Sunday, July 11, 2021

Day Four - Seams Appropriate

 A bit of an eventful day yesterday, but I did NOT panic! Ronda has a book with 160 Unusual things to See in Ontario, and a couple of them were close to the retreat house. We decided to visit the steam train, located at Muskoka Heritage Place, which was very close to the retreat house. We had a great laugh when we drove to the place as we had driven past it on numerous occasions on the way into and out of town. We had seen the sign but had NOT paid attention to what the rest of the sign said! 

The parking was a bit confusing, and there was a vaccination clinic in the same spot. So we walked down to the train. We were hoping to buy tickets for the 3 PM train ride, but we managed to get on the 2 PM train. The ticket lady said that we had to all ride in the same row and it would be a bit snug, but we fit no problem. 

However, as we sat on the train getting ready to leave, I realized that I did not have my phone. OH NO!!!!! I always have my phone, so I can take pictures. I hopped off the train and checked the train tracks that I had crossed to get to the station. No phone. Well, we can't go back now. Did I leave it in the car? Did I even bring the darn thing with me, or was it still at the house? Let's get on the train and go. There's no time to get upset. 

I was very calm, and the others took many pictures. OK -- my hair is looking mighty long in that picture but see how happy I am?? No need to get grumpy - that phone thing will work out. 

Quilters riding the rails

I don't know if it was intentional or not, but we did get the best seat. We were right behind the engine on the way out, then the engine turns around, and for the return trip, we were at the back. Best seat in the house, and we were the last people on the train. It goes a short distance, but it was fun to do. 

Not to get too anxious, but when we got back to the car, Dede looked first and said there is no phone. However, I looked and GUESS WHAT??? There was my phone. 

My phone just relaxing in the car

In my excitement to check out the train, the darn thing slipped out of my pocket and was beside the seat belt buckle. I was trying to decide what size of the new phone I should get. I think this is convincing me that I do NOT want the larger ones. They will be even harder to keep track of in my pocket. 

Phew -- that could have been nasty, but thankfully, most stuff is backed up on Google, so it wouldn't be the end of the world if it went missing. BUT I do not want that to happen. I must pay better attention next time. 

When we got back from our train ride, we decided to drive back to the house, but we made several stops along the way. One of them was at the Historic Brunel Lift Locks. As we approached the locks, we saw a pleasure boat waiting at the lower end, and they were about to operate the locks, so we got to watch the entire process. Two teenage boys were operating the MANUAL locks. It was quite fascinating, but I did feel sorry for one of the boys; he was smaller, so when he pushed the gate open, it took him a bit of time to get the process started while the other boy seemed to barely push and the gate went flying open! 

A pleasure boat in the lift locks

We had arrived at the exact right time as we waited 30 seconds before they started the process. It was our lucky day. Just made the train and just made the locks. 

Then we stopped at the ice cream place just down the road. Ooop s-- I should qualify that - it's the maple syrup place just down the road and one of the things they make is maple ice cream or creemee. So we each got one, and it was very delicious. We also purchased a few other items. It's called Sugarbush Hill Maple Farm. It's very near the retreat house, they are very friendly, and we got to meet Boomer, the dog!  You can find their story, which is fascinating, at the link for the farm. 

Creemee ice cream

Then, at last, we were back at the house. It was good to get out and do those things, and I have to say that it felt almost normal! Since the activities were all outdoors, no masks were required. Yep - life is returning to normal. 

I continued to sew on the double wedding ring quilt and made great progress with the curved seams. I'm going to work on it a bit this morning as well. One part on the other half of the block needs more fabric, which I don't have here. But I'll get it ready when I'm home for the next retreat, which happens very soon. I know - totally spoiled, but HEY -- if you book these places, you too can go! I'm not lucky - just organized and decisive. 

The double wedding ring quilt

I now have over thirty of those centers connected to the half ring. You'll see the picture tomorrow. I will have to start putting this on the design wall and will soon be starting to assemble blocks. Then I'll start to see it come together, and that part will be much faster as I have to remove the paper on the back of the units as I go as all of these components are paper pieced. 

After dinner last night, I went for a walk but along the main road instead of down to the lake. The traffic wasn't that bad, and it was good to get out. Before my walk, I had something like 2 KM on my Fitbit - just walking around the house. But since I went out  -   I ended the day with over 8 KM which made me happy. I still eat the same, so it's important to keep up the exercise level, or I'll be in trouble. 

Today is our last day, and I suspect that by 1 PM at the latest that we'll all be gone as we have to face cottage traffic to get back to the city, and there's a quilt store along the way. 

It's been so much fun at this new (to us) retreat house that well - I booked TWO more retreats!! Yep -- the lists are already full, or I suspect they will be when I go back to my group. You have to love retreats, and with the fewer numbers at this one, it's been so casual, and we are NOT taking much food home. I think a few desserts will go home, but the rest of the food is pretty much gone. We do have a few hotdogs for a quick lunch!

On that note, I'm out of here to trim some more half-square triangles!!

Have a super day!!!


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