Saturday, May 14, 2011

Coming out of my shell!!!!

My goodness - it appears that Blogger had a few problems this past week. They had to take all the posted blogs off from Thursday - I see it is back on now and then I could not get into Blogger to post. And all likely because someone was bored and decided to hack the site. I mean really - why can't people find a hobby these days!!  A USEFUL hobby.

I am happy to report  that I am losing that lazy feeling and actually getting back to work. I don't think it was just me - there seemed to be lots of people afflicted with the same lethargy. At least - I just laid around - I didn't do anything destructive.

Well how are those hearts coming along????? I managed to get TWO more done. Only SIX left.
Yes - there are THREE hearts here, but the green one was already stitched down. 

And yeah - I finally finished that second to last block for The Patchwork Sampler. It is a big one - 12 inches square and lots of fiddly pieces.
Block Number 44 -The Patchwork Sampler

You know what this means - there is ONE block left to piece. The pieces have all been cut for a long time, but when I went to lay it out this morning - I don't think my brain was working properly as the colour contrast of some pieces is NOT good. I have to recut a few pieces. Hopefully by the end of this week I will be done. Then trimming a bunch of half square triangles - well let's just say the end is in sight!!!!!

Then I had to get my butt in gear to work on my finishing project for this month. My Group of Four is meeting on Monday night and I had done NOTHING. Well that is not true - I had got out the project - I had even put it on the design wall and was trying to figure out what to do with it. After counting blocks and shifting pieces everywhere and opening up EQ7, I resorted to what I had originally planned to do even before we swapped the blocks.


Hopefully none of them will look at the blog this weekend. Gosh - it is getting tiresome  - all this working on secret projects and not able to reveal any of them. Anyway a group of us exchanged 9-patches (6 1/2") in brights and also 6 1/2" plain squares - also in brights - although there are one or two in this quilt that really do not qualify as brights. After tossing and turning the blocks, I tried to go for blocks of colours. Wasn't easy and isn't perfect, but I'm quite happy with it. Had to cut a few extra plain squares, but that allowed me to keep the colours the way I wanted. It is very easy and quick (thank goodness) to sew together. Found a decent fabric as the setting triangles and away I went. Got to figure out something for the borders and get it done for Monday.

Yesterday was my last sit n sew day for this season. Yes - once I get the rest of the money sitting here in the system - I will have successfully raised all my money for this year's fund raisers!!!   $2,500 for The Ride to Conquer Cancer and $1,500 for The Healing Cycle. Thanks to everyone who participated in my sew days.

I have to show you this quilt that Gail was working on. She made it from the batik strip exchange that we did several years ago. I just LOVE the quilt. Hmmmm - I still have all those strips ........

Double Pinwheel - Eleanor Burns

I should have taken a better picture, but it is HUGE. I made one of these quilts as one of my first quilts. But my strips were MUCH wider and I did not need so many blocks. Let's just say that Gail got her money's worth with the pressing at the sit n sew day. I was pressing ALL day for her. Daphne was busy with pillow cases and placemats and I did NOT get any pictures of them.

Marilyn worked on a number of small projects and got them all complete.

Envelope bag
She made a couple of these envelope bags (which reminds me very much of the pouch I used to have - and I dug out because I would like to remake it!). She also worked on another cool little bag which I did not get a picture and something else - oh dear I have forgotten already!!!!   Now I know why I take pictures of everything.

Well it is time to head out for another crazy day. High Altitude training - up to 50 minutes at 12,000 Feet!!!!! Yep - let's just dive right in. And then TWO machine quilting classes.

Have a great day!!!!


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