Friday, November 4, 2011

How could a good day go so wrong?????

Yesterday started off amazing!  Although I woke up at 4 AM with the sensation of knives being forced into my knee, I got up and was feeling awesome. (Happy to report that my knee only hurts when I am lying down now - it is less stiff in the day time and doesn't hurt but at night - oh boy - not fun. I guess the icing and the Advil and the mild exercise are finally helping??????)

Had a super workout at the gym, did a few errands and then the day went down hill from there. I do not understand why after a workout my body just crashes. The workout isn't that intense - well I never think it is, but  the total amount of weight lifted is significant  - just the first exercise alone is the equivalent of lifting 2,500 LBS. That is a 25 lb dumb bell in each hand - doing bench presses - 5 sets of 10 reps each. OK - so that makes me tired just thinking about that. The next exercise is easy - only 500 lbs, the third is 1,400 lbs and the last one is 1,500 lbs for a grand total of 5,900 LBS. OK - so that makes be feel better. I go for a high protein shake when I am finished, but I think I need to get some real protein in me after the workout.

And can you tell me why people are so disrespectful. This is the second week I have seen this particular person in the change room. Last week, she had paper towel that she used to wipe her feet or something (what's wrong with a towel?) - anyway, when she left the change room last week  - she leaves her paper towel on the FLOOR. I mean - the garbage can was a mere FIVE FEET away. This week she takes the locker right beside me. When I get out of the shower, I discover that she has hung her DRIPPING WET bathing suit on the door of the locker so it is dripping on my gym bag. GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!    And oh - there is the paper towel again. This time she crumbled it up and shoved it in the locker. When I left - I said "if that is garbage - perhaps you should throw it in the garbage". She gives me a deer in the heads light stare!!!!!   COME ON - this was a grown woman. Who the heck cleans her house???????

I started quilting a quilt when I got home and then I needed my "after workout nap". Woke up and got the quilt done, but by this time I was DONE for the day. I spent the rest of the day/evening lolling on the couch reading, playing Scrabble on the iPad and sleeping.

Customer quilt

I have to make a pledge to NOT buy anything new (except to finish a project) and a pledge to NOT start anything new. I think I have mentioned that I have many projects that are close to being finished - well every once in a while I go through the projects to see what I can find. After my big day the day before, I decided that I needed something to work on!  As if there isn't enough lying around here to find something. Anyway - look at what I found.................

EIGHTY blocks of split nine patch - DONE

Bits and pieces (including trimmed half square triangles) for MANY more blocks. I found a  layout I had made in EQ6 which calls for 143 blocks. Going to have to cut a few more darks, but I think everything else is here!!!!

A bag of TRIMMED half square triangles - The fabric was cast off by Mary - I am not sure if she started to make the half square triangles - anyway - she didn't want this so I took it and finished them off. And what will I do with them?????

Found this pattern that I think will look awesome. This one needs the design wall - take a NUMBER!!!!!!!

Then I opened up another box marked mystery. Hmmmm - oh yes - the purple and green mystery.
This was done with one of the guilds a number of years ago.

Look at the condition - the cut border just crumpled up. Disgraceful!!!!!!

There is the backing, borders and thread - a LOT of fabric tied up here!!!!!!  

And here is the quilt - I have to stop making purple and green quilts!!!!!!

While tidying up (it is a constant in my house - but things are very orderly), I came across this backing that I had purchased a couple of weeks ago. M and I went to Fabricland and most of what we purchased was for her!!!!

Fabric purchases - of course - the TWO brighter ones are mine - the rest are Ms for clothes!!!!

BRIGHT fabric - perfect for a backing - of what you ask?????

How about this???   Got to get it together first, but here is the pattern.....

Radiant Star by Eleanor Burns

And I did manage to get the border on Carol's Round Robin quilt. NOPE - can't show you a picture, but the reveal is ONE WEEK AWAY. I am so excited - I can hardly wait.

Let's see - oh yes - I also got the half square triangles sewn for the Border Creek mystery - they just need to be trimmed. A perfect job for Monday.

Half Square triangles for Border Creek Mystery

These two dogs of mine are such babies. I have two principle work areas in the studio - the long arm area and the sewing area. I have TWO dog beds downstairs and one quilt for them - when the beds are in the area where I am not - Sparky, in particular, comes down - looks at where the beds usually are, then looks at me "where is MY BED?" then I have to go and get the beds from the other side and bring them over. Such spoiled babies!!!!!   And here is cute Sammy with her teddy bear!!!!

Little Sammy with her teddy bear!!!!

Well there is a stack of paperwork to go through this morning. Amazing how organizing things requires paperwork or follow up. I've got to stop that!!!!!   or get a secretary to do it for me. And I have a GIANT quilt to quilt today.

Have a great day!!!!!


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