Saturday, November 14, 2020

The end of the line

 Well, all I can say is Halluleuyah!!!  The red and white blocks are DONE! But not without a couple of glitches. 

Here they are—the four blocks of Block Five. And yes - that one block doesn't have the best contrast - I'm over it. I had done very well with the cutting, except that I had forgotten to cut the white for one of the blocks. Hmm - I could wait until I got home; I could have gone to the quilt store today or borrowed from a friend. Ronda happened to have some white, so I got white from her and made the block. 

Four blocks for the Winter Wonderland quilt

Then it was on to four of Block 6. Hmm - some of these pieces are already sewn together, so that should be easy. 

The LAST four blocks for the border

As I started to sew the last four blocks together, I realized that some of the components were backward. AHA - that's probably why I stopped sewing them before. No worries - with a few slight twists, they are together. And yes - two are going counterclockwise, and two are not. I'm not worried. In the entire quilt, will anyone notice? And will anyone care? I think NOT!!!!

And so with a great ceremony last night, I gathered everything up and put it in the bag of finished things, which at this point is pretty empty!

The blocks for Winter Wonderland border - DONE

I had to go to the grocery store to pick up a few things for lunch. I passed by the paper towel aisle. Hmm - a rush on paper towel. What is wrong with people????? 

The paper towel aisle

Even the wipes section was a little bit worked over. We don't even have wipes in our house. We need to take care, but we do not need to go crazy. I'm not the best of cleaners at any time, and I've certainly not ramped up my cleaning duties now. But if you're cautious and limit your exposure, you shouldn't have issues. I understand that everyone has different levels of risk aversion, and you must do what you must to feel safe, but the over-cleaning - well, not going to happen at our house. 

We did end up at Value Village to scour the shelves for neat stuff to make other stuff from. I did pick up a few small things that will have to wait until December when my classes are over so I can play. But Katheleen is so darn lucky! She was talking about a book by Edith Holden that we should buy it if we ever see that book. There is one about Edith by her niece and, while not as good as the ones written by Edith herself, still has good stuff in it. Can you believe that she found that book at the store???

Katheleen's find at the thrift store

If anyone is collecting books about quilts in museums, there was one about the quilts in the Henry Ford Museum. I didn't buy it as I already have it. Also - I saw the 100 Block by Tula Pink at Thimbles and Things. That's the book we need for our Tula Pink class. So if you want to sign up for that class and do not have a book yet, there's one at the Indigo near me and one at Thimbles and Things. Get yourself organized!!!!

Speaking of classes, if anyone wants to sign up for the Urbanologie class at Oh Look Fabric, you need to call the store NOW. They've run out of the books they had in stock, and she needs to place another order. She needs to know how many books and rulers to buy. Here's the link to Oh Look. This is an ongoing class for next year - one hour lecture once a month—lots of curved piecing, but easy cures with loads of wiggle room for trimming. You also need a ruler. Get yourself organized so she has time to order the books. Sorry - the internet is very slow this morning, so no links. You'll have to search them out yourself. 

Urbanologie book

As part of the barn quilt project that I'm participating in, I had to bake cookies! Well, if I wanted an extra point, and while I'm not competitive (LOL!), and I certainly paid a few dollars to make the cookies, they were well worth it. 

I had to start by unwrapping the Hershey kisses. Of course, I had to test them to make sure they were good. 

Unwrapping the Hershey kisses

Then the cookie dough got made, and the kisses and the peanuts were laid. My bears only have three toes - not enough room for four. 

Prepping the cookies

And this is what they looked like when they came out of the over. You use a brownie mix, so they are chewy and delicious!!!

Yummy cookies

Here are my cookies and my barn block for this month1. I wonder what we'll have to do next month?

My quilt block and my cookies

I also got the four quilts bound! Yeah! It was a good news day all around. Plus, the fact that I walked almost 14 km. Good grief - I love walking, and these days, I seem to do my phone talking while walking, so the time passes fast. 

Four quilts - DONE

While I was out walking yesterday morning on the conservation property, I saw this sign. I love the idea of a "sharing circle," and that's what our quilt groups are as well. I think it's essential for people every day and especially at this time. You NEED to have a sharing circle. 

Well, I had a great sleep last night and woke up late, so the blog will be late this morning. Oh well. I see the sun is now out, and my feet are starting to tap. They want to get out for that morning walk. It's Saturday, so the traffic will be less. But there's nothing like coming back in the house and having a goodie knowing that you've earned it! And that's why I actually lost weight over the pandemic. I would not try to snack unless I earned it! I know - Miss Goodie Two Shoes!!! You can throw spitballs at your computer!

Have a great day!!!


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