Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Who are you going to call?

 Here's a question to ponder this morning. When you need to fix something - who are you going to call? 

Should you call the appliance repair people? Should you call a handyman? Or should you Google it? 

As you know, I got an F11 error on my dishwasher a while back. And no, I didn't have time to deal with it and was perfectly happy (not really) to handwash everything. I had Googled the error message and knew that there was a blockage in the draining system. The one video I watched was bizarre, and the guy was showing some sort of valve thing ON the kitchen counter. Well, I don't know about you, but I don't have such a thing. He also showed another part that could be the culprit. 

Back to Google, where I found a different video showing that same part and how to remove it. So I did, although I had to go back to Google several times before I figured it out. It's a very tight squeeze. AHA -- a tiny piece of onion skin caught in the ball bearing, causing the drain to not work properly. But I was suspicious. Could it be that tiny little piece of onion that caused my problem? 

I had to Google several times on how to snap that part back in place. It was an even tighter squeeze to get it back, and god forbid if the drain thing didn't work properly. OK - everything is back in place. Still have the error message. I turned off the dishwasher - YES - I know - I probably should have done that first! 

But I'm happy to report that the error was gone, and I loaded the dishwasher and ran it during the day! GASP!! We never do that due to the higher electricity charges. But it worked!! It drained just fine. The dishes were clean, and I'm a happy camper. 

Now, if the repair were a bit more involved? I'd be inclined to hire someone to do it for me. 

It was super exciting to get back to the gym. I arrived about 5:10 AM, and there were already about a dozen cars in the parking lot. It opened at 5:00. I bet there was a small line-up so they could get in right when it opened. 

But what I love is that most people park as close to the door as they possibly can, which is hilarious when you think that you're at the gym - to WORK OUT, so a few extra steps isn't a big deal. See my PAPRIKA car in the distance? Yep -- I'm always in need of more steps in a day, so I always park far away. 

Park further away to get more steps

And what's with the white, grey, black cars. Those are so boring! Yep -- I'd pay extra to get a color. It's super easy to find my car in a parking lot, except that I'm blocked by most cars because of their size, so I can't find mine because it's little. Who needs a HUGE vehicle in the city anyway? Who can AFFORD to drive a huge vehicle? 

The place was pretty dead - well, it's a HUGE gym, so a handful of people will not fill it. I had the entire locker room to myself, and half of the lockers are blocked off, including my favorite one! But I survived that small detail. 

Some of the lockers are blocked off

I walked on the treadmill (yep- I could have done that outside), but I also spent some time stretching, and you know what? My leg/knee felt much better for the rest of the day. Not perfect, but much better, so it was worth it to go. 

But look at that sky. When I left the gym, the sun was BLOOD RED - the color did NOT translate to this photo at all. There's so much smoke in the sky that it's looking pretty gloomy out there!

A blood-red sun

We had a great time with Monday sewing. Always great to get together with friends and sew. I was trying to clean up some small things on the cutting table and need to be done. 

I had grabbed some scraps so I could make another "art" background in color. Of course, I picked orange. Here are the pieces sort of laid out. 

An art background

And here's the final piece. I think it needs to be a bit wider, so I might add something to it. I'll have to contemplate that, or I might simply cut part of the top off. But one more background is done. I have NOT forgotten this project - it's just that there are other things more pressing. Just wait until August! 

The orange art background

I finished off this key wristlet. It had been sitting here for years, and now it's done. 

Key fob 

One side has some decorative stitches that you can add crystals to, so I dug out the Hot Fix Tool, found some crystals, and fused them in place. 

Crystals fused in place

And there's a different decorative stitch on the other side. 

Decorative applique stitch

I put a piece of Decor-Bond inside to give it stability. And as I dug out my bag of scraps, I found a piece that was pretty much the exact size! That's why we keep scraps!
A scrap of Decor-Bond that is the exact size

I also got the label put in this small piece. I had put the binding on but had forgotten to insert the label. Now it's done. 

Label inserted

It's those little jobs that take up a lot of time! But I'm getting to the end of them (or so I think!). In the future - start a small job, finish a small job! 

So we've had a lot of rain and a lot of heavy rains. One section of the path in the forest is taking a beating. I notice they've been in there working, but they don't seem to be doing a good job. As a matter of fact, it's worse than it's ever been. So bad that they now have barriers on part of it. Why not just pave this small section as the sand and gravel they have added aren't doing a thing to stop the erosion. Unless they bring in a packer to pack it all in place. You can't just lay gravel and expect it to stay on a hill. 

The path in the forest

I did NOT get a quilt quilted yesterday. I needed a break! But the next one is loaded and ready for today. Here's one of the customer quilts I did last week. 

Customer quilt

Due to the number of mosquitos in the forest, Lexi and I don't spend our entire walk in the forest. That dog needs to sniff EVERYTHING. I swear it's the same dog, different tree, but she's not smart enough (Sorry, Lexi) to figure that out. And what's with this? She insists on brushing up and even into the grasses in front of a townhouse complex that we pass. Silly girl!

Where's Lexi? 

And those girls are so motivated to play together when Mom is outside. They have the entire house and backyard in which to play, but NO, they need to play underneath the table where I was sitting. Why? And they look and sound so ferocious. I don't know how many times they banged their heads and feet on the table. 

Murphy and Lexi at play

It's like they feel compelled to entertain me. 

Well, it's going to be a busy day - I have three classes this weekend that I need to prepare for. And then there's the virtual retreat on Saturday and Sunday!!! Be sure to stop by for that. Those events are backward - it would be better to have the virtual retreat to prep for the classes! No worries - I have the stuff for one of the classes cut out and ready to sew later today; I've got two quilts to try and quilt today and some writing. Plus TWO appointments, so no time for lollygagging today!!!

On that note, I'm out of here! Have a super day!!!!


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