Thursday, November 3, 2011

Elm Creek - October reveal

I am BEHIND!!!!   We had our reveal for Elm Creek a couple of weeks ago.  To refresh your memory we are going through the book Sylvia's Bridal Sampler. There are 140 six inch blocks. The class is doing 10 blocks per month. We started in January so we are over half way there!!!!

It was an interesting show n tell. The girls have all been pretty good at keeping up, but as I went around the room, I got this "sorry - I don't have any blocks!!!"   Yikes - what happened?????   Anyway - there was some show n tell and here it is..........

Jeanette made TWO of the same block  - neither of which she liked. She just doesn't like the block. (More on Jeanette later)



Lois - a grand total of ONE block!!!

Ruth was a tad behind and played catch-up - here are TWELVE blocks

Ruth - and SIX more of her blocks. Great effort Ruth!!!!!



And now back to Jeanette. We knew that she was working ahead and look what she had for show n tell....

Not one

But TWO quilts!!!!!    She split the blocks in half and put 70 in each. And NO the shooting star block did NOT make it into either quilt. Great job Jeanette!!!!   I wonder what she is going to do now?????

I think the class is doing amazingly well. These blocks are all challenging whether it is the size of the pieces (because they are based on a 5 by 5 grid (in a six inch block), curved seams, partial seams, mixing paper piecing and regular piecing, small pieces, templates, Y-seams). Well it is all included here. A great learning experience for sure. Great job everyone!!!!!!

We also had other items for show n tell......................   (hope I get the names right!)




I made an offer to the class that they could have a sewing day at my house to help them with the blocks IF they needed it. Three of them took me up on the offer and they spent yesterday sewing. Amazing how the problems seemed so much smaller at my house!!!!   Too bad, the others couldn't make it as we had a LOT of fun.  I expect the others will be all caught up at the next show n tell since they didn't need help!!!!!

And here is what they got done yesterday.....



Lois (who got bits and pieces of several other blocks done as well)

It sure helps to have everything cut out and ready to sew. Then it goes relatively quickly!!

And while they were sewing - I got myself busy and got a "FEW" things done.

Another quilt quilted and trimmed

Detail of quilting

Binding made, but NOT sewn on

Got the last border (that was already cut) on a mystery quilt that I pulled out a couple of days ago

The backing and the binding done for the mystery as well!!!!!
Binding and backing for the PLUSH animal quilt DONE

Got most of the batting pieced for the class on Saturday

Got all the pieces cut for the 2nd Clue from Border Creek Mystery

Got the half square triangles cut, marked and partially sewn for Border Creek Mystery - Clue 2

Embroidered (on the machine) my spider web (and what is it for??? and why are there those holes???)

Crystals will fit in each hole - how cool is that!!!!!!

And here is my little table topper. This was the result of the Monday Mystery #1 from This & That.
However I think was a bit challenged because this is NOT how it is supposed to look. 

This is how it is supposed to look. But I only changed TWO pieces and I got a totally different look. I just started to lay out the pieces and went with what I thought I liked. OK so for the next mystery - I shall try to keep up with it from the start and not go astray!!!!!

No wonder I was tired when I went to bed!!!!   Wait - I got one more thing done. At our upcoming retreat we are going to start a new group project. Each person will pick a theme and some fabric (if they choose). Then each person in the group will add a block to the project. At the end, we will each have our own blocks in our chosen theme. I wanted to try something different so my theme - not sure of the title yet, but it goes like this - All about ME in WORDS. So NO pictures - just words and they can be nouns, adjectives, punctuation - whatever - but has to be words!!!!!   So yesterday while we were chatting, I asked the ladies for some words to describe me. Of course - that could have been dangerous!!!!    I needed a word to start the project and Ruth came up with the PERFECT word. Especially when you consider all I did yesterday. And what was the word???????    ENERGETIC!!!!!!!!     How perfect was that!!!!!!    Thanks Ruth!!!!!

So now to try and find a font that is somewhat energetic. I looked in Word and didn't find anything I liked, so did an internet search and came up an amazing site with 1001 fonts - free to download. OK - this is going to be technical. Please please please let it work!!!!!    I downloaded the font, unzipped the font - then went to HELP for Word to see how to make it appear in the font list in Word. VOILA - it took only a few minutes and there it was. I was THRILLED!!!!!!!   Yes - I can do technology. The font is called GIZ and this is what it looks like.......

Giz font

Background for my ENERGETIC block. Got to find a BRIGHT BLUE with lots of movement in it for the letters

This is my backing fabric

Some fabric I will include in the package

A couple of books to give ideas and patterns (but they are NOT allowed to add pictures like the book on the left)

And that it is for the day!!!!!!!   Got another busy day planned so I had better get started. 

Have a great day!!!!!


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