Wednesday, August 16, 2017

More work DONE!

So while I'm on vacation, I can still be working?  Yep  - if you look at today's blog post, you'll think that I'm working up a storm but that isn't the case. 

Matter of fact I am doing something. I have a couple of small embroidery projects that I could work on. One is done and I hope to finish the second one (today?). Neither of them was started before I came. How sad is that?  It's not like I'm spending all day stitching either!   So there is hope - a teeny weeny bit of hope. 

Having a good visit and visited the local Fabricland where their batiks are listed at $36 a meter. Seriously??   Then I noticed a big sign on the wall that says "50% off quilting cotton for everyone"  or something to that effect.  Seriously?   Why not just list the price at $18 then?   I don't know. I did buy a few things - I couldn't help myself.  No need for a membership card.  It's very bizarre. 

I went to the sewing center here in town as they are participating in Row by Row and The TransCanada Block Party.   Yeah - so I got a kit and I got a free pattern. No license plates as they are the same as last year.  

The weather here is bizarre as is the weather all over the darn place.  It's cold here!  I think the temperature this morning a bit north of here was 11.  Yikes!  And yesterday was windy and rainy, but better that than brutal heat. I'm not complaining! But it was nice when we went to the parade!   I know - you can take the girl off the farm, but you can't take the farm out of the girl!!!  

And while I miss my girls back home, my brother has two dogs that are so similar in character to mine that it's uncanny. Moose and Meadow - one is soft and girly (just like Miss Lexi) and the other is well - his name reflects his character and he's just like Murphy. 

What was I working on before I left??? 

I managed to get a customer quilt done. And it's already been picked up. 

Customer quilt - DONE
This quilt had minky on the back which is always a little more time-consuming to load on the long arm. But it's done!  I have to laugh because of this particular customer  - I give her two quilts done and she gives me three more to do!  I love her though!

Then I made this - do you know what it is???

Adult bib

Pattern for the bib

It's an adult bib!  One of the ladies at work was using a paper towel for a bib one day and I thought she would appreciate a real bib. So I  made her one.  It really doesn't take long and hopefully no more spills for her!!!!

I think I did this when I was at Monday sewing.  I got the next little triangle on the log and sewn to the block.  There is one more row (the cream on the side) to add and then one more log to prepare and sew on and then sew the blocks together. This is my February UFO project.   If I focus, it would take me two days to finish it.  That is going to become a focus, NOT an ender and leader which takes too long.

Progress on the February UFO

And I got another one of the Ronald McDonald quilts done.  It's trimmed and someone else will put the binding on!   There are still quite a few to go (less than 10) and I hope to get 3 more done before the guild starts back up so someone can get them bound!

Comfort quilt - DONE!

Yep - even when I'm away - I'm productive!   I've taken loads of pictures while I'm here, but no way to get them resized. I MUST MUST MUST get some software for this computer so I can do that while I'm away.  Or there is probably something in the blog software that does that - if I were to investigate!

No worries

On that note, I'm off to finish my embroidery!!

Have a great day!!!


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