Wednesday, July 21, 2021

UFO Homework

 So - it's another crazy morning. It's very early, but I'm on my way to spin class, and since I didn't write the blog last night - I'm reversing the order of things. While I'm getting things done, there just doesn't seem to be enough time this week. I should know better by now that when I have the three classes on the weekend, I need to do some prep work before the week of the classes. I think there's going to be an all-nighter coming up!

Why? Well, I'm taking part of Friday off for a mini road trip, so the short timing is all my fault! But if I don't do it now, it won't happen for a couple of weeks, and I need to do it now! OK -- so it's to go shopping for fabric that I desperately need for one of these projects!

And then the number of interruptions I've had this week - phone calls, visitors to the house - yikes! I'm NOT answering my phone today!

Here's something else that I bet you didn't know. So do you pay attention to how traffic lights work? It all depends on the time of day. Normally, they are on timed cycles - even though it would appear that some of them take forever. There are also sensors, and I would guess that those sensors are in the pavement for smaller streets, but there are also sensors on the lights. Somehow, they all work together to know where, when, and how much traffic is waiting to get through a light. 

Well, they react differently at night. The one near me is timed, and it's a small residential street that feeds into a main artery in the city. During the day, you wait and wait at this light. Before 6 AM, the sensor works, not the timer, and the second you drive over the pressure pad for the light, it starts the cycle to switch the lights. Yep --- so that works in my favor when I get to the gym early. The other day, I hit one light, and I was there. It took no time at all. 

This morning, my class is at 6:30 AM, and I'm going to get caught in the regularly timed light - so that takes longer. Oh god -- I sound like one of those crazy people who count every second! NO - I'm not, but just curious how things work!

Again, I went to Google to get answers. Wow --- I'm going to start studying the tops of the lights in the future. There are ALL kinds of sensors up there to do many things. And you thought you were alone in the world. I wonder if there are cameras to monitor things? Probably not, because where would that feed to? And how long would it keep, etc. But wouldn't it be great to see how some accidents happen? OH -- I don't mean great that the accident happened, but for insurance purposes! 

Let's talk about our UFO homework today. Even though the summer months are "free," there's no penalty if the homework isn't finished. Originally, the months of July and August were to be free of commitments, just like my other classes, but everyone clamored that we continue the classes, so I did! 

A few people took advantage of the "free" month, but most people finished their commitment or at least got part of the work accomplished. 

Colleen finished the applique on four blocks. The applique was done by hand and looks very well done! 

Dede is working on her Dear Jane, and four more blocks are complete. Slow and steady!

Diane is like a dog with a bone. She sets an assignment, and it doesn't matter how large or how small, it will be done! She finished this giant machine embroidered quilt!

AND a set of placemats and a table runner. 

I had cheated somewhat this month and chose a current project to finish, not a UFO. Shoot -- I can't find the whole row, but I got all the stitching done on my owl row. Here's a couple of close-ups as I used different satin-type stitches on my sewing machine. 

Elaine got one more border on her gingerbread quilt. 

Jane got the binding sewn on this quilt, and now she's hand stitching it in place. 

Katheleen is almost done! She got the outer border together for Circle of Life, and it works awesome!

And she quilted one more block on this giant quilt! Why does everyone make giant quilts? 

Linda W got six more blocks done on Vintage Christmas. 

Linda G got her long-arm unearthed. 

And her quilt is loaded that she's supposed to be quilting! It's all progress!

Lynne pieced this table topper, and it's partially quilted. 

Morgan got her Christmas Fig quilt assembled and basted. It's ready to be quilted. I think she said she took the picture while we were on Virtual Retreat. I love her tablet on the quilt so she could follow along with our antics as she basted!

Nancy got six more blocks from the Celtic blocks that she acquired during that crazy time. And is working on one more block with bias. 

Rose has this Reflections quilt partially assembled. 

Sharon finished off three more blocks from the July Shop Hop several years ago. 

Sheila got this quilt top together. 

And used up scraps to make the backing. We can definitely tell from the fabric that this is a UFO!!!

Susan finished off a quilt for a gift. 

Suzi made vines and flower centers for her Aunt Millie's Garden. 

Wow --- isn't that great! The idea of this group was to dig deep to get those UFOs done. Many of us have one or two stashed in the closet. We do not want to go to our grave with these things hanging about. And it's great to get focused on them and get them done - one less thing to worry about. Most of the group is also getting the quilts to completion - quilted and bound! That doesn't happen for me - I get the top, the binding, and the backing done. But I'm OK with that. 

Some people are using the group to help them focus on current projects. I guess they have no UFOs but still want to be part of the action. That's OK too!

Anyway, it's a great group, and I love getting their photos each month to see how much progress they made, or should I say, to see if they made their commitment or not! They are the ones that set the goal, not me!

I've got a huge goal this month, and I'm determined to get it done. I just need to get over the time crunch of the next couple of days. OK -- you can STOP laughing right this minute! 

And now I'm off to load a quilt before I hit the gym. 

Have a super day!!!!


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