Saturday, April 19, 2014

MAD about HATS!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot say enough about how excited I am to see the MAD Hatter hats. Mikey and Dan from The Crochet Crowd - a group that has taken the crochet world by STORM.   They will be at the CreativFestival on April 25 and 26.   If you don`t want to come to the show because you will spend money - then buy an advance ticket and save a couple of dollars, leave your credit card AT HOME. Spend the day taking in all the FREE demos.   AND then you will want to spend a LOT of time at The Crochet Crowd booth.   Read through the link below - I think it is going to be AWESOME!!!!!!

Check out this link - The Crochet Crowd at The CreativFestival

Parking is FREE. To save even more money and get a decent lunch - bring your own. So there you have it - for the price of less than $15 - you can spend an entire day - learning new stuff, seeing an amazing exhibit and you didn`t have to BUY anything!!!!!  

I will be at the CreativFestival as well at Sew Fancy booth. I will be doing TWO demos - Crayoning on fabric and the second will be how to use some new rulers. Or just stop by the booth and say HI.

I have to admit that I have NOT been in the sewing mood for the last couple of weeks. And I know the reason why. My sewing table became a dumping ground of UFOs, paperwork and a variety of other things. ICK - UGH - who wants to clean that up in order to sew. However yesterday was a Sit n Sew day and so even more stuff got dumped onto the sewing table.  And what didn`t go on the table, got bundled into bags and boxes and put into the stash room.

When everyone left - I said - ENOUGH is ENOUGH. I cleaned everything off the sewing table. AH - I already feel like sewing!!!!!!!!!!!    Then I carefully took a couple of projects out of the stash room and placed them on the tables.   Now in an ideal world - I would only work on those projects until they were done.  ACK!!!!!!!!!!!    Hold me back from starting anything new!

That is much better - I didn`t even take a picture before - let`s just say that it was heaped about two feet high!!!!!

The ladies were very busy yesterday and borders seemed to be the big thing of the day.  It takes a LONG time to put borders on a quilt. I also chuckle to myself when people realize how long they take. Most (and  myself included) think    "oh yes - I'll just whip these three borders on in an hour".   NOT!!!! - it takes about ONE HOUR per border.
Anyway - Jenn got three borders on her Snow Days embroidery quilt!!!!   Yeah - another one done!!!!!!!

Daphne was also putting borders on a quilt - I think she had FIVE to put on and almost got finished. Claudette was quilting a quilt and doing an AWESOME job with free motion. Pat, Jan and Pauline were all working on blocks or smaller items.  For some reason - I was too busy to take pictures????   Or just forgetful - more likely the latter!!!!!!!!

However I see that we have a PEST problem at our house.   GRRRRRRRRRRRR   - not sure who we have to call to get rid of this particular pest, but when I went to get the goodies for dessert - look what I found................

A NOTE - the PEST left a note after stealing a cupcake!!!!!     I had a good laugh about that one!!!!!!   And I don't think she even opened the package - just squeezed that cupcake out through the corner. Most kids would just steal the cupcake and plead innocence!!!!!

After the ladies left, I had to zip to the airport. A friend of mine was travelling back from Europe and they had to change planes AND airlines in Toronto.  Apparently Air Canada gave them a very hard time. They were forced to leave several items in the storage area of the airport. One of them was a musical carousel which apparently has a small globe of liquid and Air Canada said NO while the other airlline had no problem. I scooted to the airport - parked the car - zipped to the storage area and was back home in ONE HOUR.  It almost took as long to get through the Tim's drive thru line as it did to drive to the airport. Anway - the package is now safe at my house and I have a couple of creative ways to get it to Susan. Oh the pony express comes to mind!!!!

However when I got home, I discovered that I have yet another PEST!!!!!!     A serious one this time - have a look...............

Yep - that would be my scavenger dog who spewed the garbage all over the floor. WAIT - wehre is the garbage bin?????   I had to search for it for a moment and there it is. SEe that black bin (still upright) over by the crocheted rug (top right hand corner of the rug??).  That was underneath the ironing board!  I bet she had a hay day with it and while there were others in the house - NO ONE thought to check it out.  They probably didn't hear a thing!!!!

Well it was a day of laughs and good fun.  Someone recently remarked to me that it is hard to find people in life that make you laugh.  Oh yes - that is so true!!!!!   A day without laughter is a day without sunshine.  However I am happy to report that there are days when I do things that make me laugh AT MYSELF.  Yep - and I love it.

Like having to take the dogs for a walk BEFORE midnight in order to keep the daily averages up on the FitBit competition.   One of these days - I will grow up. one day.................

While I was waiting for ironing projects - I managed to trim these halfl square triangles that had been languishing on the ironing board FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!    Now I have to find another group that needs to be trimmed. I know they are here because I threw them in a box when I was tidying up for the sit n sew.  One of these days - I must get myself organized to do something with them.

Half square triangles - trimmed and sorted by size!!!!!!

After my trip to the airport - it was time to get serious about sewing. I am meeting the girls who are also working on Amish with a Twist so I thought I had better get that all organized. I have had it on the design wall for a couple of weeks.
I was missing an entire block and ONE triangle of the corner for one block (which is done in this picture - hey it is hard sometimes to remember to take a picture of EVERYTHING)

The block is now complete, the corners are sewn on and in this picture - those two top rows are sewn together. 

Yeah - progress - I hope to get it all together, and the first border on by tonight. I have a bit more applique to prepare and then I can work on that border, cut and prepare the binding and backing and it really could be done in not that much time - OK  - a day - there is applique to do.

OK - here is one of those moments when you can have a GOOD laugh at MY expense.  Three summers ago, I rode my bike from Vancouver to Calgary. When we were camping in Banff, our camp site was in a bear protected area (that was fenced in). Our cook stuff was across the river. We had to ride out bikes from one area to the other - well it was faster.  I remember hopping on my bike wearing jeans to get to the cook area and WHOA - I have a saddle sore on my butt that I couldn't feel when I wore the bike shorts. Fortunately we had a nurse on the trip who suggested that I get a product from the drug store that was used to treat bed sores. Stuck the little patch on the sore and NO PROBLEM - I rode the rest of the trip and was not bothered by the sore.

Well I have decided that for my spin classes I don't need to wear my good cycling shorts - I can wear the first couple of pair that I bought. The cheap ones!!!!!!!     Guess what - I have a sore on my butt in the same spot!!!!!!     There must be something in the chamois that is causing the sore.   Well - I guess that means the shorts are HISTORY!!!!!    Who knew!!!!!!!!!!    OK - so perhaps that was more than you needed to know - but I thought it was pretty funny!!!!!  

And here is another good laugh.  All I can say is BE VERY CAREFUL. Whether we want to believe it or not, we all have reputations be they good or bad. Someone was recently talking about an experience that they had had with someone who used to work at a company that I also worked at. They did not name the person, but indicated that he was an executive. Hmmmmmm - based on the story - I tried to guess which executive exhibited the abhorrent behaviour. Later, I was given the identity of the culprit. Hmmmm - name is familiar, but sort of meaningless to me.   I asked DH if he knew this fellow - I did NOT offer up any other information - just asked if he knew this person.  Oh boy - did I get an earful - oh that guy is a  BLAH BLAH BLAH - fill in the blanks and pretty much the FIRST thing out of his mouth was EXACTLY what I had been told by this other person who did NOT realy know the bad guy.   Oh boy - and he wasn't no where near being an executive!!!!!!!!!!!!!      Amazing how IMPORTANT people think they are - how they portray that IMPORTANCE to the world when all of it is a sham.    I almost died laughing.  Bottom line - this person was NOT a nice person and NOT liked by anyone.

On that note - I have a class this morning and have a few things to prepare.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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