Friday, June 7, 2024

The aftermath of filming

YES—that is a flowering dogwood, thanks to some green thumbs. The bizarre thing is I do not remember seeing it bloom in the 20+ years we've lived here. Or perhaps my nose was buried in a book and I didn't see it. How could you not see that? It's quite pretty - I wonder how long the blooms will last? 

My flowering dogwood

Anyway, there is lots of neat stuff in the backyard—always something new—but it'll quiet down for a while—except for those lilies, which are going to explode soon. I see many buds, so I will watch and try to get a picture when many of them are open. 

I got everything set up for the Facebook Live and then the waiting game. They like us to be online 30 minutes prior, and there is not much to do, so you just sit and practice smiling at the camera! 

The film studio

And this is what I saw. It's a challenge because, with Zoom, I'm so used to looking at the camera on the laptop. With the live streaming, I'm looking at a camera beside that blue board. So that's a challenge, but hopefully, it didn't look too bad. That blue board had my agenda on it, but I sort of veered a bit in places. 

What I saw

Here's the link to the video if you want to watch it. I confess I had WAY too much to share. I should have shortened the topic by half, but hopefully, people learned a few things from it! 

During it all, my trusty companion never left my side. She lay there for the entire time and was quiet as a mouse. I'm sure she was thinking, "Mom said to be quiet; Mom said to be quiet!"

MOM -- I'm being quiet - I'm a good girl!!

This is the MAGIC box that drives the entire show. Look at all those cables allowing me to switch between cameras and have the microphone included, as my laptop is just the connection to the internet. I don't get the technology, but I'm getting more comfortable with the process. At least, it takes only a few minutes to connect everything rather than the days it took the first time. 

My control panel

It gives you an appreciation for those who film in a studio where there are people to move the cameras, fix the lighting, switch between cameras, etc. We don't have that luxury when we do this by ourselves. I'm actually quite amazed at how easy it is to do. 

It's just as easy to edit photos and remove things from the design wall that I don't want you to see. 

Mom - is it over? Can I come out of hiding now?

But once I got up, Murphy got up and had a big yawn and a stretch. What a good girl!!!!

The samples all got put on the floor from their neatly stacked positions on those folding tables. The one thing I MUST remember next time is to spend a bit more time on the sewing machine and arrange it so I can sew a bit better. I didn't do the best job, but it's a challenge with a video camera in the way. I have to find a tabletop tripod for that camera so I can sit in front of the sewing machine and not to the side. 

I see another trip to the camera store! I should do it now while my goals are fresh in my mind. 

I had been reading a book about the yoga store murders from 13 years ago. It was slow to start, but the deadline to return the book was fast approaching, and I wasn't even halfway through. Then I caught the bug yesterday and finished it last night. Let's just say that not much was accomplished after the event. So I'm going to be super busy today trying to catch up. 

I didn't clean up yesterday; I closed the lights and walked out. But I was down there this morning to try and get things back in order. 

All the cords were neatly coiled, secured, and put in this container, along with my switch box and document camera. I won't need these things for a while, so they can be put out of the way. I need to label some of those cords, but I think I can remember how it all goes back together. 

A precious box of cables, cameras, and switch box

And this corner is now neat and tidy and back to its usual self. Although the sewing machine needs to be boxed up, it can sit there for a day or two. I've moved my ironing board from where it was tucked in the corner. There's much better lighting here, and I'm happy with this spot. The one thing I don't have and wish I did was outlets on the floor. I could have outlets in the ceiling, but I would hate the untidy look of cords hanging from the ceiling. So I'll keep my extensions along the floor, but keep those power bars on the table! 

The film area is gone

Some stuff on the digital cutter tables needs to be addressed this morning. It's mostly my smaller applique samples, and those should be easy to put back in the box. But - they need to go in the appropriate sleeves within the box so they are easy to find next time. 

One area to tidy up today

The cutting table and that extra work table are piled high with samples that need to be put away and I'll deal with those later. All the threads, tools, and supplies are back in their places. What I love is that it takes little time to tidy up when everything has a home. It's those things without a home that are the significant cluttering factors. 

I still can't believe that this entire drawer is devoted to bobbins and bobbin thread—not even my colored bobbin weight threads—just the black-and-white stuff. There isn't room for anything else to fit in there. And I'm not getting rid of any of that, as I have a use for all of it. I'd better get working faster to use more of it! 

The bobbin supply drawer

So, we had a minor incident in the kitchen yesterday. Miss Lexi is a grazer and eats when she wants. I've seen a few ants around the house and used my trusty spray to kill them and create a chemical barrier at the backdoor. That was done last week. 

Imagine my surprise when I spotted a pretty intense trail of ants from the backdoor to her dish, about 10 feet away from the backdoor. YIKES!!!!!!!! 

Ants on their way to a picnic

The food dish got tossed—well, the food in the dish—and I got out my trusty spray can again. I liberally sprayed the area, and soon, those ants were history. Then I had to sweep them up. This is the first time this has happened, so I'll have to keep an eye on that. Perhaps Lexi won't have the luxury of grazing in the future. 

It's time for me to get back to work. NO MORE READING today. I have some reading to do, but it's not for pleasure, and I'll allow myself to do that, but I will not read for a while. I confess that I finished five books in the last week. Two were audiobooks, so I could putter and listen, but one of the five was an e-book (the yoga murder), and two were physical books. 

Have a super day. There are no plants to discover today!  I think I've run the gamut of what's in my backyard.

Now, how is the drawer cleaning situation coming along? I've got five jars of spices to switch over. I need to dig out my labeler—you'll see why before I move on—and I hope to get that accomplished today. Then I'll tackle one more drawer in that area. No one said you need to move fast, but you need to move! 

Have a super day!!!


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