Thursday, May 26, 2011

Top 10 reasons why computers are like teenagers

Bear with me - I am loading the pictures and will update the words in an hour. Long story. Tell you later.

aw. Here I am sitting in the back of Marian's van safely ensconced with kaylee. Marian and Margo are in the front seat. We are waiting for Flo and getting ready for a big day at the CQA show in London.

So why are computers like computers?

1. They never work when you want them to.
2. The more you want from them, the slower they are.
3. They are temperamental at the best of times.
4. No amount of yelling will make them react any faster.

Anyway we are now moving. I hope I don't get car sick.

Well here are what the pictures mean. The log cabin is the raffle quilt for the Halton Hills Quilt Guild. Turned out quite nice and two ladies (Carol and Joyce) jumped to the occasion to get the binds stitched down. Thanks!!!!!!!

The next picture is my next top that I am going to piece. Since I can't show you the one that I am actually working on. Another secret. Just too many secrets.

However there is a problem with all this piecing. Yes it means that there is an accumulation of tops happening. How many you ask? Well I haven't got a tally, butt the next three pictures are tops, backings and bindings that are waiting to be quilted. A long arm quilters dream! Wait I am a long arm quilter. I must get myself in gear and then what will I do with all those quilts???

Well this is a weird way to blog, but have to keep up to date.

Have a great day!


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