Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Home AGAIN!!!

I'm home!! But not for long. I'm off to do a guild talk tonight and a workshop tomorrow, and then I'll be home for a couple of weeks. While all the travel is "exciting," it's not! I have much that I want to get accomplished here. But all is good!

Here are a couple of pictures to catch up on. That Murphy!! She knows exactly where to lay down so I won't miss her. I was about to go on a Zoom call the other day, and my computer stand was on that table in the middle. So she plunks herself right where I would put my chair! 

MOM -- I NEED you to see me!!!!

And then, when I was done at the computer, she plunked herself right in the path between the tables so I wouldn't miss her. 
MOM --- can you see me??? 

Hopefully, now that the little guy is gone, she and Lexi can return to normal. 

I will admit that when I got home last night, the house seemed empty. He may be small, but his personality and attitude are BIG!!!

He's so funny. I slept on M's couch and was so tired that I never noticed that it wasn't the most comfortable place to sleep. The Little Guy sure knows he is home. He would NOT go on the pee pad, so I took him for a walk and found something to eat. Hmmm, his mom did NOT have his toys or his bed out!!! She had to dig it out of the closet! Poor guy --- where's the welcome mat? 

There are two elevators in the building, and he was standing at the door to one. But he heard the other elevator announce its arrival, and he scooted over there to get in! Yep—he might like the forest, but he's an urban boy at heart. 

Then, he began sniffing every square inch of that elevator floor to see what he had missed. 

Grandma -- my friends were here! 

The second he was outside, he did a quick business. Good boy for holding! His Mom will be so "happy" that he doesn't like pee pads! However, there's a pet-friendly area on one of the patios, so she doesn't even have to leave the building! He's a good boy!!! That dog is a people magnet, though!!! Everyone loves him and wants to pet him!

So Bear and I walked up to Tim's. And let's say there are a ton of dogs in the neighborhood. I don't live downtown, so I can't compare to here; Vancouver is a cool city and seems extremely open to cycling and other non-vehicular transportation. 

As we were walking, I spotted a guy coming down the street—and I mean DOWN the street (hill) —on a skateboard, with a backpack and a ceramic mug in his hand! Although he seemed to be putting on a show of almost falling off the skateboard, he was quite skilled! 

Walking in that area is certainly different than walking in the suburbs where I live, where NO ONE is on the street or barely!

We passed beautiful tulips that were already past their prime. 

Tulips are past their prime

Beautiful old heritage buildings are interspersed amongst the high-rises, and like everywhere, the amount of construction was insane!!!

Old heritage buildings with a high-rise behind

We walked down to Cole Harbor and sat in the sun briefly as I sipped my tea. That huge yacht belongs to Jimmy Pattison, one of Canada's richest people. 

Cole Harbor

You can't really see them, but there are the mountains north of Vancouver! 

Our morning view

Then we walked back to the apartment, and Bear proceeded to snuggle up on the sofa with me for the morning while M and I visited. What a cutie, and I will miss him. WAIT a minute—HIGH MAINTENANCE. Murphy will be jumping up and down because she gets to go for a walk first! 

Exhausted after his trip!

As I prepared to leave, the little guy jumped in his carrier. WAIT -- you would think he had enough of the carrier the previous day! But I gave him a couple of big hugs, and then I was gone. 

Grandma - can I come too?

I walked back to the train station and didn't take any wrong turns. I got my ticket, which cost half of what the ticket the day before cost. Time of day is a huge factor in all these ticket prices. 

Got my train ticket

Then, I took the SkyTrain back to the airport. Doesn't this remind you of a roller coaster ride? Thankfully, it was a gentle ride. 

The Sky Train back to the airport

I made a couple of rookie mistakes as I approached the security desk. Few people are around when you enter the security area from the train, and it's very convenient. As I walked towards the desk, I was on my phone texting DH about something at home and even stopped to finish the test. That was a RED FLAG, and the lady even asked why I stopped. So I explained everything to her as she swabbed EVERYTHING I had. 

Then, my small backpack was flagged as it went through the scanner. OH GOD -- I forgot I had a half-full water bottle in there. DUH!!!! I never do that. And when I went through the X-ray, I got the big one. 

Yep -- next time, PAY ATTENTION and do NOT draw attention to yourself like that. Totally rookie mistakes!!! But I had loads of time, and no harm was done. 

The wait was uneventful, and the plane was on time. I was close to getting an upgrade, but there are too many people with 50K status ahead of me and my 35K, so it's unlikely I'll ever be able to use those points, but you never know. DH says I need to buy a more expensive ticket to get further up the line. Seriously? Would I pay more money to potentially get upgraded? That's one of the reasons we don't vacation together. I'm happy in a tent, and he needs 5 stars! 

I was happy in the economy seats - the flight is only 4 1/2 hours, so it's no big deal. EXCEPT -- on the way out and the way back, the persons sitting behind me had a very annoying habit. They must empty their packs into the back of their seat pocket. Then they proceed to spend the entire flight digging in the seat pocket, which, of course, I can feel every time because the padding in that area is not great. I swear they are touching my butt the entire flight! 

But I survived! On the way home, I snagged a window seat and got a great view of the airport, which is ENTIRELY built on an island. 

Vancouver Airport is on an island

And there are the mountains! I hadn't seen them from the air in a long time, and they were as majestic as ever! 

The Rockies

It's great traveling light, and I was much lighter than usual, with only my backpack. If I didn't have to check my luggage, I'd never check my luggage again. What a hassle to check it in and then retrieve it, carry it, and take care of it. Nope—I'll go as light as I can. However, there will be times when I'll have to, and I'll just deal with it then. 

DH came to pick me up, and I swear the people coming to pick people up are as silly as ever. Why arrive at the curb if your party isn't there? The congestion was horrific, but I hopped in the car, and we were gone in seconds! 

The girls (no boy) were thrilled to see me. And they will be even happier this morning (and so will I) because the walk will be much shorter, so they can get fed earlier! We love you BEAR, but you are high maintenance!!!

Mom's HOME!!!! 

Of course, Lexi wanted out late at night, but that's not happening! She wouldn't come in, or if she did, it would be in the middle of the night. OK, so these girls are also high maintenance, but now there are only two!

I did not go to the gym this morning. I thought about it and then said no! I had some work that needed to be done this morning, and I think I'm good. I have LOADS of emails to respond to, so if you're waiting for an email from me, be patient. I hope to get most of it done this morning. Then I have to pack for the lecture tonight and the workshop tomorrow. 

Have a super day!!!!


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  1. Pamela Dempsey in northeast Texas 😻April 25, 2024 at 7:33 AM

    You’re a good Grandma! Oh, Little Bear ready to go home with you! So sweet 🥲. Hugs to the sweet girls ❤️