Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Could you cut up a quilt?

 Oh my goodness -- I'm a MOUTH breather at the gym. I was huffing and puffing on the spin bike, then I realized I was gasping for air. OK -- I'm exaggerating. I'm not gasping, but I definitely breathe with my mouth open. I tried to breathe through my nose. Yikes -- that was hard! Even when I was not at maximum effort. That's going to take a bit of getting used to. 

It just goes to show that we are so not conscious of how we breathe. And I swear that spin class is a killer. I'm dripping with sweat, and I'm NOT someone who sweats. But I use a towel to wipe my face while others just let it drip on the floor. That's disgusting! 

But I feel good when it's done! I wish the sauna and steam rooms were open, but alas, they are not, and it's probably going to be a while before they open. So suck it up. Have a good shower and call it a day!

I had to laugh this morning. My little piece of tape was neatly attached to the night table when I woke up. I have zero memory of taking it off and putting it there. But at some point during the night, I just get annoyed with the tape on my lips and take it off. But I very neatly put it on the night table. 

Ok, so this is a somber story, and unfortunately, it's EVERYWHERE and involves so many people. I was walking through the forest yesterday and passed a Mom and two kids walking home from school. Kudos to the mom for walking the kids, but she was GLUED to her cell phone. Walking slowly along as she texted or read something engrossing. Meanwhile, the two young children (kindergarten or grade one age) were aimlessly walking behind her. 

What a missed opportunity to chat about them, their day, and whatever else. And then we wonder why teens are so sullen and closed up when they get older? I was tempted to say something, but then it's none of my business. But so sad for those two kids. 

What's even worse is when kids in strollers are entertained by an iPad while Mom is on the phone. That drives me nuts!

I did get a lot done yesterday, although I never seem to get ENOUGH done! I was working on my All in a Row quilt during Monday sewing. I really need to get that one off my plate, and I'm so close. I'm working on the last pieced row. 

The current state of one of my three All in a Row quilts

It's looking awesome and will be much better when the rows are all trimmed and sewn together. I still have to do the applique on the camper row, and I got ONE of the four inner borders stitched in place. It's on the very bottom and very hard to see! Most of the prep work is done on that border, and then I have a pieced border to add for the outer border. So it's coming together - I hope to have it done by our October meeting for that group. 

I sat at the computer for most of the rest of the day. I'm writing, prepping presentations, which all consume a lot of time. But it's all good. I used to have an issue with sitting at the computer when I really wanted to be sewing. I'm much better at balancing now. And because of the heavy workload this week (13 presentations in total -- 11 that I'm presenting, 2 that I'm sitting in on), I'm trying to be prepared ahead of the game! 

I'm making great progress on my Virtual Challenges. Although I must have been drinking when I selected the route near Sydney in Nova Scotia. How many extra KM did those two little jogs add? No worries, I'm slightly ahead of schedule, and soon I'll be on the ferry to Newfoundland! My last province. I'm taking the long way around Newfoundland to reach my final destination, which is Signal Hill. Just like when we actually road our bikes several years ago. The final destination, that is -- we did NOT ride around Newfoundland. 

My wild route to get to the ferry

Oh, Murphy! She just loves to play ball, and we try to play every day. I love tossing the ball into that corner where she has to search through a lot of bush. Although she has an entire little system of trails under the bushes. 

Searching for the ball

And she has no issues with getting right in there to find something. Lexi, on the other hand, is more delicate. She doesn't do bushes! 

I can see you, Murphy!

If you've been watching Social Media, you probably have seen people taking quilts and making coats out of them. ACK!! I can see making quilted fabric and using it to make a coat, but intentionally cutting up one of your quilts to make a jacket? Well, I don't know about that. 

But M sent me this photo of a quilt as outerwear. Hmm -- I get it that some things are way out there on the runway, but this is very weird. I guess we need to see the entire garment before it makes more sense. 

I have several jackets that are quilted - well, I know of one for sure! Even though I have tons of quilts, I don't think I could ever cut up a quilt to make a jacket. Here's a great article from a couple of years ago about the History of Quilting in fashion. 

Don't forget about these dates! I really need to have a public calendar somewhere -- yes -- I know I need a website. I must look into that - when I have a spare moment!

A couple of dates to keep in mind. 

  • Virtual Retreat on September 25 and 26. Watch for the Zoom link a couple of days in advance. 
  • Facebook Live -- October 1  - I'll be on QUILTsocial Facebook live chatting about the blog posts from that week. My blog posts are created with the Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby 90, and I'm doing all sorts of cool things with the embroidery machine. So if you have a question about embroidery in general or something specific that I did that week - come and join Carla and me. It's at 2:00 PM on October 1. 

OH -- and I have a correction to make. I posted my goals for embroidery yesterday. As the list of goals is staring me in the face this morning, I realize that I goofed. The last line should read EMBROIDER a whole cloth quilt, not to quilt one. 

And on that note, I'm off to walk the girls and then a couple of last-minute preps, and I'll be on Zoom for a couple of hours today. 

Have a super day!!!


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  1. There's a The Quilt Show episode where the guest cuts up a perfectly lovely quilt on air to make a different quilt out of it.