Sunday, June 2, 2024

Minor water woes

I was back at the drawer situation in the kitchen. What a long process, but then I'm not dedicating hours at a time. This shows that even a few minutes a day can make a difference in decluttering, especially when you're on the second pass like I am. 

The cutlery was all washed and dried. 

The cutlery was washed and dried

The cutlery tray was also washed, and all the cutlery will be packed into my give-away box this morning. 

The cutlery tray was washed

Some artists use cutlery in their art, and I wish I knew someone close to whom I could donate this. 

Here's one artist who makes bouquets from cutlery, but I've also seen stunning eagles made from cutlery. I hate when you search for something; all you find are pictures from the PIN site. There is never a source, just a bunch of pictures. That is NOT helpful at all. Where is the credit for the artist? Where is the link if you want to buy it? It drives me crazy!!! Just a bunch of pictures. 

Anyway, progress is happening in the kitchen, and I'm good with that. I still have a few spices to transfer to the new jars, but this brought up another issue. I wasn't happy with how the trays slid around in the drawer, and I certainly don't need four units. So, I grabbed some shelf liner and put it under the two trays I needed. That allowed me to remove the foam I had placed along the side. 

The spice drawer so far

Then, I can put the extra spices behind the two rows of jars. If I don't keep the extra handy, DH will be out buying more, which has caused some of the issues in the first place. This drawer is a work in progress, and I'm not sure how it will all turn out. But it's a start. 

Someone asked where I got the large trays for the utensil drawers. Wal-Mart! Here's the label. They have different sizes, but this one worked perfectly for my drawers. 

The label for my utensil drawers

What will be the source of entertainment when all this clutter is gone? OH - I know - I get to start all over again! One day, we'll have nothing left in the house! 

We have the most inconveniently located water tap for the backyard. The water pipe exits the house under the kitchen window and then travels under the deck for about 10 feet, with MANY bends—OK, about 3. Yet again, the pipes burst over the winter and needed to be repaired. 

I know it needs to be drained and left open before winter, and I swear I did that. Anyway, the guy came over last week, and it took him three attempts to fix it. The three visits were not his fault! This is NOT the first time this has happened, but it's been several years since it last occurred. 

The boards that had to be lifted when Miss Murphy got stuck under the deck had never been screwed back in place, so it was easy enough to remove them. He spotted a leak, where it had never leaked before, and we thought we were good. 

Boards removed from the deck

Nope—there was an even more significant leak, which is what I could hear. That required removing one more board, where we found the pipe had completely blown apart at a previous fix. So that got fixed. Can we be good? 

One more board

No, there was one more leak on an elbow joint near the house. Good grief—what the heck happened to the pipe—this was the worst we've ever seen. Then I asked for a new valve with a lever, as I was getting tired of cranking that twisty valve open and closed. The new valve had a leak! So that had to be replaced. But now we have water in the backyard! 

And I swear if this happens again, we're moving that pipe ABOVE the deck so it's easy to fix. 

Oh, Murphy -- she's all over the place but likes to be in constant contact. She's checking out the new floor space. 

MOM -- so much space!!!! 

She still has a mat under the table if she needs a den-like sleep.  

Sleeping under the table

Or if she wants to be outside, she can still keep an eye on me from the window. I tend to disagree with anyone who says dogs are not intelligent. They are way smarter than we think they are. 

MOM -- I can still see you! 

And where's Lexi in all this? Asleep under DH's desk. 

MOM -- please, I'm trying to sleep here

I got another quilt done, so that was good. 

Customer quilt - DONE

The plan is to get more quilts quilted this month and try to make a dent in that pile of community project quilts. I'll see how it goes. 

We had our final two Zooms in Applique and Tequila Lime. I'll have to share the Tequila Lime pictures with you. These quilts were stunning. It was a ton of work and much grief to some, but it was worth the hassle! 

The quilts got trimmed, and I did a bit more tidying in Studio B. Sweeping the floors and washing tubs—all this tidying takes time, and I was exhausted at the end of the day. I should make good progress downstairs today, and the end is so close! But it'll still take me a couple of weeks to get everything as I want. I guess I could do it in one day. Maybe today is that day!

On that note, I'm out of here! 

Have a super day!!!


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  1. I know an artist!! He is Joshua Alexander, he is on YouTube. And to make it better, he's Canadian!! He makes fabulous sculptures with metal stuff, including cutlery. His trees made from spoons are in galleries. Please check him out, I think his PO box is in the videos.