Sunday, April 21, 2024

Monster mash

Someone mentioned that the navigation system works well because it uses Android Car Play. YES --- that is exactly the reason. My other car was a 2019 model, and it only had Apple Car Play, which was useless to me. The system that Toyota devised for navigation was also useless, and in five years, I think I was able to connect it twice. 

The whole process now is seamless. And we have two drivers—who knows what DH does when he's in the car! I do have to touch a few buttons after he's been driving by himself, but thanks to a blog reader (whose husband has the same car), I know how to make that happen. 

I can reply to texts, listen to audiobooks, and ask for directions. I LOVE ASKING for directions; typing in an address is unnecessary. That's OLD SCHOOL!

I would still like to know how speed traps, stop signs, construction zones, and many other things pop up. OH -- I found an article about speed traps. I haven't read it thoroughly, but check it out. And did you know that WAZE was also owned by Google? There is so much technology out there and ways to help us. How the heck does anyone keep up? Apparently, with the speed trap thing -- it's a feature you can turn on in Google Maps. OK -- I'll check that out later. 

So yes, Android Car Play is the way to go (or Apple if that is your choice of device). Car companies should just give up on their proprietary navigation systems. 

I was a bit disappointed when I left the hotel in the morning. There I was, right along the river edge, and I didn't take advantage of it for a walk. I was tired, and sleeping or resting in bed was more important. Imagine that! 

There are several huge Canadian flags along the riverfront. Hmm—surprisingly, I didn't see any huge American ones on the other side. The way the wind was blowing, it was the perfect opportunity for someone to video the flag flapping in the wind. Those two white dots? They are NOT UFOs; they are reflections on the window, as I was inside the hotel when I took the picture. 

Oh, Canada!

A new bridge is under construction—the Gordie Howe International Bridge. There has been a lot of progress since the last time I was in Windsor. I see the bridge has celebrated its 2000th day of construction. 

It's quite an engineering feat as they have started construction on both sides of the river. YES --- that means everything better be EXACTLY right, or the two edges will NOT join in the middle. I didn't have time to stop and take pictures, but it's pretty cool to see both ends suspended in midair!!! Let's hope no one made a slight calculation error on the day when the sides meet. How the heck do they make stuff like that happen? How do they build something so huge and permanent that both sides will meet up? And the quilters amongst us are worried about a point being off! We might be fired from the job!

I don't know when the two sides will meet, but they are close. That means it's probably another year! 

But it was another busy and long day. I managed to find a connection where I could charge my phone, so that was good. 

Here are the monsters that the group made. It's hilarious to see what the finished project looks like. And those faces!!!!!

The monsters!!!

Then, it was time to pack up and head home. I never look forward to a long drive. The humming of the car just puts me to sleep. On the way down, I needed to stop for 15 minutes about one hour into the drive. I was about 1 hour from home when I needed to pull over. I literally take a 15-minute nap. Yep -- deep into sleep, the whole bit. I set my alarm; otherwise, I'd still be sleeping. But it's a 3 1/2 hour drive, and if you're not used to driving? Well, it's better to pull over and nap than have an accident. I've tried audiobooks, snacks, and something to drink, but I often need to stop for a nap. Let's just say that driving a truck for a living is NOT in the career path. 

When I left Windsor, traffic was light, but the closer you get to Toronto, the more traffic. But all was good, and I had no issues. 

The girls and the boy? They were beyond excited when I got home. Girls and boy, I've only been gone for ONE NIGHT!!! You would think I had been gone forever. Who was the worst of the lot? It was a tie between Murphy and Bear. Lexi said hello and stuck around but left to do her own thing. 

Little Bear has limited time with us now. REMEMBER -- he is HIGH MAINTENANCE!! And how much time you will regain once he is gone!! YES -- HIGH - maintenance. I'm still going to miss the little guy!!!

I don't think I ever got a nice picture of the three together. It's hard enough to get my two to sit, let alone all three. 

I managed this picture last night. 

Mom's home -- wait -- squirrel in the backyard! 

They are all in the picture, but they are not looking at the camera and are not even close to each other!

My apologies to anyone who has sent emails; I completely ignored them these last two days. I have UFO Club this morning, and everything is ready to go. 

It will be challenging to stay on top of email this coming week, so I'll try this afternoon to tackle some of it! I did a fair bit this morning. 

And on that note, I'm out of here! 

Have a super day!!!


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  1. Thanks for the article on speed traps. I've been wondering about how that's done, nice to have the explanation.
    Sharon F