Thursday, November 24, 2011

A whole lot of stuff going on!

Thursday is my normal gym day, but I had to switch it and was able to book an appointment bright and early on Wednesday morning at 8 AM. I arrive at the gym, but no Alwin. Hey - this is NOT like him. He is always on time - early even. Hmmmm - well I am not going to wait for him, I am dressed and ready to work out - off to the machines I go. I did have a GREAT workout although it is boring without someone to chatter to!  Perhaps I need to buy an iPod - wait - I have an iPod. (somewhere!)  Technically this is the SECOND workout this week that I did ON MY OWN. Maybe I will get a trend happening here!  I really don't mind doing the workout ONCE I am there. It is the getting there that is the problem for me!!!!   But the scales are working in my favour so I can't give up now. Even if it is only ONE pound every six months. And I was almost done when Alwin sheepishly came to see me. He got mixed up and forgot me!!!!!!!!  

Well I am getting LOTS done in the quilting world which is good since I have TONS to do. Let's see - what is going on............................

Let's have a look at what's come in the mail

On Track magazine which is the official magazine for  the International Machine Quilter's Association

Lots of great ideas for machine quilting.

And I got the class catalogue for the Machine Quilter's Showcase coming up in May 2012. I really should go to that show one of these years. Lots to see - lots to learn - just doesn't seem to be the time to get there.

Catalogue for Machine Quilters Showcase

I saw this fabric when I was shopping for something else. It reminded me so much of my round robin quilt that I had to buy it!!!!   At first, I thought it might make a good border, but after consulting with a couple of people and laying it beside the quilt - NO. It is going on the back.

Backing for the round robin quilt

See - it reminds me of the quilt!!!

I also received 1 meter of my missing fabric. And it was the RIGHT colour. I was a bit worried because there were several colourways of this. So now I can cut it and get ready to sew some more!!!!

I got all these HST sewn. Some are ready to be trimmed and some are already trimmed!!!   This is a HUGE job and I am going to do a bit each Monday.

LOTS of HSTs in various states of completion

Cut these strips on Monday so....................

I could get these SIX placemats ready for the guild. We are meeting tonight and I sort of put this off. But the placemats are DONE!!!!

At last - the black/white and red (AKA Linda's quilt!!) is DONE!!!!!

I did not take a picture of the backing and the binding, but that is done as well.

And look - there was ONE block left over. This goes in the orphan block box!!!!

Marked the blocks for sewing on the This n That mystery

Did some cutting and traced the applique shapes for The Quilt Patch mystery

Now here is ANOTHER mystery. This picture was taken at my house on Monday night. I was bustling around getting things sorted out and you see that roll of traced images on the left?  Well I CANNOT find it!!!!!!   I have searched everywhere - I was ready to fuse it down and cut out the shapes, but can't find the darn tracings anywhere.   What the heck did I do with it?  One minute it was there - and poof - gone!!!!!!
I might just have to break down and retrace it. DRAT!!!!!!!!1

I told you Monday was a busy day!!!!!

I also got some fabric ready for the blocks of the months for another guild I belong to.

Block of the Month - October

Block of the Month - November

Block of the month - December

I am sure you can all agree that sometimes choosing the fabric and doing the prep work is MUCH harder and MORE time consuming than the actual sewing. These won't take long to put together. The hard part is DONE!!!!

I also worked on Border Creek Mystery and got all the cutting done.

Border Creek Mystery - Quaintly Queen - all cut out for Clue 2 - a bit of sewing and trimming to do

Now - I have vowed to NOT buy any more fabric, but I saw this on sale and so I bought some because you can NEVER have too much beige fabric.

Two new beige fabrics

However after looking at the basket of beige fabric - I think that NO more beige is a good thing!!!!  

Beige fabric basket. I solved this easy enough, by removing the box that is underneath it, but then had to find a spot for the box.

And from time to time - the design wall actually gets empty!!!!!    I am glad I did NOT make the wall bigger. Any bigger and stuff would get on and NEVER get off - that is what happened last time.

Almost empty design wall

Well - lots of stuff going on today and I had better get started.

Have a great day!!!!


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