Wednesday, August 2, 2017


It was with a great deal of flourish that I hit the "confirm submission" button last night.  The pictures were taken and edited and the artist statement written. Everything went smoothly and I still had HOURS to spare before the midnight deadline!  AH - what a nice feeling!

I did have to finish an item for work that will be a free download and should be on the web site before the end of the week. But the pace was relaxed, the mood was joyous and I got to enjoy my little art piece while I was madly bustling around. 

However you know that your studio is dire need of attention when this happens...............

The scrap bucket overflowed
I know - that's pretty anticlimactic!   Just a few scraps spilled out of the basket onto the floor.   It's tidy up time!

I swear, I could clear that cutting table often and I do and within hours (or so it seems) it's jammed up with stuff again.  

BUT the good news - things are getting completed.  NOTHING is getting set aside until later.  I'm super happy about that. Well except maybe a label or two, but I love those little sew in labels that I'm using.  

I was going to take more pictures, but I didn't have time so I'll do that tonight when I have NOTHING urgent to do.  The next deadline is almost 12 days away!  I do have loads to get done in the meantime, but nice to have a relaxed pace for a change. 

And here's a picture of the messy cutting table.  That will be the job for tonight. 

Stuff to put away

I swear that I'm becoming positively domesticated!  I had to cook dinner for myself last night and can you imagine that I vacuumed the floors before leaving for work this morning?  I must be coming down with something!  By the way - I did cook - I did NOT eat chocolate. And since there are ZERO snacks in the house, when I wanted just a little something sweet after dinner, I went without!  My waistline thanks me!

On that note - have a super day!


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