Thursday, August 3, 2017

Fire proof

Gosh -- my mind is all over the place and almost forgot to blog this morning.

Remember a while back that I talked about the quilt at the library.    That was way back in January of this year.

There was a beautiful quilt that hung on the wall of the library and one day it was gone.  After some investigation, it was discovered that the quilt was removed while they repainted the walls and since it wasn't fire proof, it wasn't going to be hung back up.

After several e-mails with the city and some investigation, I did receive an e-mail a couple of weeks ago advising me that the quilt was BACK in the library.   OH MY GOD.  And I was there this past week and snapped a photo.

Library quilt

And you'll be happy to note that I was able to get that off my phone!   Ronda  - do you hear me???   I did it all by myself!

Apparently the quilt has been fire retarded or whatever they do and is now back up.  But seriously - look at the carpet, look at the thousands of books and magazines. The plastic chairs - I don't get it.

On that note - it just seems that the flood gates have opened and I can't get ANYTHING done. So I best crawl back to my desk to get to work!

Have a super day!!!!



  1. I am so glad you took the time to get that quilt displayed again. The wall is nothing without it.

  2. Somewhere in my dog's breakfast of an office I have a recipe to make fire retardant coating for fabric. A concoction that you soak an item in, such as you might want to do with pot holders. A Google search might turn up a similar recipe, if you ever need it.

    1. Helen Mary --- thanks. I wonder how it works or what you use? Anyway - just interesting that the wall art has to be flame proofed, but not the books!