Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tis' the season - (but which one?)

Christmas is coming (but we do NOT say that out loud at our house!!!!)  No - I do not have tons of Christmas presents to make. I learned long time ago - do NOT offer a quilted present to anyone. It will be YEARS before it gets finished. It just means that time is flying past and this year will soon draw to an end.

However in our house - a certain someone is getting excited for Christmas. On November 1 she was desperate to get some Christmas into our house. I allowed her to do some decorating.

So we now have snowmen all over the house
We have nutcrackers!!!   (He needs drumsticks - anyone have old drumsticks?????)

And even more nutcrackers (can you tell which one is the REAL one??)

Hmmmm and this guy - do you think he grabbed some of the Halloween stuff as it was being packed up?????  

Aw the wonders of letting teenagers do stuff for you. You just never know what the end result will be!!!!!    It did bring a smile to my face when I saw it!!

Can't wait for December 1!!!!   The rest of the stuff comes out - or so I was informed!!!!!

Progress is being made and yesterday was no exception. I had to stay home because Mary was using the long arm to quilt. She arrived bright and early with TWO quilts. She had chosen a fairly simple design so there would be time to do both. And I think she was very pleased with the results and she went home with TWO QUILTS DONE!!!!

Mary with quilt number one

and quilt number two!!!!!

Awesome job Mary - have fun with the binding!!!!!

Speaking of binding, I managed to get the binding done on the flannel quilt I am making. Yeah. I even listened to TWO CDs while doing it. Normally I can't listen to more than one at a time, but I managed to eek out the second one as well. Now to get a label on the quilt and it is DONE!!!!!   I rarely get that part of the quilt done - for me, getting the binding, backing and top is done.

Like this one - I FINALLY finished the Buy The Yard mystery.......................

Another quilt top - DONE!!!!!

As Mary was leaving she said she would be back (as did Sandra!). Mary talked about the Queen of quilt tops. Hmmmmmm - I wonder what you need to quality for that????  At this point, I think I would be very afraid to have a count of how many tops I have that need to be quilted. And they are in several categories - tops that are done and have the binding and backing complete. Then there are the tops that I did before I got into this making the binding and backing thing and then there are those tops that are done except for the border and then there are those with the blocks done - just not sewn together yet. I should do a count some day - NO - that would be too depressing!!!!!!!

I was also working on my Dragon Star. OH MY GOD - it is looking awesome!!!   NO - I did not take a picture. Can't spoil it for my students next weekend. The question will be - can I actually get it complete. There are TWO quilts that are to be finished for next weekend. I have NEVER (OK - one) quilt that I finished for the end of the class. Do I dare break that streak???????   I am very close with both - I might just go for it!!!!

I had a late night last night for many reasons including a teenager out with friends (but got home on time), playing Scrabble with friends while lounging on the sofa with my ice pack (and can anyone tell me why my knee HURTS just while I am sleeping in bed - I can go all day now without any pain - a bit of stiffness and limited movement, but at night - I wake up with sensation of the knee being ripped apart!!!!!) - but I digress. Anyway - with my late night - I slept in and was listening to the radio. It appears that ONE ticket in Ontario won the big $50 million. I can't imagine how my life would change if I won (I didn't buy a ticket so I know it isn't me!!!). But what would I do? I like where I live, I like what I do, I like my car...............................   As I mentioned before - a secretary would be the first and likely only thing I would get!!!!!

Sparky went to the vet on Monday and her blood work is CLEAN. She is back to "normal". I use that term loosely because this dog is a PIG. On Monday, I went to the health food store and while there - I thought I would check out their hot chocolate. I still like a hot chocolate from time to time, but not from Tim's - just too sweet now. Anyway - I bought a bag of mix and brought it home. I had bought  a couple of other things as well including a nice shopping bag. (I know - I already have so many - but this was nice!!!). Anyway - I brought the bag downstairs and left it on the floor (without thinking of course!!!). I had to get something out of the car and was outside for 10 minutes. When I came back, I heard some strange noises downstairs and when I investigated - look what I found..............................

WHAT????????    My brand new bag of hot chocolate mix!!!!!!    
 When I came downstairs, Sparky was lying there eating it and having trouble because it was so dry and powdery. I was so MAD, I didn't even think to take a picture. I yelled at her!!!!   We were on the way to the vet to get her blood work done and she is eating hot chocolate mix!!!!!    Thank goodness I was only out for a few minutes and she did not eat the entire bag!!!!!   I might have killed her rather than take her to the animal hospital a THIRD time. Yes - it was my fault that she got into the bag.

My new shopping bag!!!

I bet she smelled that hot chocolate all the time it was sitting on the floor and the instant I left - she was in there digging around!!!!

And Sammy is no angel in all this either!!!   The floor was a mess and Sammy offered to finish off the last of the cleaning detail!!!!!

Sammy cleans up the floor!!!!

Just means we have to be diligent diligent diligent about leaving anything around the house. Sparky even licks out the Tim Horton's bag if I purchase a cookie!!!!!   Just to get a crumb or two - how desperate is that!!!!!

I did try the hot chocolate though!!!   I opened up the top and scooped out a couple of spoonfuls. Hmmmm  didn't like it - didn't even finish the cup. I threw it all out!!!

Got to run - a busy day teaching today.

Have a great day!!!!


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  1. You know I don't mind doing bindings Elaine!