Sunday, July 18, 2021

Back to normal - what is normal?

I LOVE you guys!!!  Why remake the block with the grey background when I can just position it, so it fits!!!  Super suggestions!!!

If you don't know what they're talking about, here's the picture from a couple of days ago. 

My barn blocks

Yep -- I'll see what we can do for the future, and I think I need 18 blocks for my quilt. Perhaps I start alternating the backgrounds - half white and half grey? Will I remember to do that? 

While I was quilting this afternoon, I sat and contemplated the Tula Pink blocks. I made quite a few changes but didn't snap a photo. Instead of not having enough green blocks, I actually had one extra. I found a home for it, and I'm happy. Now we're into blues and purples! Thirty blocks to go, but I'd better start sewing that sashing in place. I made a list of how many of each coloring that I need to help finish off the last of the blocks. 

OK -- so I'm writing this blog late at night (OK - so late for me) instead of the morning. Why? Because I'm going to the gym tomorrow morning. I'm so excited I can hardly wait - it opens at 5 AM!!! There is no spin class tomorrow, but I've reserved my spot for Wednesday morning at 6:30. I NEED to get some stretching in. I'm just not good at it at home. I don't know why - it's simple enough to do. But I've been struggling with my left leg a LOT, and I don't think it's my knee. I'm certain my muscles are so tight from all the walking, and if I don't stretch? Well, I'm in trouble. So I'm going to do a bit of walking, and then a whole lot of stretching. 

Then hop to the showers. But darn - the sauna is NOT open. Sigh......................

It was a productive day, and you'll have to bear with me as I fail, yet again to post pictures of what I did. That will come. I just need this week to get myself back in the routine so the blog posts will happen; they just might be weird. 

The desk is a total disaster. There are papers strewn all over the floor, the top part is covered with paper, but I did manage to get the credit card changed on my gym membership so they can't refuse me in the morning. There are a few more people to contact with the new card information, and I did delete some e-mails, and I responded to a couple!

We went out for dinner tonight as we didn't have a chance before. I was at Chapter's yesterday, and honestly, things seem pretty much back to normal except for wearing a mask. The kids are playing baseball at the park, and people are out!

Yahoo!!!!!!!  Let's keep our fingers crossed that we don't hit another wave. I don't want another wave! 

 I had to laugh at Chapter's because my Lifetime membership is expiring! I'm now a Plum Premium member for free for ten years! Then I'll be too old (just kidding) to buy books!

Elaine S sent me this link today, and I thought it was perfect. Look at the top two dog breeds for entertainment. Yep - I got one of each!!! I do feel sorry for Murphy, though, as I've been neglecting her the last couple of days as I'm trying to clear stuff up, so I haven't been outside, and she is missing someone to play with. She's taking to bringing small rocks in the house. Perhaps she needs a pouch!!!

OK -- if you have a morbid fascination like I do with disasters, I will confess that I spent a couple of hours (that I didn't have) watching some videos related to the collapse of that condo in Miami. This guy, Jeff,  has some pretty good theories, extremely well laid, with excellent pictures. It's quite fascinating, and it sounds like things weren't going to go well from the planning stage. And then the shoddy maintenance didn't help. I didn't realize that this was a pretty high-end condo. From the pictures - it was amazing inside. 

Well, we had a super UFO class today, and I'm so amazed at how much work got done. That's coming this week as well. 

On that note, I'm out of here! I need to get to sleep!

Have a super day!!!


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