Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Progress report from Studio B


Well, I'm back home, and there will be no pictures today. Why? My phone is FULL, and so I need to transfer the photos to my computer. YES - I know that I should be deleting some, but the darn phone won't even let me do that, so I could sneak in a photo or two this morning. NOPE - I have to transfer the entire lot. I'm embarrassed to say that there are over 9,000 items to transfer. I'm not sure how much space that takes, but it's a lot. 

So one day soon, I need to start going through those photos to see which FEW I want to keep. Because I'm sure that most of them can go either because they are duplicates or have served their purpose. 

I tried to transfer the photos last night (it's going to take TWO hours), and then I needed the phone, so I had to stop the process. I'm back at it this morning, and I am NOT disconnecting that phone until it's done. 

I did grab a photo from the computer of my Appalachian Trail walk. I'm in New Hampshire and well past the 80% mark. After New Hampshire, there's one more state! That'll take me about two more months to finish. 

My progress on the Appalachian Trail

I'm not sure that I will sign up for another challenge once I'm finished with this one. I'm doing the solo mission to walk across Canada, and I'm on track for that one, and then we have our group walk across Canada. I'm happy to say that we are progressing rather nicely. Between the four of us, we have to walk at least 27 KM per day. We're already 77 KM ahead! 

I've got the next giant quilt on the long arm, ready to tackle it this afternoon. I have a bunch of writing to do this week, so it'll be writing in the morning and longarming in the afternoon. I'm done with my presentations for this week, and I think I'm tired of talking. I'm going to find a super easy-to-listen-to audiobook and just listen and sew and quilt. 

We had Monday sewing yesterday, and I'm happy to report that I dug out the missing fabrics from my retreat projects. I got the missing bits cut and stitched into the appropriate blocks. The homework for All in a Row is done for the class this weekend. I put my rows on the design wall, and OH MY GOD -- it's so adorable!!! I wasn't sure that it was all going to work, but it's gorgeous. You'll have to wait to see what I did. I'm making two different quilts and trying to incorporate as many rows (or partial rows) into those two quilts. That's without making it look super busy. 

Then it was back to the double wedding ring quilt. I figured it was time to start sewing a block or two together to see what it would look like. OK -- so the customer did some weird things with her color choices, and I have no choice but to follow along. It's going to be busy, but it'll look OK. I managed to get two blocks done this morning. I've put a lot of work into the quilt so far, and it's going to take a lot more to get it completed, but at least I'm starting to put blocks together. I will have to set a goal of five or ten blocks per day, so it doesn't become a chore or boring, and I NEED to get it done. Because I'm changing the size from the two different pattern layouts, it's a bit hard to calculate what I need. 

I got all the retreat stuff unpacked, and the box is repacked with stuff for the next retreat. Of course, I'll throw in the double wedding ring - OH - maybe there won't be anything left to sew by then. HA! What a dreamer. 

Can it be that I have nothing else to share this morning? Not only am I talked out, but I have nothing to write? 

I will say that leaving things to the last minute really does help. I have this paper pieced block that has to be finished by Thursday. It's not that the paper piecing is a challenge; it's the darn coloring. The color of the original is a bit mixed. However, this morning, I came up with a plan! So that's on the agenda for later today. I need to get at least a couple of the sections together to see if my "new" plan works. I know it will, and I think it'll look better than the original!

Well, I'm off to try and get some writing and quilting done today. At some point this summer, I need to set aside a day or two to tackle the paper crap in the office. Not just sneaking in a few minutes here and there, but actually, take an hour or two. That's when I'll be seeing a dent. But I'm a snail - slow and steady!

Have a super day!!!!


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