Sunday, July 4, 2021

A visit to the mall

 Happy Fourth of July to my American friends!!  

Yesterday was a better day! I decided to leave all the technology behind. I quilted, I sat outside, and I went for a walk. Simple stuff! 

I got a customer quilt done. Yeah! I had to make the backing for this one, but that didn't take long, and I had loaded it the night before. 

Customer quilt - DONE

There were no issues with this one. As a matter of fact, there are rarely issues with the quilts I get. I only turned ONE quilt away in all my time of quilting for others. Why? The corners were like 60-degree diamonds. I even helped her take the quilt apart (as part of my Sit and Sew days where I seam ripped for people), and I showed her how to put it back together again. 

I quilted that quilt for her, and she never came back to me. I was upset at first, and then I realized - what are you thinking? You should be GLAD she never came back. 

Now I'm putting the binding on this quilt for the customer. I got the first part stitched on this morning and will work on the last part later today. I want it delivered to the customer by tomorrow. 

Putting the binding on the quilt

I loaded the next quilt. Thank goodness, as it's a GIANT quilt. My goal is to get it done today. 

I trimmed a couple of other quilts, and everything that is quilted is pretty much ready to pick up. Did I mention that I "hate" quilts with Minky on the back? 

After trimming a quilt with Minky

I love quilts with Minky, but it's such a hassle to cut! But I use my handy scrub brush to get rid of that mess, and it's fine. 

Why do I trim the customer quilts? I started that practice from the beginning, and I just continued it. I'm good at it - I have the room to trim them, and well, I just do. It's a bonus for the customer!

I decided it was time to head to the mall yesterday now that things are starting to open up a bit more. Of course, I took the long way to get there. I stopped at Chapters (Indigo) on the way. One person was lined up at the door, but we both got let in immediately, so I didn't have to wait as I was NOT going to wait. I bought this issue of Uppercase. I doubt it's the current issue, but it's one that I don't have. It's an arty type of magazine. Not cheap. 

Issue 47 of Uppercase

Then I popped off to the mall. Everything was pretty much back to normal, although Bulk Barn wasn't open, and that was the main store I went to find. And the food court was for take-out only, with no indoor seating. That's a bit much, but those are the rules - just deal with it. 

The glass ball at the mall

My optometrist is there, so I made an appointment since I keep forgetting to do it online. There was no line to get into the mall, although a security guard was at the entrance. When I left by a different entrance, there was a line-up. Now how do they coordinate that since there are multiple entrances??? Not my problem. 

And I stopped at the dollar store on my way home to get some of those vacuum bags for storage. More on that another day. One person was waiting outside when I arrived, and I figured I could wait a minute. There was a mass exodus of people from the store as I stood there, so I barely waited. That's good because I would have gone back another day if the line was long. I'm so NOT into waiting if I don't have to. 

I did all those errands on foot. I'm so excited about doing errands this way. I almost resent having to get in the car to go somewhere! It's crazy! I wish I had this attitude years ago! Not everyone has the luxury of living that close to things, but if you do - why are you still driving? I've changed my optometrist, dentist, so that I can walk to them. My doctor is within walking distance, not that I visit any of them very often, but I can walk, and I do. 

Now that my laptop is a blank slate, I decided it was time to tackle installing the software I needed. So this morning, I got brave, and I reinstalled Zoom, and it works. Phew - one down. Then I reinstalled the software that I was having issues with. It works!!!!!

The mySewnet software works!!!

It wasn't the software; it was some issue with the laptop. This was DH's laptop at some point, and I inherited it. I should have reset it right then and there because some things have been very challenging to change. I know for next time. I have three more programs to download, and then I think I'm back to where I was. Although there will be some small adjustments that need to be made to get it the way I want. But all in good time. The important this is that it works for Tuesday with that software application as I have a class. I'll be testing it out later today or tomorrow. 

All the data on the laptop is on the shared drive, so I can get it whenever I want, but I do need to clean it up! 

OH -- I couldn't help myself. When I was at the mall, I stopped to look at the new Samsung phones. OK - so they are not really new, but new to me. I saw the new ones, and I explained my situation to the salesperson. He suggested I wait until the contract ends (August 21) as there will be "back to school" deals in the middle of August. Good advice!! But yes -- there is a monthly cell phone service charge and then the "rent" of your phone for each month. And they take trade-ins which helps offset the cost. I'm good with that, and it'll probably cost me slightly less than right now. Yeah!!!!  The big question will be which of the three versions to get? It's mostly size - Hmmmm -- I've got to think about that. I don't want the big one - that's too big. I'll go for the middle on probably. If only I were that up to date on other stuff!

It's time to tidy up some more in Studio B, and I have this steam press up for grabs. This is NOT FREE. I'm selling it, but if you want to chat, let me know. It's heavy, so I prefer it get picked up - I don't have a box to ship it. If you are into making bags or fusing lots of fusible fleece or interfacings or whatever, this is the thing to have!!! It works like a charm. Why am I selling? Because I have a Singer steam press as well, and I do NOT need two of them. 

Elan Steam Press

So our little group of four started our mighty virtual walk across Canada on July 1. It's a total of 10,000 KM, and we are mostly doing all the northern routes. It's going to be loads of fun, but the group has gone mad! Everyone is cranking up their mileage, and we're almost 50 KM ahead of schedule. We only need to walk 27.4 KM each day to make the deadline of June 30th, 2022. But it might be better to get a bit ahead if we start to slack off at some point. I can't - I have a goal of 11.5 KM every day, or I won't make one of my other goals. Some days my knee is happy and other days - not so much!

I'll get back into the show and tell later this week. 

Have a super day!!!!


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