Thursday, September 30, 2021

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is a good motivator! A number of us have signed up for the One Block Wonder using a panel at Thimbles and Things. Not that I needed to make one, but it was on my list of quilts to make so now seemed like a good time. 

I found those small panels in my stash so I didn't even have to buy anything. I also found some coordinating fabric for the binding, backing, and the filler along the edges. I attended the class two weeks ago and today is class number two. We are supposed to have all our hexagons sewn. 

Hmmm -- I'm a wee bit behind. I still have THREE of five strips to sew together. Well, first I have to cut them into triangles!

Three strips still to cut and sew into hexagons

However, I don't really care about the class today -- I mean, it's not critical to have the homework done. BUT a few of us are getting together tomorrow to discuss placement of the hexagons and help each other out with the overall visual look, so guess what I'll be doing later tonight? Yep -- I'll be sewing hexagons. 

It's always fascinating to see the three different orientations you can have fore each set. I didn't get too scientific about it -- for many of the hexagons, I just laid them out and sewed them up!

Option One

Option Two

Option Three

Here's my stack of hexagons. I'll have 60 in total and 24 of them are sewn. That shouldn't take too long. I had started sewing them as enders and leaders, but I don't have a lot of sewing gong on, so I started chain piecing them yesterday. I'll be chain piecing the rest of them once they are cut. 

Twenty-four hexagons so far

Today is a bittersweet day -- our company is going home. I'll be dropping them off at the airport in a couple of hours. The visit is always way too short, but then you want to get your life back to the normal routine. They just need to live closer so we're not limited to the occasional visit! But I refuse to move to BC just because she is there. You never know when your kids will move. No - I would move because that's where and when I want to move. And that's not reality at the moment!

However it meant that I had to get my butt in gear as they are supposed to take a quilt back with them and as at yesterday morning, the top was done and that was it. No binding made, no backing made. However I got it quilted. It's going to be nice and cozy as it's flannel on both sides and there's batting inside. 

 A quilt to be gifted - DONE

The binding got made and appliqed this morning. Thank goodness for machine binding! What ever did we do when all we knew was to sew it by hand? It took about 70 minutes to cut the bindng, trim the quilt and sew the binding to the quilt. All tasks that I could do in my sleep. 

Sewing the binding by machine

And there it is - ready to be packed. I didn't put a label on it -- it has my little tag and well, that's good enough. 

The finished quilt

I'm not sure where they are going to pack it. My child does NOT pack light. Not my problem!

I did have to laugh when I was qulting that quilt. Guess what I found? Yep -- a gold thread! Now where did that come from? 

A piece of gold thread

We are sure gonig to miss this cute little guy. Although he does have his issues with bathroom behavior. But he sure is cute!

Mr Bear -- off the cuteness scale

I have to walk him several times day or "force" him to the backyard. The hazards of apartment living for a dog! He does love to go for a walk -- but he is so slow. My gosh -- he has to check out every tree and leaf and blade of grass. 

Bear on his walk

There's more fun to be seen at QUILTsocial today. I'm continuing with the tote bag and using some decorative stitches on the handles. Be sure to check it out. Even if you don't have the embroidery machine I used (Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby 90), there's still loads of great information there. 

Wait until you see what is coming! Lots more excitement to end the week and don't forget to check out the Facebook Live with Carla and me TOMORROW. 

Be sure to come and check us out!! I'll have all the projects to show you in person and you get to ask questions. I find that people don't ask enough questios. Maybe they don't understand, or maybe I've already explained the technqiue to death? But come and ask questons - whether it's about these projets or something else with the Husqvarna Viking machines. I'll have the Designer Ruby 90 on and we can take a tour if you want!

I'm happy to report that I got some paperwork done and that felt great to get it off my plate. There's still a "bit" to go through, but the next couple of days are quieter. Well, relatively speaking. I have two presentations today, both in English and one class to attend. But that sort of takes up the entire day!

And I said that the weekend was free. What was I thinking? Sunday is free, but not Saturday. I have one class and a club! Oh boy -- that means I"ll be doing some homework prep on Friday and Saturday. 

Remember the quilt worn at the MetGala?  Well, it turns out the quilt was a find from a thrift store? It looked too gigantic to be an actual quilt. But here's a picutre of it on a bed. Hmmm --- so who was the designer there? 

The fashionable quilt - if only grandma could see it!

Anyway -- that's it for today. I've got to finish the editing here, get Little Bear ready for his walk - Murphy is NOT going to be happy as she will have to stay home. And then off to the airport and back home to do a presentation. 

Have a super day!!!


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  1. I made one of those "puff quilts" back in the 70s. It was from a commercial pattern .....I think McCalls.