Monday, September 18, 2023


Thanks, everyone, for your comments about the memories. Yes -- I agree; while there are MANY trip "blogs," I'm only going to take the one -- the school trip to Edmonton, as most of the others don't involve me and won't be of interest. And tons of literature can probably be tossed. I'll be repacking later today, and hopefully, I have enough room within the weight limits. It's not much, but the paper is heavy, and I can't be over 50 lbs, and my samples are a priority. So I keep the pages, toss the rest -- I'll see how it goes. I wasn't going to bring my luggage scale, but I did, so I'll know before I get to the airport that the suitcases will be the correct weight. 

This trip has also been a lesson in what to keep and what to toss. I'm surprised to see some of these handwritten "blogs" left behind while she brought in useless things that no one would want. Just goes to show what is important to them and what isn't. 

She became a record keeper of sorts, allowing her to keep busy and probably be in control of things by recording them. It's tough to describe, but I don't think I was aware of all the things she did or kept track of, and the more I see, it's almost like I don't want to know those things exist. 

But with everything, I'm really prepared to walk away. I have a few treasures that no one else would consider valuable. I'll find a home for them, scan them, or whatever, but the rest of the stuff? I'm done!

I think that adventure will help me go through the office back home, which has a lot of paper. How much of that paper will be of value to me? Probably 1%, and the rest can go. And as I see us saying goodbye to her things, I think of what I would like to leave for M. Perhaps a couple of lovely organized digital books or files that have been pulled for only the high-level stuff and maybe a day or two "in the life of." The rest of the stuff can go. One cannot keep an entire person's life. You just can't. 

So many lessons in downsizing. 

But in the conversations we're having, it's just the best when she agrees that what is left will be left. She doesn't care or has gotten over it. You could knock me over with a feather every time it comes up. I'm stunned - but happily so!

As much as Mom was a record keeper and gosh only knows what she has in the books at the apartment, my Dad is a self-taught engineer. He loves to take people to the museum to see what he's up to, and I never stop marveling at what he comes up with. If he needs a tool or a jig to do something, he makes it because he probably can't buy it. Needs a part for an old engine or tractor? He makes it -- out of metal. I just marvel at that. 

How did he learn? Part of it is in his genes, but he is NOT afraid to experiment, make mistakes, and learn by doing. Now that he has access to YouTube and the internet, he learns from anywhere and then goes and does it. I guess that is why I find it hard when I encourage people to make mistakes; they are afraid. It's just a natural part of our lives! 

I know his Dad was the same way so that curiosity has been in the family for a long time, and I wish we had more time to chat about stories of his life. So I'm taking every chance I have to let them both talk, and it's great. Will I remember it all - probably not, but just the chatting is creating my own memories, and that's all I care about. 

Well, before I went visiting, I was off geocaching. I have NOT walked much while here -- either not enough time or too tired with all the zipping around. So, I was off for a long walk in the morning and decided to do some geocaching along the way. I managed to find one that I couldn't find the last time, and then I'm off again this morning. 

It was hot here yesterday, and I went for another walk in the afternoon. I was dreading it a bit because it was hot. Hmmm -- the "hot" days here are hot but not humid, which makes a HUGE difference. The humidity can add up to 10 degrees, and they don't have that, so it was actually pleasant. 

I passed an old house for sale, and I was curious -- NO, I will not buy a house here. So I stopped and looked it up on the internet. It's beautiful inside, with lots of old wood, high baseboards, etc. I showed the inside to Mom when I got home, and she asked if I actually went inside? She doesn't get the internet!

Dad and I had a few errands to do, and they got done. After our museum visit, I found some keyrings with carabiners attached that are perfect for my backpack. So now all the zippers open just fine. Yeah!!!! 

I see there is one more original tab that will eventually fall off, but hopefully, by that time, I'll have a new backpack. 

I also managed to get some class prep done, so that was good. I have much more that I thought I could tackle here, but that didn't happen. I find all the talking -- from the classes and visiting-- exhausting! I need some downtime to do absolutely nothing, and I'm doing absolutely nothing! Well, that's not true -- I finished my e-book last night. 

It's my week for QUILTsocial, so pop over and check it out. I have a very cool project I'm working on this week, and you'll want to make it. I want to make MANY more of them as they are very handy. Oh shoot -- it hasn't come up yet, but watch for it, or I'll repost the link tomorrow. 

Well, it's time to go and get ready for the day and my morning walk with a few more geocaches on the route. 

Have a super day!!


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