Saturday, November 12, 2011

THE retreat (November 2012)

Yes it is retreat time and we are buys!!!!!

Remember - I can't post pictures because I haven't figureed that out yet . Besides I am thinking what happens at the retreat stays at the retreat??????

Mary and I got an early start - we eft her house shortly after 6:30 AM. Traffic was great and we arrived at the retreat house BEFORE 9 AM. No we did NOT speed - like I said traffic was great, we made NO stops (great thing to have given up TIm's hot chocolate) and we even had to folllow an OPP for a distance so we matched his speed.

Half hour after arriving and unpacking the car - I was sewing!!!!! Mary had to open the blinds, take off screens and such. Well I helped her with that as well.

The next people did not arrive for a while so we had a nice quiet morning.

Let's just say that there is a LOT of talking, a LOT of catching up and a LOT of laughter going on. Oh yes - we are getting some quilting done as well.

And these girls are one unch of anxious people - OK - so I am as well.

Our plans were to start a new exchange (more on the reveal of the old in a bit).

This time we are going to do "Around the BLock" for want of a better name. Each participant will make one large block (everything is based on increments of 4 inches) and several small blocks. Each person has chosen a theme and has included rules, fabric, book to sign or whatever. We could NOT wait until Saturday for revealing this and had a peek on Thursday evening. OH MY GOODNESS - these are going to be awesome. There are NINE of us partiipating. I took pictures of everyone's first block (OK - so were NOT done - BUT I WAS - what happened????) The themes are exciting and I think we will have NO problem coming up with ideas of what to make for each other.

Marian was NOT able to attend the retreat this year, but we still got to see her. We had planned to do the reveal of the other project on Friday afternoon and Marian was going to drive up with Jim and Kaylee. They then went off to do their own thing.

But NOT before she had a story to tell!!!!! Hello ANITA - I think you about scared Marian to death!!!! It was pretty funny as Anita recognized Marian at a quilt show (from the blog). And Marian had to go shopping for me at the quilt show. Remember that Kaffee Fasseet fabric I picked from the pictures - well she picked it up for me!!!!!! Pretty cool stuff.

The reveal - well I am speechless. The reveal was from our Row Robin. We started that project ONE YEAR ago at the November retreat in 2010. Each person had made a center block - 12 inches. Then a rotation was determined and it went from person to person as each one added a FOUR INCH border. We were NOT allowed to see what the others were doing to our quilt. And we met throughout the year and NO ONE had an inkling what was going on with their quilt. It was FUN FUN FUN. And trying to figure out what to add to the quilts was STRESSFUL at times. Choosing colours was SSTRESFULL all the time.

Well one by one, the quilts went on the wall yesterday (after Marian arrived). OH MY GOD!!!!!! The quilts were AWESOME. I wish I could figure out how to post the pictures from here.

They were all SPECTACULAR, STUNNING and I WANT THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!! Mine was the last one to go up. I was SPEECHLESS. While all the others quilts followed the rule pretty much to a T, they DID NOT follow any rules with mine. And they sure kept that a secret!!!!!! Anyway - it is stunning and I love it. I think we had to pick Lynn's chin up off the floor when hers was revealed. It was a WOW quilt for sure.

Went for a long walk with some of the girls yesterday morning which in hind sight was NOT a good idea. My knee is back being stiff this morning. So good to know that yes exercise is GOOD, just not ready for that much yet. But I brought my ice pack and pills so I will be OK.

Played a REAL game of Scrabble last night. An actual physical board - how cool is that!!!!!! After playing so much electronically, it is a bit of a pain to play in person. You really have to rely on your own brain and ONLY on your own brain. On the computer there is a dictionary if you want to check the spelling of words (not to make words - but just verify the spelling) and the list of two letter words is there (which I should have memorized by now!!) ANyway - a tight game between Halina, Sharron, Flo and myself. I eeked out a win which I think is the FIRST time in person with this group!!!! All those online games are helping!!!! (Or I just got lucky!!!!!)

And have I beens sewing??? OH yeah - I made great progress on TWO projects which I will share with you later. I have two smaller ones lined up for today.

Oh yes - we made a pit stop at the quilt store in Bracebridge where I purchased a couple of patterns. Saw the new Jinny Beyer kit which I would love to have, but I think it is pricey for what you get in it. Well - lots of waste or maybe the backing was in there.

I see the others are up and I am getting hungry. Did NOT sleep well the first night becaue of my knee, but I remembered my pillow last night (for my knee) and I slept much better. I even napped yesterday afternoon. I am binding a flannel quilt and I CANNOT stay awake when working on the darn thing!!!!!!

WE did have a bit of snow the previous night, but nothing to right home about but enought o blog about. My car experienced snow for the FIRST TIME!!!!!!

And we also had our few moments of reflection for Rememberance DAy yesterday. Thank you to all the veterans for giving us what we have!!! Although most of do NOT appear to appreciate it - we do!

I did not check for spelling, grammar or anything on this blog - so you are getting the RAW version of my blog.

Have a great day!!!!!!


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  1. I am so jealous...two whole days of quilting, and more to come!! Can't wait to see the pictures. I got my iron fixed yesterday, so maybe I'll get some quilting done today too!! Don't forget to Geocache!