread - Summer 2011 issue - hits newsstands at the end of May.

Yesterday was a bit of a whirlwind day - I was sitting in the A Needle Pulling Thread booth at The CreativFestival. I was binding one of the tie quilts (got to get it ready for the Brampton Quilt Show - April 30 - May1). I did NOT get much binding done as I was chatting (OK - I take after my father!!!!!) to everyone about the quilt, how to use ties in quilts and then catching up with everyone who stopped by.

I did manage to get out and spend a bit of cash - sorry no pictures, but I DID NOT use any plastic. Yeah!!!! Oh yes - I was tempted, but I restrained myself.

Then onto Cockadoodle quilts for sit n sew evening. Linda as usual was in fine form and working on a quilt that I want to make. She is always ahead of me on these projects. Hmmmmm - what does she want to make next so I can start now!!!

Anyway here is one of her current projects.
Linda - Christmas tree quilt

Linda - lights for Christmas tree quilt border
 Is this not the CUTEST thing around??   It is a pattern by Alex Anderson from many many years ago. I can't even remember the name of the darn thing right now. But very cute - I think Alex did it with a black background originally and then did one with black/white.

Kathy was busy working on one of my FAVOURITE quilts. A SCRAPPY PINEAPPLE. I was hoping she wouldn't notice if the blocks somehow came home with me - but she was holding onto them pretty tight. I don't blame her - they are GORGEOUS. So remember all those scraps I have been cutting - I just found a project for them. The pattern was printed onto flannel (I have LOADS of flannel) using a transfer pen and then foundation pieced. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this.
Kathy - pineapple TIDBITS

I did not get pictures of what the others were working on. Too many DAMN secrets if you ask me. I was NOT allowed to take pictures of what I was working on. It is the current Border Creek Mystery that Cockadoodle is running. I am a tad behind (they just handed out Clue 7) and I was working on Clue 1 - when I arrived last night. I managed to ALMOST get through Clue 3. But the first couple of Clues are always the worst in a mystery - they usually have the most cutting and sewing. I hope it will go faster as I work my way through the clues.

CAN'T take a picture of what Flo was working on because she was working on Mary's round robin which is also a secret.

See - everyone wants pictures, but there are restrictions!!!!!!!   I didn't get pictures of what the others on the other side of the room were working on - at least they were NOT secret!!!

And I should really run because I have a customer coming at 9 to drop off a quilt (they were just so happy with the last one - all trimmed up and ready to sew on the binding) that they are dropping another one off - she just picked up the last one a couple of days ago!!!!   I have to finish my homework for my class this morning (do NOT tell the Christmas Club students - I'll never hear the end of it and I had better READ that etiquette article myself!!!!!) and I have to get ready for a teacher who is coming at 1 to discuss making a memory quilt for a seniors home in the neighbourhood. More on that later as we work out the details. Caroline (M's friend) is going to be the lead on that project. It should be fun!!!!

Oh yes - almost forgot the progress report

Red/white: nothing new - no time
Patchwork Sampler block - no new ones done - no time
Number of Tim's hot chocolates drunk yesterday - ZERO - no desire!!!!!

Here is an interesting note about those hot chocolates. According to the nutrition guide on Tim Horton's web site a 10 OZ Hot chocolate (is that the large?????) has TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY calories. OK - I cringe when I write that. And some days I would have TWO or THREE. It's a wonder I don't weigh twice as much as I do.

Now to get rid of ONE POUND of weight - you have to burn 3,500 calories. So imagine if I  go COLD TURKEY and no more hot chocolates and I do nothing else. 240 calories per day times 365 days is 87,600 CALORIES in a year from hot chocolates. And that is just ONE a day - I am sure it works out to more. If I divide that number by 3,500 - there is TWENTY FIVE pounds in ONE YEAR from just eliminating this from my diet and I don't have to do anything different - no additional exercise - nothing. Oh yes - I am PUMPED to make this happen. Matter of fact - I think I might try to go cold turkey. Honestly it is very much a social habit and heck - I can drink water and not feel left out.

Wow - that was an eye opener. See I told you - you HAVE to write it out before it makes sense.

On that note.........

Have a GREAT day!!!!


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