Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Motivators

My favourite day of the week - Monday!!!!!    I keep a container near my cutting table and as I get a project ready to cut or whatever else needs to be done, I throw it in the container. Then come Monday, I pick through the container - see what is critical to cut and take that.

I love the company - I love the girls, the laughter, the shenanigans - it is a very good day.

Here are some pictures I snapped of the Monday girls. My editor is SO FULL of pictures to post that my computer is going to crash and I have to get caught up!!!!

Judy (who when she first came to Monday Motivator was a NEWBIE) - well no more. Judy is cranking out the quilts like there is no tomorrow.  This one is ready for quilting. 
Judy again!  This one is completely done. 

Eleanora working a mystery quilt. See - I am NOT the only one who has mysteries undone!!!

More of the mystery
Joyce with one of her dog quilts

And we even have babies!!!!   Robbie is so cute and quite happy (so far) to sit in his chair and listen to his tunes

We have loads of other stuff happening - but too hard to capture it all on film. However look at some of the goings on that happen.

Joyce went to a function at her church and they were supposed to wear a vintage hat. Joyce chose this......

A gorgeous black FASTENATOR (I want one!!!!)

Hats look like crap on me - but this one is not bad. I think it is a tad too close to the front of my head!!!!

And Flo took a turn with it as well. Not sure where those white gloves came from!!!!!!
Speaking of hats - there is a picture (hopefully NOT in circulation) of me out at night geocaching with my red hat (trimmed with black furry stuff) tipped back on my head because I was hot!!!!!    I haven`t seen the picture - but I`m thinking that is one that has to stay SECRET!!!!!!

Anyway - Monday Motivators is just the best group of ladies I know. Thanks to all of you for making Monday the BEST day of the week for me!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!


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