Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sweat shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Despite the fact that I was heads down and working hard all day, I did manage to get over 14,000 steps in but half of that was from the spin class.

I had the first quilt loaded on the machine so got off to an early start. And here is what happened...............

Quilt number one - DONE!

Detail of quilt one

Quilt number two - DONE

Quilt number three - DONE

Detail of quilt three

Quilt number four - DONE!!!!!!!!

Detail of quilt four

Yes - I managed to get FOUR quilts done yesterday. None of them were huge, but it still takes time to load the quilt, load the patern, get the right colour thread.  I need to trim them and get the binding on today. They belong to one of the guilds!  (I didn't get my quota done last month so did last month and this month all at once and got it over with!!!!)

In between the quilting, I watched Modern Family. OH MY GOD - that show is just hilarious.  And not outrageously hilarious - but hilarious because it is so realistic!!!!!!!!!    The writers did a brilliant job in creating the family mix. I mean - how wicked and the casting - well - just perfect!!!!!   I think I watched EIGHT episodes yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!     However I was NOT sitting here with idle hands.............

One more square done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I got TWO more blocks cut for Farmer's Wife. That leaves TWENTY SIX more to cut!!!!   It sounds great, but not so much when you consider that there are 111 blocks in the project so a bit less than one quarter still to cut!!!!!!    But two a day will make good progress to get it done - two more weeks and I could be DONE the cutting!!!!!!

I needed a break in the afternoon and what to do?????   I realized that I had a book at the library waiting to be picked up so off I went. Well not only did I have ONE book to pick up, but there were FOUR more waiting.  Oh dear and I found THREE other exciting books, so I came home with EIGHT new books. I couldn't help myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway - one of them was a small novella and I finished it off last night. The Woman in Black - I had gotten the sequel to that book out of the library last week and decided to read the first book first.  Well apparently The Woman in Black was made into a movie. And so if you want to freak yourself out - watch this trailer...........     WARNING - DO NOT WATCH the trailer if you do not like horror!!!

Woman in Black trailer

Oh my god - I was freaked out just watching the trailer!!!!  

On a much happier note - I FINALLY got this book. The Rosie Project.  I had noticed the book at Chapter's (yes - because it had a bike on the front). I thought it might be a good read so I put it on hold at the library. I had NO CLUE what the book was about. Yep - that is how shallow I am - it has a bike on it - it has to be good!!!!

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

Well it is a CUTE CUTE CUTE story. About a research scientist who is trying to find a wife. He is very precise and organized. His day is laid out to the minute and he expects everyone else to conform to his way or he doesn't want anything to do with them. Well the way he goes about finding a wife is pretty funny.

I am enjoying this book a lot and I think it will be a quick read.

On that note - I am way behind today (Professor Tillman - from the book) would be mortified that I wasted so much of my day.  And even though I ride a bike, I would NOT qualify as a wife for him. Read it if you haven't - it is pretty funny.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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