Friday, September 17, 2021

Behind the times

 Well, I'm behind in the news! But here's the latest update on the situation for the Quilt Market/Quilt Festival in Houston in October. It was announced last night that the FALL Quilt MARKET would be postponed. Hmm -- what does postponed mean? Well, when they say the next one is scheduled for spring in Salt Lake City, that basically means that it's canceled. I'm not sure why they didn't just come out and say that. 

However, the same e-mail states that Quilt FESTIVAL is still going ahead. So it's OK to close the smaller show (Market is for the industry and is always a smaller show), while FESTIVAL is the consumer show and is quite a bit larger in terms of attendance. 

What does that tell us? Some MAJOR companies backed out of the trade show, and it was becoming unviable to make it work. But let those consumers come!

As much as people want to get together, I think it's time to rethink the whole idea of trade shows and how information is passed along. 

When chatting to someone last night about the closure, I realized that I completely missed a significant piece of news. The organization that ran the World of Beauty quilt show in Houston closed down in December 2020. Now how did I miss that? But WAIT! That doesn't mean there won't be a juried quilt show -- it's been announced that Quilts, Inc (the organization that runs Quilt Market and Quilt Festival) will organize the juried quilt show

So technically, nothing changes - at least not from the consumer point of view. 

What is disturbing is that this MAJOR quilting organization couldn't make a go of it. The big question is why? If you read the article, they tell you. But it also sounds like they were very closely tied to the hip of Quilts, Inc., and were there underlying organization issues? Where was the effort on the IQA's part to rethink themselves? Where was their attempt to advertise for new members? Have you seen anything about the IQA in a magazine or online? Nope-- me either. And they had basically made themselves out to be an elitist group specifically for that show. 

The show will go on, and Quilts, Inc will be 100% in control of the show and not have to deal with the IQA board members to get approval for how they want to run the show. 

Phew -- I'm behind on reading some e-mails for sure!!!

Maybe I'm too suspicious, but one should never take the public reason for something at face value. There is always an underlying reason, and since Qults Inc had close ties to IQA (both were founded by the same person), you know there were issues. 

Yesterday was another crazy day, but so far, I'm keeping ahead of the deadlines -- just!

I participated in One Block Wonder Quilts class but using a panel. Remember that small panel that I found the other day? Google it -- there are some spectacular quilts. Now I don't need to take the class as I've made and taught this technique numerous times. However, I've not put the hexagons onto the panel, and I thought it would be fun to see how it's done. 

And I believe to be a good teacher, you need to be a good student. I'm not always a good student, so I thought this would be a good experience. 

Well, I sat there for 15 minutes listening, and then I decided I needed to do something while she was talking. Again -- I have done this before, so it's not new. 

I decided to get started on the project. So while listening to the class, I cut apart the panels. That's why I love those wireless earbuds. I can zoom around the studio and get things done while listening. 

Cutting the panels apart

I got all six panels pinned together. I know -- that didn't take long, but here's the thing. My panel is SMALL. It's 13½" by 20½," and I've done this before - MANY times. 

Layers are pinned together

That's all I accomplished during the class, but while waiting for something else later in the day and after chatting with a friend in the class, I decided to forge ahead and start cutting. We're supposed to have all the hexagons sewn by the next class in two weeks. 

Cutting the panel apart

I got a total of FIVE strips and well -- why not just keep cutting? So I got out the 60-degree ruler and cut one strip into the triangles. I get 12 hexagons per strip, so I'll have a total of 60 hexagons. Yep -- I can live with that, and if I use them as enders and leaders, I might just get this done in two weeks. 

Some hexagons to sew together

Then I had another cutting session this morning. Tonight is our Tula Pink class, and the blocks are NOT made. But, at least, they are cut! Guess what I'll be doing this afternoon? 

Cutting Tula Pink blocks

There's NO time to empty that scrap basket. I wonder at what point that it'll collapse, and I'll be forced to empty it?

The overflowing scrap box

More writing and another presentation happened yesterday, so that was all good news. 

I also had a lengthy discussion with UPS, and after a totally dissatisfactory discussion, I decided to wait. And this morning, I see the &^%$$ package is still blocked. I'm so frustrated I could just -- well, I won't put it in words. So yet another phone call. Why are they making this so difficult? 

I also got the top of the inner border completed for my All in a Row quilt. 

Inner border for the All in a Row quilt

While those two colors look like they have lots of contrast, they do not when you see them on the wall! Oh well -- I'm not changing it. 

The All in a Row quilt - Number One

And look what I found the other day? I knew I had more of this writing. These are instructions printed on panels for doing projects. I now have a nice little stash and should be good to work on a project. I'm far behind in the fun projects, but that's OK. There will be a time in the future. 

Written instructions on fabric

Look at the current projects table. I don't think it changed much from the beginning of the year. 

Current projects table

But that's OK -- I'm not really adding anything to the table that I'm not currently working on. I'm terrific with that. But at the same time, I'm not getting some of the smaller projects done. I can live with that - maybe I can work on some at an upcoming retreat? Other stuff is getting done, so I won't worry about it for now.  

SO Murphy likes to play ball, and I have to say that I suck at throwing the ball. One-third of the time, I throw the ball directly into the pond; yes, my aim is that bad. In another third of the throws, the ball ricochets off something and ends up in the pond. A small portion of throws go into the bushes, and then Murphy decides she should drop the ball in the pond! 

Hey Mom -- get off the chair and get my ball, or I'm jumping!

Then she stands there and barks, or in this case, I swear she was going in. "Don't jump -- I'll get the ball!!!"  We may have to enlarge that pond next year so she can swim! I planned to take her to a dog beach this year, and that didn't happen! HEY -- I'm a freelance person -- I should get myself better organized! Next year, there will be NO classes taught during the summer. I don't care how much the students want it -- I need that break! 

Mom -- I can get it!

Speaking of water -- This is my cross Canada Virtual Challenge, and I'm currently on the ferry to Newfoundland. My goal is to finish in December with a combined total from last year and this year of over 8,000 KM. And I walked every last inch of that distance. I might need to have a celebration! I can't wait to arrive.

On that note, I'll go for a walk to calm down about the UPS package, and then I'll call them. I'm trying very hard to be polite, but I'm about at the end of my rope. It's now been two weeks since the package was picked up. I could have WALKED the ^&*((&^ thing to Colorado!!!

Have a super day!!!


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