Friday, September 8, 2023

That hurts!!!!

 And another day went by without a second walk in the afternoon! I'm still on track to reach my 4,400 KM goal for the year. I'm actually ahead of the game, but I better get myself organized! Without that second walk, I'm still walking 8 - 10 km daily, so I probably don't always need that one! And I walked the dogs without my knee brace yesterday, and all was fine. It's not perfect; I know that as I can feel it acting up. But what amazes me is how that single physio appointment "fixed" everything! I was going to go for a second treatment, but I don't think I need to. 

However, I did go for my massage yesterday. My shoulders just felt tired, and I needed it. It's been a while since I last had a massage. Years ago, I used to think of massages as relaxing, and I even had a friend who used to say she couldn't wait to go for a massage. Well, I thought of that yesterday as I was having my massage. The thought crossed my mind about which was worse - the dentist (I KNOW) or the masseuse! 

Those waiting rooms are so peaceful, and then you get into the room, and BAM -- they start hurting you!

Waiting for my appointment - so relaxing

Any massage that I ever had was brutal! Thank goodness she could not see my face as she worked the knots out of my shoulders. It was PAINFUL! And I thought I'd be quite sore today, but I feel much better. I know I have rounded shoulders and need to work at that. I don't want to be a hunchback when I'm older, and I'm headed in that direction. 

I explained to her about my hike, and she said she'd also give my legs and feet a go-over. But she was surprised at how loose the muscles were. Yep -- because I stretch those, but not my back and shoulders. Sigh -- more exercise is required! But it's all important, and we need to care for our bodies. 

I love one of her comments -- our minds do NOT mature at the same rate as our bodies. How true is that statement! 

While I accomplished things yesterday, I seem enraptured by entertainment. I have ONE episode left of the Race Across the World, where the team is going across Canada with a VERY limited budget. It's incredible how some people have had such wonderful experiences and others have not. Some people have made wise choices and still have money; others do not. It's been very interesting, and the scenery has been amazing! I'll catch the last leg tonight. 

Then, those two books -- one on audio (The Kitchen Front) and the other e-book (A Sudden, Frightful Death). Of course, I'm deeply into both of them and want to know how they end!!! I have three hours on the audiobook, so it has to be done by tomorrow. The other one I should leave, but I'm intrigued! 

When I left the gym (for the massage), this was what the sky looked like. It was ANGRY, but by the time I went to my next stop, it didn't look so bad! 

A stormy sky

I have two errands that have to be done today (by car), and I have three tasks that I also NEED to get done today. There's a lot more that I wish to accomplish, but if they get done, they get done. I'm still in vacation mode, which is OK, but since I'm away next week, it will be tough to get work things done when I'm not here! Oh well -- it'll all work out!!!

As I was sitting at the sewing machine, figuring something out, guess who came along? Yep -- that would be Miss Murphy, who has a foot fetish. I don't know why, but she loves to lick feet! That is OK, but I was trying to sew, and you can't sew while the dog licks your foot. Especially with that programmable foot pedal! 

MOM --- your feet need to be cleaned! 

And then there's my silly girl Lexi! What was this all about? 

MOM -- Just stretching -- you need to do this!

It's like she checked her calendar for the day and doesn't want to face it. I mean, it's tough laying around all day and perhaps running for a few minutes to get away from your sister. Oh -- to be a dog!!!!!

MOM -- I can't face the world yet

So what's with the weather? Two days ago, we were sweltering in the heat, and today? I had to run around the house and close some windows because it's freezing in here! 

It doesn't seem like much when you look at the degrees -- a difference of 7 degrees, but I guess that is significant, especially on the Celcius thermometer. 

Off to get a little stretching in, and then let's get the day started!! We've got loads of stuff to catch up on. 

OH --- if you have signed up for my two classes at Thimbles and Things -- Tequila Lime and the Applique class, you should have received an e-mail from me acknowledging your registration. If you have not, let me know. I just realized that I did NOT search my e-mail but relied on my ability to move the messages as they came in. I'll do that today. But if you want to be in the classes, they start the first weekend of October, so it's best to get signed up now!!!!

OH -- I got distracted by many things. Time to go!!!

Have a great day!!



  1. I'm going to take an educated guess that your knee pain was meniscus that had folded under and the Physio manipulation let it unfold. (I've seen it a lot in surgery). YEA!!!!!! for being comfortable enough to get back on the walking trails.

    Happy Friday!

    1. Seriously????? Could it be that easy??? Because it was a super easy fix. Wow -- thanks for the info. I'm going to keep that in mind for future. Can you see me trying to get someone to pull my leg if it happens again?