Sunday, September 19, 2021

Zoom, zoom, zoom

 It was a bit of an intense day. Lots of Zoom and more frustration with UPS. 

I'm beyond frustrated with UPS. After another lengthy conversation and being on hold several times, the conclusion is that customs is sitting on the package. Of course, they are off for the weekend, so nothing will happen until Monday morning at the earliest. I've spoken to a supervisor who wasn't really any more helpful than the CSRs. I'm supposed to get a call from the brokers on Monday morning. Let's pray - a LOT. 

Yep -- I could definitely have walked that package to Colorado! 

Well, let's talk about beer today! I've decided to splurge and get a full body massage once a month as part of my personal improvement. That happened on Friday. And I must confess that I think I had a few wee catnaps while I was laying there! 

Here's the thing about massages. In the past, they have mostly been painful -- lots of muscle tightness in the neck, shoulders, and legs. Everything hurts - well, it hurt. Since I've been trying to do more stretching and being more mindful of my posture, I have to say that things don't hurt. My legs, which were causing some issues a while back, have been feeling STRONG. I now feel like I could walk many more KM in a day, but I'm limited by time at the moment, but I still get in at least 11.5 KM (I slipped yesterday and did 11.3 KM), but that's OK. 

I'm focusing on my breathing - well, trying to! It's hard to remember all these things -- nose breathing, stand up straight, shoulders back, head up! It'll start to be natural one day but still requires focusing. And I'm really of the mindset that our health, our outlook on life, and our longevity can be (to a certain extent) controlled by conscious decisions that we make. 

All of that to say that when I now get a massage, it can actually be relaxing, which is good. I'm sure it depends on what I was doing the day before. If I was strapped to my computer, well, my shoulders might be tense. 

Thanks to Miss Murphy, I had a darn dog hair in my mask, so I had to dig that out during the massage as it was tickling my nose. 

Anyway, when I got out of the massage and went to pay, they had a beer tasting in the spa's lobby.  Would I like some? Well, of course! 

I tried a Stiegl Radler -- I love Radler beer. It's grapefruity but tastes excellent. I actually hadn't had some in a while, so that was nice. 

Siegl Radler

Then, I tried a Fruli strawberry beer. That was awesome too. 

Fuli Strawberry beer

Sorry -- lousy photo. The last beer I tried was this one.  It's called Duchesse de Bourgogne. It's a beer with a strong flavor of wine in it. While it tasted OK, I'm not a big wine drinker, so I wouldn't see myself drinking it regularly. 

Duchess of Burgundy

And we got a full sample of a non-alcoholic beer. That's in the fridge - I didn't even look at the name. That little beer tasting was a pleasant little diversion in the crazy day that is my life these days.

It was a crazy day with four Zoom sessions. Two were for our new ongoing classes that will last until June. Three quilts -- Boho Heart, Wanderers Wife, and Long Time Gone. And then two sessions on the Saturday Sewing with the topic of Borders. It was a bit crazy as some people didn't get the links -- totally my fault with the number of people I had to sign up; I missed a few. Sigh...................

There is still some space in this class (Long Time Gone), but the other two are full. 

You can find the sign-up at the Thimbles and Things website. Check out the classes tab.  

As I realized someone didn't have the link, I had to run upstairs to send them the invitation since their e-mail addresses, and the links were not on the same computer. Long story. 

Now there are more quilts to get working on. Thankfully, the other ones are winding down. One more month of sewing on those four. Yeah!!! None of them are done yet, but all are getting close. Except for one quilt, I'm up to date! That has NEVER happened, and my workload is probably the heaviest it's been in years!

I have to share this photo with you. This is from my virtual walk across Canada. I'm on the ferry from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland. In case you think we get to "take the ferry," we do not. We technically have to walk the distance! I'll be on this "ferry" for a couple of days; it's a long ride from Sydney to Port aux Basques. 

Riding the ferry to Newfoundland

I finished reading I Promise Not to Suffer by Gail D. Storey. She and her husband walked the Pacific Crest Trail for real. Well, Gail made it 900 miles, but her husband made the entire trip. Hmm -- I think I'll stick with the Virtual Walk of this one, but I still want to walk one of these trails in person. I think I think I know what I want to do. Now the thing is --choose dates, block it off and start planning. If I don't, it'll never happen. 

Of course, with Covid -- it's been hard to plan. But time to just get moving!!! 

Oh - my keyboard has gone totally wonky. Not sure what is happening, but hopefully, grammar and spell check will fix these significant mistakes!

During the day, with all the Zoom chaos, the doorbell rang. There was this sweet lady with flowers for ME!!!  Thanks so much, Pauline -- totally appreciated!!!  It pays to answer the door sometimes. 

On that note, I'm out of here! We have UFO, and I need to get some quilts quilted, and well -- there are a few other things that need to be done.

Have a great day!!!


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  1. Regular massage and stretching absolutely will make for a different muscular structure. I'm so glad to hear you're going to make this a monthly commitment to your health! I've done it for over 25 years and am always sad if I have to cancel (like this month d/t ridiculously high covid counts here).

    I can't wait for us to start Boho Heart!!!

    Wishing everyone a terrific week :-)