Friday, September 1, 2023

Mental health days are important

Well, I won't say I didn't accomplish anything -- let's call it a mental health day! Or perhaps it was a lesson from the Camino day! 

I spent some time visiting with a friend in the morning, which was great. You see people on Zoom, but it's different, and it's so nice to visit in person and not worry about over-talking!!! We sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather and her lovely backyard. 

Once I got home, it was lunchtime. Since it was such a nice day, I sat in the gazebo. One thing led to another, and pretty soon, I was napping. Then I read, then I napped, and well -- I stayed there all afternoon! I didn't even go for a second walk! GASP!!!! I know - but it was so nice, and I had company, and well -- even though I have loads of things to do -- I just decided it was a ME day. It felt great!

I have learned one thing about myself: if I have a meeting or appointment in the morning, that blows my entire afternoon. If I want to get work done, I need to start in the morning, and then I can continue in the afternoon. But that's OK - a day here and there won't hurt anything, and I've known that fact for a long time. 

It was a long pant day yesterday. And even when I took the girls for their morning walk, I wore a vest as it was cool! But it's incredible how quickly one can warm up. By the time I got back from the walk and manhandling those two rowdy girls, I could have done without the vest. 

I was brave on the Camino. Even though it was cool to start, I sucked it up with a short-sleeved T-shirt, although sometimes I wore my long-sleeved one. Then, after about 30 minutes of walking, I was warm, so I didn't have to take a jacket on and off. Not that one needed to be efficient with time since I had all day to walk, but I was not taking that backpack on and off. That was a relatively easy task, but why bother! 

I did get some quilt-related stuff done this morning. I have three sets of blocks that I need to cut for the Batn Star Sampler. So, I managed to get two of the three blocks cut. Yeah!!! 

I think these are the blocks for May, which I didn't have time to cut and sew before the class. There are two of this block - all cut and ready to sew. 

Two blocks for the Barn Star Sampler

This is one of the smaller blocks, and there are three of this one, and they are also ready to sew. 

Three more blocks for the Barn Star Sampler

I have one more set of blocks to cut, which I hope to get done today. Then all the cutting is up-to-date, which will be great. Then I have to piece those blocks, and I'm caught up. Then it'll almost be time to start on the next set of homework blocks, but that class is in October. WAIT -- that's next month now!!!

I had to laugh at my lazy afternoon, which was spent with this view when I looked up! 

Looking up in the gazebo

But the sun hits some part of the gazebo all afternoon. So, about once an hour, I had to rotate my chair to keep out of the sun! That was the most challenging task I did all day! 

While the view is blocked with trees, I'm good with that -- it makes it very cozy when this is the view. 

The view from the gazebo

And there was the occasional tinkle from one of the two wind chimes. That gazebo is the BEST thing about the backyard. I could spend the entire day there -- OH -- I did spend the whole afternoon there. 

My glass windchimes

Of course, I was not alone. She just has to be the center of attention. ALWAYS!!!! 

MOM -- can you see me? 

And this is Lexi, who doesn't care what happens around her as long as she has food in her dish to eat WHEN she wants and her Dad to pat her. 

MOM -- Life is too short to waste time being silly like my sister!

And then, when you think Murphy can't get any closer, she does! She sticks her head under the arm of the chair so she can be close. If she was smaller, she'd be constantly in my lap. 

MOM -- I NEED to be close to you! 

And yes -- we played ball. She had to learn some new landing spots since I was throwing from the gazebo. But she's pretty clever and has quite a path system under the bushes. Let's say no weeds are growing under the bushes because she's always under them looking for the ball! 

MOM -- I'm right here if you want to play ball! 

I see that some of my unsubscribing hasn't worked, as I'm getting a few e-mails from companies I know I unsubscribed. I wonder how that works? Did I goof up, or did their system ignore my request? There was one company I had to unsubscribe about four times before it actually kicked in. But slow and steady -- I'm deleting, and then when I have all that fun done, I can tackle my hard drives. 

As long as I keep plugging away and REFUSE to sign up for anything, it's incredible how many times you get a notification to sign up for our newsletter. I get it -- I really get it, but we just have to be selective about what we sign up for. I do not need MANY e-mails from cutesy (and very similar) designers all trying to teach me how to make half-square triangles or offering a free (and usually not nice) pattern. I don't need FREE!!!! 

I made good progress in my e-book that I'm reading on my phone. I'm shocked that I'm actually reading on the phone. I didn't think I could do it! But I really must get back to reading physical books, and the physical books are on my shelf. I need to get rid of them!!!! There are a couple of used book sales coming up that I would love to go to, but do I really need to? Probably not!

The simple act of taking time to do ONE thing - read a book or only sew is HEAVEN. I don't need to be a hero and do a thousand things in one day. Sometimes, just sitting and reading or napping is a good thing! 

OK -- so I must get moving as I really need to hit the computer this morning and hopefully get some sewing or embroidery done this afternoon. Time is running out, and I need to take stock of some samples that need to be made. 

Have a super day!!!



  1. ME days are so important to our mental health. It’s amazing how your outlook can change, or you can be energized by taking a day to do something (or nothing) for yourself.

  2. I agree about mental health days being so very important. I had one company that I kept trying to unsubscribe, and they just switched the name of the person sending it. After about 4-5 tries, I gave up and marked them as spam. I don't do it automatically, but if they aren't going to play nice, neither am I. Plus, I never signed up for them anyway.

  3. Some companies say it takes as many as 10 days for unsubscribes are in place. I think they all hope for one more "gotcha". You're doing great!

    Happy Saturday :-)