Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It was ONE of those days!!!!

Ever had one of those days - come on - we've all had them. I (like most everyone in this area) is absolutely tired of the rain. How do those who live in the wetter areas survive?????   With that tiredness comes a bit of fatigue, lack of energy - well you get the picture. Plus it was the first day after the show where I didn't really have anything to do! I mean - something specific.

However I did manage to get lots done, but not what I wanted. I tidied up more stuff for the quilt show, worked out at the gym even though I DID NOT WANT to. Was not my best work out. Errands (how can one spend so much time on errands!!!!!)

Did a lot of cutting and prepping for the retreat. Yes - I am leaving early tomorrow morning for a four day retreat. I can't wait! And as I am cutting, marking, prepping - I'm thinking - would it not be nice to just sit and do hand work for FOUR days. Well - I might just do that. However I have spent a lot of time prepping for the sewing parts. And NO none of the projects are new!  These are class samples that never got finished and my mystery quilt.

Here is all my stuff ready for the weekend. OH - I should rephrase that - this is all my SEWING stuff. I'll pack the machine and clothes later!!!!
Projects packed and ready for the retreat!!!

Had to stop at Micheal's for some supplies. And look what I found to cheer me up!!!!!   They are fairly big and now I have to find a home for them. I had two coupons for Micheal's. A 10% off entire purchase and a 40% off one item. As I was standing at the cash wondering which one I could use - the cashier informed me that I could use BOTH in the same transaction. How civilized is that!!!!!!!

No - I have not had a chance to look at the photos of the quilt show. We had the most amazing display of mini-quilts for raffle. 22 on day one and 21 on day two. There were embroidered ones, pieced ones, arty ones, traditional ones. The quilts were so appealing that the girls were making up new sets of numbers as quick as they could because they ran out of numbers!!!!!   Of course - I had to buy tickets - I wanted to add to my collection. And I did win!!!!   Here is my new addition. Oh - I should take a picture of all of my minis - well I will do that another day. Not a lot of time this morning as Alwin has roped me into going to the gym again this morning!!!!! How did that happen?????

Mini quilt from Brampton Quilt Show.
 And while I have not done any more sewing on this - I thought I would show you the final arrangement of blocks. I have to be wide awake to sew this, but I really like the quilt and I am missing ONE block. Rather than fussy cut my last piece of fabric and not have ONE lone cube, I am trying to match the green - boy that is hard. That is what the hunk of green is hanging off the bottom right.

Thanks to Ronda for helping me load my GPSs (yes TWO of them) for the weekend. No - not in case we get lost, but in preparation for geocaching. Haven't done much and should be fun.

Well that is it for me. Hopefully next week, I will get back in the groove! and I should have LOADS of show n tell from the retreat.

Have a great day!



  1. Ahhh, retreats! Caffeine and peer pressure keep me going and going and then I pay for it when I get back home! But so much fun! Have a wonderful time!


  2. Can't wait to hear and see the show and tell!