Sunday, September 5, 2021

Technology is GREAT!!!

Well, I guess you figured out by the title that I had an AWESOME day with technology. It was a fabulous day!! I love technology, and the more I learn, the better I become. Just don't mess it up! 

I have to say that I'm happy with figuring out my body clock, and I'm not good if it gets messed up! Thanks to an upset tummy from Miss Murphy, I didn't get a good sleep the night before, but last night? Perfect! Hence, I was up at ridiculous o'clock (for you), and I got so much done already this morning!

E-mails got sent, embroidery got done, fabric ordered. 

WAIT! Ordering fabric? Is that allowed? Oh yes - I have TWO special pieces of fabric coming. Both are custom images that are being printed by Spoonflower. I'm super excited to see what it looks like. One of them you'll recognize, and that's all I'll say about that design. I did have a wee SNAFU earlier this week when I tried to place my order. I got a detailed e-mail from the Help Center and VOILA  - it solved my issue, and I could place my order. 

Did you know that you can print just about anything (as long as you own the copyright)? Canvas, Minky, plush, cotton, gauze -- you name the substrate -- you can print on it!! Oh -- what else can I design and print? OK -- so I didn't do any designing with these images. But now I want to try "designing" something and get it printed. It's not cheap -- I paid $28 Canadian for two fat quarters, including the shipping. But I'm OK with that. I don't think it's as expensive if you print yardage. 

So that was the first technology success!

I have some embroidery that needs to be done, and I've put it off long enough, so I pulled up the file this morning and decided to get it done. There are about three hoops of embellishments that I need to embroidery to finish off a Kimberbell quilt. The quilt top is done - I just need to get the embellishments finished. 

Oh -- I could have fussed with USB sticks to transfer the design, but instead -- I opened the file in mySewnet embroidery software and then SENT it via the internet to the embroidery machine! 

Sending the embroidery file to the embroidery machine

And then I get to accept the embroidery design on the embroidery machine, so it's not like some random person can send me stuff. 

YES -- I'll accept that file

I swear -- it doesn't matter how many times I do that, I still get a thrill sending the files via the Wi-Fi connection. That will never get old for me! I love being able to switch between the software and the embroidery machine. And I'm so much better with the software, if I need to make some modifications, well, I can't do everything yet, but I LOVE it!!! And the best part -- it's so easy. WAIT -- easy for me, you say. Well, I had to learn it, and I use it fairly often, so I'm learning more and more about it as I try to do things that -- well - it's all a learning experience. 

Some of the embellishments or special techniques in the Kimberbell quilts are -- well, they are not challenging; it just takes a bit of know-how to make them happen. Like these 3-D pinwheels. You are working with lots of materials -- foam, water-soluble stabilizers, and fabric. Let's not forget that the item is two-sided, so regular bobbin thread won't cut it. 

Trimming the Kimberbell pinwheel

Let's just say that you need a GOOD pair of scissors to make that happen. The right tools make any job easy. 

And here are my pinwheels. I had three of them done and needed two more. Now I just need one more, and since everything is set up, I'll do that right after I walk the girls. 

Four pinwheels of the five needed

WAIT -- there's more technology involved here. While the embroidery machine was working, I was upstairs on the computer writing e-mails. So to monitor what was going on, I used the mySewMonitor app on my phone. Yep!!!!  It's all connected and so EASY to use. 

Embroidery progress

I could hear the machine stop at one point and thought that didn't sound good. But I checked the app, and it was time to change the thread. I ran downstairs and made that happen. 

Time to change the thread

 I've already clocked .4 of a KM today up and down the stairs! 

A reminder that if you have a Kimberbell embroidery project and you need some help to get it done, we'll be doing that this fall. Only a few people have signed up so far, so it will be very hands-on and specific to each project. It is a great way to get yourself motivated if you have one of these projects and need to finish it or get started. Send me an e-mail   -- 

While I was doing some embroidery samples last night, I managed to get FIVE more leaves stitched. 

Five more leaves - DONE

That's super exciting - I think there are eight left. Gosh -- it's so much more relaxing when you don't have an imminent deadline! If only I could keep telling myself that! And make sure to set stretch goals  - it's the only way to push yourself! But don't leave it all to the last minute! I'm learning! 

Between the embroidery and the applique, I'm going through bobbins! I like using the pre-wound bobbins -- so much more thread on them and saves time winding! 

Empty pre-wound bobbins

But the big adventure of the day was a hike with Ronda. And believe it or not, the hike involved a LOT of technology. 

Crawford Lake

Oh great -- I'm just noticing that the ratio was off on the camera went I took these photos. No worries. Anyway, we went on a hike around the lake. Easy and no technology required. 

However, I knew there were a couple of geocaches in the area, so - oh yes -- we did use the technology on the first round to find the geocache. 

And we got to enjoy some beautiful wood carvings that went around the lake. 

Beautiful wood carvings 

Then we went on another pathway that was also short. 

Another path in the park

When we finished both short hikes, I decided to check the task list for another geocache. Oh god -- we had to walk around the lake again and have a good look at each of the eleven carvings. If I had known, we could have done that the first time! Sigh..............

Then we had to do some calculations. Then got out our technology to find the way. Hmmm -- how do you put longitude and latitude into the geocaching app? No idea, and so Ronda did a Google search in the tree-covered area to figure that out. Once we figured it out, we were good. Then I decided it would be shorter if we went the other way round, and it wasn't. And we had run out of time! 

ACK!!!!!   That was frustrating since it was our fault (OK -- totally MY fault for changing direction and running us out of time!) But we learned something about geocaching, and well -- we'll just have to go back. Which I plan on doing at the end of the month - there is a longer hike (with lots of geocaches on it), and I'd like to give that a whirl. 

I was hyped up and missed my afternoon hike around the neighborhood, so Muprhy and I headed out after dinner. Oh my gosh -- I do believe it's possible to tire her out. When we met up with the next-door neighbor, not far from the house, Murphy was quiet as a mouse and happy to just walk along like a normal dog!!! It was a 16+ KM day! 

Well, there'll be no time for long hikes today -- I've got lots of embroideries to do, a quilt to long arm, and it's the Virtual Retreat tonight starting at 6 PM. I hope to see some of you there. 

Here's the Zoom link for SUNDAY night. 

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 885 1052 0090 Passcode: 897479

And we're going to sew all day Monday as well. If you stop in, you get to meet the ladies I sew with on Monday. A great group!!!! That runs from 10 AM to 8 PM.

Here's the link.

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 851 3291 1786 Passcode: 073041

I hope you are taking advantage of some of this super technology! Whether it's your FitBit, geocaching, your embroidery machine, or some other crazy app -- there's so much to learn and information to have access to. I have no need or desire to watch TV, although I did see that the Three Pines mysteries by Louie Penny is going to be a TV series. I think the actor they chose to play Gamache is a good choice. At least, he looks close to what I envisioned!! Hmm -- who will play Ruth???

Have a super day!!!!!



  1. What do you do with empty "pre-wound" bobbins? Who will play the duck?? So many questions...

    1. LOL --- YES --- so many questions and who will play the duck? Love it!!!! Thanks for the chuckle.