Monday, November 14, 2011

The aftermath!!!!!

Wow - what a retreat!!!!   As usual it was a BLAST!!!!!   We did miss a couple of members and some had to leave early but I think everyone went home happy and TIRED!!!!!  I know when I got home, I curled up on the couch with my iPad and surfed the internet!!   Something I don't do often - but at least I was looking at fabric sites - OF COURSE!!!

I will post pictures of the reveal tomorrow - sorry to make you wait, but I had to wait ONE WHOLE YEAR - so one more day won't kill you. I still can't believe how naughty those girls were with MY QUILT!!!!

This was my first long trip with my car and I am happy to say that it performed beautifully. I'm very happy with it - who cares how much gas it uses!!!!  And there is LOTS of room for all kinds of things -

Three dogs!!!!!
No the dogs did NOT come with us on the trip. Marian and I went somewhere and of course - they all had to come with us. At this moment we are getting ready to do a geocache. And when we got the dogs out and on their leashes - they looked like this........................

They were ALL eating grass. Looked like a herd of cows - NOT dogs!!!!!

Anyway - there is a lot of room in that car, although I was a tad worried as I prepared my stuff for the retreat. I started off with TWO bags of supplies. Then my overnight bag and my sewing machine. No problem. But then the two bags multiplied into about 4, then 5. Just couldn't help it and I knew Mary was going through the same thing.

Started with TWO bags, which grew to three (pictured here) and then four and finally FIVE bags of sewing stuff. I must have had GRAND DILLUSIONAL DOABILITY!!!!

But we packed that little car FULL - well - it wasn't full. We had ONE layer  on the cargo area and folded down seats and still had a few open spots. Don't forget Mary has to bring food (she is our resident cook) as well as sewing stuff

Now I know you are thinking - why take all that stuff????   Well I was able to work on a project a day and I was quite happy to switch it up. Besides some of the projects got to a point where I either needed more fabric, need more fabric cut or something. Have a look..................

Here is the picture of the quilt from the booklet "All for Fall" by Anne's Quilt Loft
This is an OLDER (2003) pattern that I fell in love with

Found this picture of the scraps (pieces) I started with. I think I am still in my old house in this one

I had done TONS of cutting and at some point had made the nine patch blocks. I got this much together

Still had lots of pieces and debated whether I make TWO lap size quilts or go bigger with a queen/king. We all decided that the quilt will have MORE impact if it is larger. I was running out of red squares - I need to do more cutting (A LOT more cutting) to get to king size.

That was day one. Packed it up for the evening and got something new out on day two.

Remember a while back - I got two SCRAP bags from Moda and I cut a bunch of strips. Well this is what I got made with them. They will become nine-patches, but I did not have enough of the diamond fabric for the centers so I need to get more. That was part of my internet surfing last night. I think I found what I need as well. Just have to wait for them to open up!!!

Nana's Big Quilts from Four Corners (Another OLDER (2001) pattern that I fell in love with )

I got this much sewn in one day!!!   The big one is the center of the quilt and the four pieces are the start of the corners!!!

I got LOTS more strips sewn to finish off those corners. I might even have enough to complete this quilt!!!!   And there are quite a few more strips in the box (maybe make the smaller version!!!)

Got a LOT of the half square triangles sewn and even a few cut. 
Normally when I go to a sewing retreat I do NOT cut. I try to have everything prepared and then cut when I go to Monday Motivators. This time - I had to sew a lot of strips together and I did a lot of sub cutting for all the projects - well except the first one).

Wait - I got more done as well.........................

Got ONE block of a northwind scrap quilt done. Decided it was TOO difficult to sew there (well it was late at night) so I gave up!!!

There were FOUR previously made blocks which I am going to take the big triangles off and resew. My sewing skills have improved immensely since I sewed these and I can make them better.

Sewed up the last 14 of these blocks and added the black strip. Yeah - these blocks are ready for the design wall!!!!!

I also got TWO blocks done for Elm Creek. Of course, I cannot show you - that would spoil the fun for the girls in the class.

Of course there were several projects I NEVER even touched. Here are two of them.............

Two projects NEVER touched!!!!!

There were a couple of other projects as well and several hand projects that I never touched. Hey - I would rather have more than less!!!!!   I did almost get the binding on the quilt that I took. So yes - while I goofed off and did lots of other things (more on that tomorrow), I did get a LOT done.

I hope to get everything in order (buy the missing fabric pieces - get more fabric cut - get half square triangles trimmed, etc) and hope to get a lot more done on the four day retreat coming up at MY HOUSE!!!!!   (Can't wait for that!!!!)

Well - it is time to close off for today. Come back tomorrow as there is LOTS more to discuss about this retreat. Let's just say that we ate well (but didn't gain any weight!), we laughed a lot, - heck we just had loads of fun!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!



  1. Sounds like a fun trip -- you're always so busy with so much quilting fun going on! It's fun to read your blog! :)

  2. Wow what a fun retreat, and you got so much done. I think taking a few days off is the closest I'm going to get to a UFO retreat for awhile.