Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shopping for Fabric!!!!!

Ahhhhhh - shopping for fabric.

This is the MOST enjoyable stage of quilting for a lot of quilters. I know, I thoroughly enjoyed the process for years. Now I look at my AWARD WINNING stash and think - what am I going to do with it all?

And have you noticed the change in style of fabric right now. Very retro, very unusual colour ways and lots of big designs, lots of open designs. GONE are the calicos!!!!!  

I am trying VERY hard to NOT purchase any more fabric  UNLESS it is for a specific project that I am trying to finish or I do not have anything "suitable" and I use that term with caution!!!

Case in point - I am working on Monday Mystery #2 from This and That Patterns. This time Sherri is suggesting that we use charm squares. I have never worked with a charm pack (5" squares) to make a pattern and I thought this would be a good occasion to give it a try. I love this new line of fabric called Countdown to Christmas. I only have a layer cake (10" squares) of this line. While my personal shopper (Marian) was at the quilt show on the weekend, I asked her to pick up a charm pack for Countdown to Christmas. And she managed to snag one for me!!!!   She is the BEST personal shopper around. I just hope she doesn't catch on and start charging for the service. You see - she THOROUGHLY enjoys shopping and enjoys it even more when it is NOT her money that she is spending. (I am sure her husband is quite happy as well)

Countdown to Christmas charm pack

Now the only problem working with a charm pack is that it might NOT exactly meet all the requirements. And yes - I was short a couple of squares and the binding for the project. However I remembered seeing yardage of this line at The Quilt Bee in Fonthill. I went through the pattern and the charm pack - figured out what I needed and gave them a call. Yep - they could accommodate me by phone and I got my fabric ordered. I am able to pretty much get step three complete without the new fabric so I am happy about that.

By the way - The Quilt Bee moved into their new space one week ago. The grand reopening is on November 26th. I hope I am able to make it - I think it will be a lot of fun and I would love to see the new space. We saw it under construction and it was GORGEOUS.

Then I had ONE more missing fabric that I had to find. Yesterday I posted a picture of those nine patches that I was working on over the weekend. And I did not have enough of that center fabric. See.......

I am missing the diamond fabric that is in top left of the photo

Hmmmmm - how to search for this?????   I started by calling the store where I originally purchased that fabric. Nope - they were out. Then I did a Google search. Found a couple of stores, but I decided to start with Fat Quarter Shop. It was the first store that popped up and I had spent a LOT of time perusing that site the night before. Let's just say that this store/web site is a GEM. If you want to see ANY of the current and upcoming lines of fabric - they have EVERYTHING (well it seems they have everything) on their site. You could spend a LOT of time there. It is an on-line shop somewhere in Texas. Anyway - the woman I spoke to was so FRIENDLY and so HELPFUL. She did not have that particular fabric, but got me directed to several stores that did have it. She spent a few minutes doing some searching for me. I was blown away. I was sorry that I didn't have anything to buy from her site - but I will be going back when I need something!!!!  

Now here is another interesting link. As she was searching -  I was thinking - where is she searching? where did she get the SKU number?  After she gave me all that information, she said she was searching on a VERY useful web site and I should try it next time I am looking for something specific. And what is the web site????

It is called Quiltshops.  You plug in the name of the fabric/designer (the more specific - the better your search results) and all the matches to your search criteria will pop up, showing the SKU number, the name of fabric, a colour photo of the fabric and where it is located. It was a very PAINLESS experience to get my missing fabric. I ordered 1 yard of it and found something else on sale which might just go nicely with my row robin exchange that we just completed. If it doesn't work on the front - it will make an awesome back.

Now I bet you are wondering how my crazy internet shopping experience turned out - the one where I shopped from the pictures for the Kaffe Fassett fabric. My personal shopper not only buys, but delivers as well! and brought the fabric bundle up to the retreat on the weekend when she stopped by for the reveal of the round robins.

Remember - I wanted oranges, with some pinks, reds, browns, golds maybe a bit of green thrown in. This is what I got...........

This is what I got - not bad!!!!!!!

And here are the fabrics with the shot cotton that I have for the inside borders (it isn't that dull in real life)

The ONLY thing that doesn't really go is this - which was supposed to be the inside border beside the big flower one next to it. I DO NOT think I will be using this one in the quilt. We must have got the numbers wrong!!!

Thanks so much to Chantal at Hyggeligt  for getting this sorted out for me!!!!!

Kaffe Fassett - Mossy Radiation quilt from the book QUILT ROAD

Speaking of this quilt - a number of our Monday girls took a class for this last week and here is what they look like.

Judy's quilt - I didn't get a picture of it by the end of the day, but she had the final set of striped triangles on. We will trim it up next week so she can add the final borders. GREAT job Judy!!!!   Judy is scaring us as she started with adding borders to panels and NOW - well we better watch out!!!!

Karen - her fabric criteria - all the fabrics have flowers. Do you recognize some of yours Barb?????   I do like the borders to be a definite colour - makes a better statement.  I helped Karen trim the quilt and she was going to put borders on it. 

Wow - OK - so I was supposed to do the reveal for the round robin but I have run out of time. I have to get my homework finished for my Elm Creek class this morning.

I have time this afternoon and will try to get the reveal posted.

Have a great day!!!!


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