Monday, September 20, 2021

A positive mindset

 I love the comments. Someone's Mother used to poke her between the shoulder blades if she was slouching! "Hey, Mom -- why didn't you do that for me?" But it's true -- our society as a whole is slipping into only doing things the easy way! We've lost our ability to cope with any kind of hardship (I'm grossly exaggerating there and generalizing), but you know what I mean. 

I talked to my Dad yesterday, and he was telling me about my brother. Their microwave died. So he took it apart. He found one issue and fixed that, but it still didn't work. So he looked again and found a fuse that didn't work. He changed that, and VOILA -- the microwave still works. Now he does wiring stuff for a living, and like my Dad is a tinkerer, but what if we had a repair shop that could do that. 

Think how many working microwaves have been tossed in the landfill because someone couldn't or didn't know how to change the fuse? I put myself in that category. If someone isn't going to fix electrical stuff for me, I have no choice but to buy new. So why does my brother live across the country from me? 

I also think we tend to complicate our lives - we overthink things, we pack too much into our houses, into our suitcases when we travel, and into our agendas (OK - I'm guilty of that last one). Why do we do that? Because it's expected of us - to have china, crystal, and silverware (well, thankfully not anymore), but people did that because that's what their parents did. Not me! You won't find a piece of china or silver at my house, and any crystal has been cobbled together as needed over the years. 

And it's easy to come up with excuses - I couldn't exercise because of the lockdowns, I couldn't visit because of the lockdowns, I'm too tired, or whatever the excuse is. I just don't buy that. What our world needs is a POSITIVE MINDSET. We can do anything we want - some ideas may need to be adapted, but we can do ANYTHING. 

WOW  -- while Rosyquilter's mom used to poke her between the shoulder blades to get her to stand up straight, my parents taught me that you don't give up, you don't give in, and you DO - all day and every day! Now, if you could just have poked me a bit between the shoulder blades - I'd be darn near perfect! Just kidding! Thanks, Mom and Dad.

Speaking of a positive mindset, hopefully, I'll get a call from UPS this morning. But I'm not holding my breath, so I'll call them around 11 AM. I know why I've had bad luck with this. The darn paperwork was still on the scanner this morning -- I had sent the document but left it on the scanner. It's now in the pending pile. And look at my sweatshirt. It's a darn UPS sweatshirt! That's in the laundry now! The dad of one of M's friends from way back worked there, and I got a sweatshirt. Well, that may just have to be tossed after this debacle. 

The logo on my UPS sweatshirt

You know the saying, "when a tree falls in the forest, does anyone hear?" Well, how about when something falls in the studio? Do you hear? I found this in the corner the other day. This is the last of the scraps that I have to sort through for pet mats or other goodies. Those upholstery samples, which are heavy, must have slipped behind the bags and pushed them off the stack! All is back in good order. And one day, hopefully before the end of the year, I'll be able to get through at least two more of the bags. Hey -- it's way better than it was and nicely contained, so I'm Ok with it for the moment. 

Bags of scraps to sort through

I managed to get a quilt quilted yesterday. Not a very large one, but that's OK. One done is better than none! I need to be at the machine every day this week. That's going to be tough because we have a knee replacement (not mine) happening this week, all the preamble to that, appointments for MIL, two different sets of company coming, plus both DH and I are burning the candle at both ends (or so it seems). Ah -- it's going to be a fun week. 

Customer quilt - DONE

I mentioned that we have company coming. Who could that be? A mystery man, and that's all I'll say. 

A mystery guest

We had our handwork group yesterday. It was a nice day, although I thought it was COLD, so many people were outside. I was going to be quilting but decided that I had some handwork and I would do that. I'm glad I did. We got to chat, and it was great to visit with some people we hadn't seen in a while. 

OK -- I confess, I need to be less opinionated! If you don't agree with something, say nothing! That should be a sticky note I leave on my computer screen! So I openly apologize to those on the call for being opinionated about certain topics! 

But this is what I got done. I had these narrow strips of fabric that required hand ruching. I could have probably done this with the sewing machine and in a lot less time, but you know what? Sometimes, you just want to do something with your hands. 

Hand ruched strips

Look at that lovely hand stitching. 

Relaxing hand stitching

And the best part? I finished all the pieces - there were six of them. Yeah!!!! These were the last embellishment for my Hello Sunshine (Kimberbell) machine embroidered quilt. So that has now been moved to the "to be quilted" pile. 

One more quilt moved to the "to be quilted" pile

I swear this bear, or what's left of it, is Murphy's stress release. She's gets wound up, and then that bear gets dragged around the backyard. It's totally disgusting, and I won't touch it. The eyes were long gone, and I'm surprised that she hasn't totally wrecked it before now. It appears that there's a hole in the back, and Murphy discovered that yesterday. Only a little bit of stuffing came out, so I let her continue to drag it around. 

Murphy and her stress stuffie

She has other stuffies that stay in the house, but I'm sure the moment this one disappears, that one of those will become the outdoor stress toy!

Does anyone have a black silk tie - similar in shape to the one in this photo. I have no idea who this guy is -- I just asked for a picture of the tie style. M's friend is getting married this weekend, and apparently, there are no black silk ties to be found. A lot of weddings are happening right now. So I need your help; if anyone has a tie that I could borrow, I'll do a porch pick up. My silly girl thinks we can make one. Not happening!

Is this the mystery guest?

Well, it's time to head to the gym for that spin class. Proper breathing is supposed to increase your output! That's a reason to learn to breathe better! While I haven't pushed myself like the author of that book did, I think I'm in pretty decent shape. Always room for improvement, but I've come a long way with breathing issues in my life. 

On that note, have a super day!!!


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