Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Night before Retreat..................

And all through the house, not a creature is stirring.........................

EXCEPT for the crazy lady who is going on retreat!!!

She made a list of things to do - checked it twice - everything is under control

UNTIL she checked the calendar and realized that she has to have TEN blocks ready for Tuesday morning for her Elm Creek class.

Now she is scurrying like a mouse!!!!!

Ah - what else is new. I need to get ALL those Elm Creek blocks done or at least cut out - they are very time consuming and seem to pop up when I least expect them!!!

I am getting ready to go on a quilting retreat for FOUR days. Leaving at 6:30 AM. Oh yeah - can't wait!!!!!!   I even added ONE MORE BAG of projects. I think I now have enough to keep the entire group going for the entire weekend - never mind what they brought to work on!!!!!  

I will share some of that with you when I am back - but wait - I now have my iPad - I can update the blog while I am away. No pictures though - unless I figure out how to make that happen.

Got to keep this short because - yes - I now have to find time to cut TEN blocks for Elm Creek.

However I have been asked many times - have you ever shopped for fabric over the internet. I thought I would share a couple of stories with you. The first has NOTHING to do with the internet, but just a recent fabric purchase.

1. I broke down and decided (with the help of my trusty fabric/colour consultant - Marian) that I would go with the same colours as Sherri chose for one of the options in Border Creek Mystery. And yesterday I found a local store that had EVERYTHING I needed so off we went and got the whole kit and caboodle (although I think we forgot the binding).

Border Creek Mystery fabric for the Quaintly Queen size (what am I thinking?????)

The fabric is gorgeous (not that keen on the print, but it is nice together with the others). That will be next week's job - catch up on the two installments with this size. 

2. The second fabric shopping story is about a quilt designed by Kaffe Fassett. It is called Mossy Radiance Quilt in his book called Quilt Road (I think - it is upstairs and I don't want to run up and look).

Anyway - here is a picture of a quilt made by one of my students in another class.

Mossy Radiance - is this not gorgeous or what!!!!!!!   She didn't really like it - I should have offered to buy it off her!!!!

 I really like the mix of colour and it is orange (ish).

When I was leaving the CreativFestival - just going up the loading dock for the LAST time, here comes a woman with a cart full of Kaffe Fassett fabric and just look at all those oranges/golds/browns. Hmmmmmm - that would make a great replica of this quilt. I found out where she was (southern Ontario) and called her the other day.

Yes - she would take photos of her Kaffe Fassett fabrics and send them to me so I could shop. I mean how ACCOMMODATING is that?????????????????    She sent me numerous pictures today and I shopped from those photos. In this picture - I'll have some of the first, fourth, and eighth fabric. It was pretty funny.

And who was this accommodating person?????   The store is called Hyggeligt. The owner is Chantal and she is very nice!!!!!!    Check out her on-line store.


Just so happens that she will be at the York Heritage show this coming weekend and Marian is going to the show, so she can pick up the fabric. It will be interesting to see what it all looks like together!!!!!   Definitely a quilt with a story!!!!!

Here is one of the pictures she sent me......................

Can you tell which ones I chose???????

That's it for tonight. I've got to get at least a couple of those blocks cut out, but I really really want to go to bed and read. Hmmmmmm - cut blocks or read???????

Have a great day!!!!!



  1. Chantal at Hyggeligt is fantastic. I have ordered from her before and she sent me photos and the fabric was in the mail right away. I would recommend her to anyone. Actually I would love to visit her store!! Have a great weekend.

  2. You must be having too much fun to update us!!