Sunday, November 6, 2011

Things that go BUMP in the night!!!!

Let me share with you the entries from the This & That Monday Mystery #1.

Results of This & that Monday Mystery #1

Aren't they all awesome. Mine is NUMBER TWO on the list. And I thought I saw a name or two on the list I recognized ......   could be a coincidence.

You should give it a whirl. No need to sign up - you just check out her blog each Monday.

Haven't picked out my fabric for the Monday Mystery #2 yet, but maybe later today I can do that.

It was a cute little project even though I got all befuddled with the pattern.

Here are a couple of pictures of my Halloween decorations - yeah - a bit late, but better late than never.

Lights in the front window

I purchased a LOT of these "paper bag" pumpkin tea light holders. They are made from ceramic and just the cutest. So I get them out at Halloween. Unfortunately they are hard to keep lit during the evening (I put them on the front steps) depending on the amount of wind. If they won't stay lit - then I bring them in the house and put them in the window.

Here they are - on my kitchen table and I have a couple of ghost ones as well

See - aren't they cute!!!!!

That's all I took of Halloween, but there was a man outside my front door taking picture after picture of my spider webs, ghosts, and pumpkins. I guess he was experimenting with the flash. I should have taken more pictures, but I was busy or something.

Last weekend a bunch of us adults did something VERY STUPID. We went geocaching in the dark!!!  It was a planned event and there were almost 200 people attending, but after we went our ways to find the caches - we hardly saw anyone. Let's just say that it was DARK (we started around 10 PM) and it was COOL, but the worst was after midnight when the frost hit. We happened to pick a LONG one to do - well they were all long - each taking at least 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours.

Vicki, Mark and Jim figuring out the electronic clue

Jim making sure we are doing everything right

We happened to pick one with some of the worst????? terrain. A very rough path through the forest complete with bridges (that is Vicki just getting off this one).   Hmmmmmm - and that white on the right - a spot on the lens or a ghost or just mist????

See Vicki's reflective boots - I could never lose her!!!!

Fallen trees - this stump was HUGE

That is Jim walking through a cut in the fallen tree. 

Anyway - all of those obstacles became a hazard after the frost hit. Anyway - we found 6 of the seven caches on this part. We had to ask for assistance on the missing one. Across the path - across the path!!  Stupid - why didn't we look there.

I have to say that I am competitive and I try not to be. But I HATE HATE HATE asking for help. But then I don't want to be wondering around the forest all night either. Just bugs me is all.

So last night, Ronda, her family and I decide to go and get another one of the night ones. Bundle up again as it is cold. It is also a multi-part cache. We find the first one after we BUSHWHACKED through some pretty thick brush only to find a path! GRRRRRRRRRR. We get the electronic clue (that can only be seen at night!!!), a bit of difficulty finding the second box and then DISASTER hits. There is a memory game that you have to solve in order to get the second clue revealed. Like Merlin game if you remember that. Anyway - we try and try and make up thousands of excuses - too much noise, not enough flashlights, too many flashlights, a few swear words thrown out (sorry Celeste and Mason) and then FRUSTRATION. We contact the owner of the cache and he finally gives us the clue. CRAP CRAP CRAP!!!!!!!!   We are NOT doing well on these night caches.

And it just isn't the night caches. While I was just finishing up a class at my house (Introduction to the Long Arm), a message came in - a new cache was revealed just 2 miles from my house. Ronda looks at me and says - should we try it?????   After a lengthy delay in getting rid of the rest of the students and then someone came to the door, we head out. TOTALLY UNPREPARED. I didn't have a jacket (STUPID STUPID STUPID) and no camera. Anyway it is a difficulty of 5 and a terrain of 5 - which is the hardest. We arrive and see a VERY STEEP gully down to the river. Hmmmm - let's hope my knee survives. Ronda stays on top of the hill. I get down to the river and scout around - it has to be here. I find a couple of likely spots - lots of trees - am I going to have to climb one?????   Oooops - here comes someone else. I am walking along fallen logs holding another log over head for support as the log I am on is several feet in the air. No luck. Hmmmmm - maybe I need to be on the log up top which is MANY feet in the air. I start to shinny out on the log and three feet from my destination - I chicken out!!!!!!   Shortly after - more geocachers arrive. For some reason - Ronda and I decided to leave. And TWENTY minutes later - the group finds it, but we aren't there.

And if they find it where I thought it was - I am going to KILL MYSELF!!!!!   Just kidding - but very frustrating. I HATE HATE HATE making bad decisions. Let's see if the one fellow will at least tell me if I was going in the right direction. And after the fact - I am thinking I didn't have to shinny out on the branch - I could have hoisted myself up - it wasn't that far and my upper body is strong???????

Oh well - I'm having a sit n sew today. Something very calm and peaceful. Hopefully the ladies will get me out of my funk!!!!!!!    I am going to have to go and geocache by myself for some easy ones around here to build up my geocaching esteem!!!!!!

On that note - got to finish getting ready for the ladies to arrive today!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!


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