Wednesday, September 15, 2021


 Oh my --- I should check the source of my photos before I post them! That photo of the quilt on the runway? According to M in a conversation later in the day -- that was the MOST FAMOUS couple in the world at the moment. OH  -- I could sit beside the most popular person in the world on a plane and not even realize. That's how much I don't really care about celebrities. They are people just like us, and really - do they deserve more attention? I don't have time!

Here's a link for the Met Gala. They wore all kinds of outrageous outfits, including Rihanna in Balenciaga Couture, Maria Tash, Thelma West, and BVLGARI jewelry A$AP Rocky in ERL. I stole this photo from the website. But if it happens to be pulled, scroll down that link to near the bottom. 

The most famous couple in the world

I think that's hysterical!!!!  

And here's a link to the story behind that jacket - er - I mean quilt that A$AP wore. Oh, my--- will the wonders of the world will never cease! I completely do NOT get the memory quilt thing. This is NOT a memory quilt. The writing in that article is atrocious, and I don't think anyone (the designer, the writer) knows diddly squat about quilts. That is NOT a scrappy quilt - well, maybe a coordinated scrap quilt, but that is NOT made from bits of other quilts and the bathrobe? I doubt it. 

Why or why do I not sleep well on Tuesday nights? Well, I know why I didn't sleep well yesterday. I was mad enough to SPIT! I sent a package via UPS on September 3. Normally it takes 5 business days, and I've never had an issue with UPS. The service has been exemplary. Well, they have screwed up big-time - enough to make up for all the good service, and I shall be writing them a letter to that effect. 

In a nutshell, the package went without a commercial invoice. That was my fault. The tracking states SEVERAL times that they have initiated contact with the sender (ME) to correct this issue. Never received a phone call or an email ONCE. I called on September 9 once I realized there was an issue. The package sat in the warehouse for FOUR days before an exception e-mail was even sent. FOUR DAYS!!!

To make matters worse, I sent the commercial invoice on the 9th. Then yesterday (now the 13th), I made FOUR different phone calls. Yes, we have the invoice; things should move. Yes, we have the invoice. OH NO -- that was not the right e-mail; it needs to be this. And a half-hour later I called again because despite repeating the e-mail at least 10 times because I didn't believe the customer service agent, I was told that none of the e-mails I was told to use was the right one because the package was going to the US, not Canada. 

You have to be KIDDING ME!! It should have been pretty clear to anyone as this package was stopped because all shipments to the US require a commercial invoice. In Canada, that's not required. UPS --- you may be good at shipping stuff, but your customer service agents are NOT WELL trained at all. 

I'm about to call again, and I'm afraid. Actually, I'll check the tracking service first. No change meaning that no one processed the invoice overnight. It would have been faster to drive to the depot to pick up the box and reship it. Good grief --- I wonder if this quilt will even make it. I'm a tad upset, to say the least!

On top of that, I was tired. But I remained polite -- angry but polite. I had done three intense presentations in the day. The software one is always intense, and my mouse was not behaving like it should, so that was a challenge. The afternoon presentation went well, and then a French one in the evening. My brain was a bit taxed during that one -- loads of questions. It's one thing to blather on yourself, but quite another to comprehend and answer questions! But we muddled through. 

OH MY GOSH  -- a eureka moment. I thought I had two presentations today, and one of them was at 10 AM. But no -- that one is tomorrow which is good because I'm off to spin class this morning. 

In my own little celebrity world, this is the latest issue of A Needle Pulling Thread. I believe it's issue 56.  Support Canadian designers!!! 

A Needle Pulling Thread

The theme was Neutral with a POP of color, and this is my project. Those blocks were SCRAPS from some other project which I still do not know where they came from. Shoot -- I cannot find the blog post - but I'll find it for tomorrow. I had enough blocks to make TWO runners. So I added a pop of color to both of them. 

My table runners

Check it out, and how about that cover quilt? It's gorgeous! 

And I got some mail yesterday!! I received my medal for walking the Appalachian Trail! I really need to get my holder on the wall so I can admire them all! This is all through The Conquer Virtual Challenges, and it's the best motivator in the world to get off my butt and get out and walk. Even if I'm busy, even if I'm tired, even if the weather is crap. I see so many people who make their grandchildren, their own children, neighbors, husbands, or anything else but themselves a priority. Hey -- if you are constantly running for others -- where's the enjoyment of life? Take pride in yourself and do things for YOU!!!!

The Appalachian Trail medal

And I had to laugh yesterday as I was walking Lexi down a busy street. Shoulders back (smaller muffin top), nose breathing (easy to wear a little smile), head held high (taller), and carrying a little blue bag of poop! It was hilarious, and I hope people wondered what was going on!

Phew -- I've got time when I get back from the gym to regroup, call UPS, and follow up with stuff from yesterday before I start work! I did get some writing done yesterday, took pictures, but I don't think I even turned the sewing machine on. Well, not to sew - it was on for my presentations!

On that note, have a super day!


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