Thursday, November 17, 2011


At last  I get some quiet time to update the blog.

Yesterday was a whirlwind day. Started off early having to finish a quilt that was on the long arm so that the machine would be free when Sandra came to quilt her own quilt.

Customer quilt

Sandra with her quilt that she quilted on the long arm!!!!   Way to go Sandra. She did a great job for first time and even better - she has one more Christmas present DONE (OK - she still has to do the binding)
Anyway - enough of all that - let's get on with the reveal!!!!

Our retreat group decided to do a round robin. At our retreat last November those that were interested in participating brought a center block that measured 16 1/2" unfinished. A rotation was set and each person worked on each other's quilts through out the year. We met several times but the OWNER of each quilt was NOT allowed to see their own. As the year went along - we got to see all the quilts on a regular basis!!!   But NEVER our own. I am very surprised that NO ONE saw theirs in advance of the reveal.

So after ONE YEAR of waiting - here are the quilts.............................

The START picture is what was ready at the retreat November 2010. As you can see - some people had a bit of work to do even before they got the first round.

Carol - hmmmm - a concept and a couple of pieces!!!!!

Carol - the final quilt

Carol with her quilt
Flo - an applique shape and a picture!  Flo wasn't sure she was going to participate until  the last minute. 

Flo's quilt

Flo DELIGHTED with her quilt 

Flo with her quilt!

Sorry for the pictures on an angle. I was trying to get pictures of the people as they saw their quilt for the first time. And then trying to get pictures of the quilts and the owners with their quilts. However - we were in a small room and the paparazzi had first choice on the location of pictures and I was the helper to put the quilts on the wall so I didn't have a choice!!!!!!

The paparazzi - yes that is Marian in there. She came for the reveal and the unveiling of our new project. See why I had a hard time getting head on shots!!!   Wasn't going to happen!!!!

Lynn's block - well again - a picture and a quarter of the block!!!!

I know - you are thinking - Was anyone prepared??????

Lynn - should have zoomed in on this one. She was SPEECHLESS and spent a LOT of time after she received her quilt just admiring it. I don't blame her - It was SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lynn with her quilt - see what I mean - SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!     Notice that spiky border right after the bright pink. I did that and did NOT take the paper off (the row was paper pieced). So she spent a bit of time on the weekend removing the paper!!!!!
Lynn - removing the paper from my paper pieced row

Lynn - just sitting in AWE of her gorgeous quilt!!!!!!

Mary's block and YES she was done!!!!!!

Mary's quilt

Mary with her quilt

Pauline's center block - she came with one idea and ended up making this from bits and pieces she had with her!

Pauline's quilt - unfortunately Pauline couldn't be with us for the weekend. WE MISSED YOU Pauline!!!!!!!!

Sharron's block. She also came with not one but TWO completely finished blocks. She let us choose and this is the one we picked.
Mary did the last row on Sharron's quilt and had a few left over blocks that did not  fit properly. She made a tote bag and several smaller bags with the left overs!!!!   Everyone wanted Mary to do the last row on their quilt!!!!!!

Sharron's quilt

Sharron with her quilt (and you can see her bag better in this picture!!!)

OK - so you get the idea - start with a center block, each person adds a 4" row around that center block.

WAIT A MINUTE - where is my quilt????????   Just keep the above in mind as you look at the following

My center block - almost finished!!!!!

My quilt!!!   Hey - what happened to the 4 inch border rule?????????   I can just see the six of them TEEHEEEING about what they did as they plotted and planned!!!!!    They all did applique too!!!!!!    VERY IMPRESSIVE.
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Should I trust them again?????? 

Yes - some of them were very difficult to do based on colour - some were VERY hard to match, but over all I think the group did a great job. Sometimes it was a challenge to figure out what to add to the quilt either because the person before you did something amazing or simple and you had to decide what direction to take. We had many consultations over colours and styles. And as you can see - they had a LOT of fun with mine!!!!!

Thanks to the entire group - Carol, Pauline, Lynn, Sharron, Mary, Flo - you guys did an AWESOME job and hopefully it wasn't too stressful. And hopefully everyone learned something!!!!!

Well not the group to be sitting on our laurels - OH NO - we already started a new project!!!!   Do you want to see?????

This time we are doing an "Around the Block". Well that is what we are calling it. We each chose a theme and  made a large block and several small blocks. (all based on 4" dimensions - i.e. big block could be 12 by 16, 8 by 24 - all divisible by 4). A rotation was set and then each person will create a large block and several small blocks and then the project moves on. We are NOT sewing to the original block. Assembling the blocks will be the job of the owner when they get all the big and little blocks back. I think we have agreed to keep it a secret to the owner. I HATE that - OK - I like it. They could never have pulled that stunt off if we were looking at our own quilts last time!!!!  

This time we have NINE - the two sideline people (Linda and Marian) were very sorry that they had NOT participated in the Round Robin!!!!

Here is what we had at our November start-up!!!!

Carol - THEME - Northern Living  (GORGEOUS loons)

Elaine - THEME - All About Me (in WORDS!!!!!)   Thanks Ruth for the word!!!!

Elaine (my little blocks) - I embroidered them. And shoot - I did NOT take a picture of the final product. I remember at home saying - I will take the picture at the retreat and at the retreat - I thought - I have already taken the picture. DRAT. Anyway - I spelled out the name of my blog in embroidered letters. I will get Carol (who has my quilt) to get a picture so I can add it. DRAT DRAT DRAT!!!!!!!

Flo - THEME - Canoeing, camping and outdoors

Lynn - THEME - Life on the Farm!

Marian - THEME - Dutch (make that Holland Dutch!!!!) As if we couldn't tell!!!!
Mary - THEME - In the Kitchen   (there are chocolate chip cookies, her favourite mixing bowl and spatula and favourite spoon!!!!!

Sharron - THEME - Memories of Quilter's MisBee haven!   (Sharron always brings LOTS of fabric and after consulting with Halina - she came up with this idea at the RETREAT - a clothesline and each of us will make a little quilt to hang on it. Just like we did the very first time we went to the retreat house!!!!! - way to go Sharron)

Pauline - THEME - A day in the garden
Linda - THEME - All about me

Wow - that about covers it!!!!!    It is SO EXCITING!!!!!!    I just love these kind of projects!!!!

Marian just came for the two reveals and then she was gone.

Doesn't this remind you of Wilson on that Tim Allen show - shoot - can't think of the name, but I know the name of his show was called Tool Time (the name of the show on the show - if you follow me!!!!)

Got to run - lots to do today.

Have a great day!!!!



  1. Elaine! Elaine! You and the ladies have really outdone yourselves! How can you top this?

    I certainly always appreciate your blogs (the time,the sharing, the info you put in).

  2. Wow! I am totally thrilled with the quilt!! I had a great day! Thanks so much for a great day! I will definitely be back!!