Sunday, April 6, 2014

P is for photos and paperwork

ICK - right now my four letter words are PHOTOS and PAPERWORK.  I spent most of yestserday working on both. As a result, I do NOT have lots to show you.

The good news is I did make progress on both, the bad news - there is still tons to be done.

I have to admit that the photo situation is a bit overwhelming. One of the bogus categories has 10,000 photos in it. I can't just leave them because many are my GOOD photos.  Oh dear - I should have learned how to do this tagging business a LONG time ago. Oh well a bit a day is the way to go. And I am excited by what I can do with my photos when they are sorted and that is what keeps me going. I will actually be one of the few people who can say "I KNOW where my digital photos are and I USE them".

As usual, I got a book from the library to help me out. It is pretty easy to follow and I am learning all about importing photos, placing copyright info on the photos, tagging them and also NOT to move anything unless I do it inside Lightroom.   Oh boy!   But it is awesome software - no doubt about that and really - it is pretty easy once you get into it. 
One day - I will have all my pictures in electronic form on the computer, nicely filed and tagged. Oh yes - it will happen, just not tomorrow.

Speaking of books - M and I were given a copy of "oh she glows". A vegan cook book.  (Thanks Linda)   We had our first meal last night. M chose it - she made up the grocery list (after checking the pantry!) and then I did the chopping and she cooked the rice and mixed the spices.  OK - she did everything BUT the chopping. For some reason onions are NOT her friend. She was just stirring the onions in the fry pan and her eyes teared up!!!!!

oh she glows by Angela Liddon

It was AWESOME. Even DH commented on it and the recipe is a KEEPER. Can't wait to see what we are going to have next!!!!!

Check it out, Angela is Canadian - lives in Oakville. Pretty amazing success story!!!  

So I also received a nice bottle of wine. And you can see why!!!!!   (thanks Pauline!) Yep - there is a bicycle on the label. Well I was saving it for a special occasion which was the retreat. However I didn't drink the entire bottle while I was there. DH had been away this week and god - the FIRST thing he spotted in the fridge was the open bottle of wine. Let's just say that I finished it off last night (and M helped a bit!)

My cool BICYCLE wine (and now how do I get that label off?????)

Since I did so much paperwork yesterday, I got little (OK - NO sewing done). But I managed to cut ONE more bock for Farmer's Wife this morning.

One more Farmer's Wife block - cut

I will cut another one later today.

And while M and I were out driving around doing errands, I snapped this picture of the mall.  Yikes - it won't be long and all that tower structure will be GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!    I wonder how long before they start putting up the new roof.

The mall

It is going to an amazing transformation.  Have a look..............

Wow - I am impressed. Can't wait to see that HUGE ball go up.

On that note - I have to get those four quilts trimmed and bound. The lady in charge of our core program wants them STAT!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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