Friday, November 18, 2011

Kicking in OVERDRIVE!!!!!!

Just getting my schedule organized for the first 6 months of next year!   OK - better kick into overdrive in order to get everything done!  Actually it isn't that bad - just seems like a lot and right now - meeting with everyone takes time. As soon as I get the last round of classes in place - I will be posting my schedule so you can see what cool things I am up to and what great classes/ideas you can participate in.

And you always have to be careful what you wish for!!!   I love doing mystery quilts and I thought (in a moment of insanity) that I would participate in Bonnie Hunter's (Quiltville) latest mystery. Last night I visited her blog and it was apparent that people had been bugging her about what time she was going to post the first set of instructions this morning. Good grief - do people have absolutely NOTHING to do that they need to wait for those instructions to come up??????  And how many are sewing right now???????   These people need to get a life!!!!!          Anyway as I sat down at the computer this morning, I thought I would check and see if Part 1 was up. And yes it was!!!!!    OH MY GOD - she wasn't kidding when she said there was going to be a LOT of sewing. Do you want to know what Part 1 consists of??????   Yes when you are done you should have not ONE, not TWO, but TWO HUNDRED and TWENTY FOUR quarter square triangles that measure 2 1/2".   Intense - yup - this mystery is INTENSE!!!!!!!!   I'm going to dig out my fabric and start cutting on Monday.

You see - there isn't room nor is it the place for me to take my sewing machine on Monday. I spend the day preparing things to be sewn when I get home. Might be strips that are sewn together that have to be subcut, might be new stuff that has to be cut from yardage, might be half square triangles that have to be trimmed, might be applique that needs to be prepared. There is more than enough to keep me busy. As I work at home, I put this stuff that needs that kind of work in my Monday pile.

Monday "to do" pile

Now I don't take everything - that would be foolish, but I pick through it to see what I feel like I am in the mood to do, what is most urgent and take that. It is a great system and I get through some of the boring part of quilting with my friends around me to keep me entertained.

I went to the gym yesterday to work out with Alwin. I told him he was just MEAN and he is. There is just no rest, but no time for a nap yesterday as I was meeting with Alma (Sew Fancy) to get all the plans for the spring and fall CreativFestival in place. She brought back some pretty cool stuff from Houston - you better watch out for that. I might be making a few samples for her and got some cool demos/classes coming up. Hey - one day - I might even learn to tat!!!!!!!   NO - I try to keep it to fabric related stuff. I'm good with that!!!

Speaking of quarter square triangles - guess what???   The other mystery by This and That also calls for half square triangles for part one. HOWEVER - you only need to make TWENTY!!!!!  And I got my fabric that I ordered from The Quilting Bee in Fonthill. That was speedy service and no excuse now to NOT make the quarter square triangles.

The extra fabric received to make the This and That mystery

And yes - even though I was running around like crazy yesterday (OK - so I spent a good part relaxing in Tim Horton's!!!!), I did manage to get some stuff done around here.

I finally got the borders on the Buy the Yard Mystery from Debbie's Creative Moments. For some reason - this took a LONG time. But I am happy with the results.

Buy the Yard Mystery - TOP DONE

I even mitered that striped border print.

Mitered border 

No I did not take the time to match up those strips. I just threw them on. The print is uneven and I may have got a bit closer than I did in the matching, but it wasn't really worth the extra time.  I love mitered corners - they are SO EASY and yet look so nice.

Then the debate - what fabric to use for the binding - the stripe (on the bias) or the green. Ah - I think the green is better. I was getting ready to make up a shopping list for more of the green because I just bought it and when I went into the stash room to get something else (or yes - put a green away) - VOILA - there was more of this green. I forgot I had purchased a meter. Guess I had better check the stash BEFORE going shopping.

I've mentioned this before, but I like all that stuff around the studio that is inspirational or is me. Yes - it is useless crap to anyone else, but makes me feel good. I have some pictures and other stuff that has been sitting here waiting for me to deal with it. Last night, I got ambitious and finished putting up this..................

This is one of my FAVOURITE sayings. I just love it (the last two words are "breath away" in case you can't read it). Marian gave the  wall mural to me for Christmas several years ago. And how can you ask for more Christmas presents when you haven't even used the ones that you already have?????   I'm kidding of course!!!!!    

So while the sign is pretty and inspirational for just living, it was a challenge to install. Why you ask?????    Well look where I put it.........................

Sign on the bulkhead of the stairs

I had to stand on the edge of the step leaning into the wall and gently working on the sign to get all the letters transferred to the wall. But I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got a few more things to put up still - I'll aim for one a day over the next week and I should be done.

This is how the bird feeder should be. My backyard is not huge and there isn't a lot of room to put the bird feeders without giving the squirrels easy access. My previous bird feeder (well you can see it on the right) is wood and the squirrels can hang on). I got tired of them emptying the bird feeder in a day, so I bought a metal one with little perches on it. And see - there are birds on the feeder and the squirrels are on the ground eating the left overs. YES - I love it. This was an inexpensive feeder ($29) from Rona. Well worth the price. I might go and get another one. My cardinal has been visiting and lots of little birds. Yeah!!!!!

Birds on the feeder and that big black blob in the bottom left is a squirrel - on the ground where he belongs!!!!

Oh yes - did I mention that I got my fabric for the Border Creek Mystery???

Fabric for the Quaintly Queen Mystery Quilt from Border Creek Station

This is the same fabric that Sherri used in her sample. Well - I like it and I think it will fit in my bedroom. I guess it is about time that I actually put a quilt on the bed!!!!!

Well - lots of e-mails and other stuff to get organized today and lots and lots of sewing to do. I had better get started!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!


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