Friday, October 21, 2011

HOLD ME BACK!!!!!!!!

A LONG drive downtown (1 hour 20 minutes) - how do people do that on a regular basis??? Anyway got there shortly after 9AM and the truck had not arrived yet.

When it did a short few minutes later - the unloading process began. I left my camera in the car so couldn't take pictures. However it seems that they have spread out the set up - some people were already set up. That helped enormously at the loading dock and uncrowding the  aisles!!!

A long, hard day, but with five people - we were finished at 3:15 PM. Yeah!!!!!!   I then took a walk around the floor, stopped to chat to a few friends and then out and back into the traffic at 4 PM.

OH DEAR - BAD NEWS. It would appear that ALL of my favourite quilt shops (that I don't frequent on a regular basis) are there!!!!!   The Quilt Patch from Moose Jaw (awesome stuff and most has been designed by the store owners), Quilter's Nine Patch, The Quilting Bee, Pastime Pieces, Evelyn's, and well - the list just goes on and on. Some VERY VERY nice stuff.  Some cool knitting stuff too - I am a `want a be`knitter. Oh - I know how to knit - just don`t seem to have time to get to it. But look at this.......

Log Cabin Blanket

I am not sure if this is the same pattern, but one of the booths has this knitted log cabin BLANKET. The pattern is free to download, but of course she had a kit with amazing yarn. ACK!!!!!

The best however was the fact that I was trying to locate a charm pack for Etchings - a new fabric from 3 Sisters by Moda. I chatted to a store last weekend and they didn't seem to think the charm packs had shipped. I called the distributor and they gave me the name of three Ontario stores that had recently ordered the charm packs. AHA - one of them is coming to the show. I called them on Wednesday and yes - they do have them and will be bringing them to the show. Turns out - their booth was right across the aisle from our booth. How convenient is that!!!!   Of course several times through the day they brought it over to TEMPT me. GRRRRRRRRR   ---   however they gave me the charm pack to bring home so I could fondle it before I went to bed (hey - I am trying to match the fabrics to my duvet cover!!!!)   I will pay them today.  Isn`t that just the best.

Etchings charm pack
 This is a cool line of fabric (not my usual colour choice - but the fabric line chosen by Sherri for The Border Creek mystery). There are a couple of fabrics with writing on them (yeah!!), a couple with line drawings of maps of Paris (yeah!!) and four colours - this brown, an aqua???, reds and creams.   I do not want to choose the same colours as Sherri so now to find something that works for me.

Oh yes - see - it goes not bad with the duvet cover

One of the selections - a floral - no less!!!!!!
I LOVE the CreativFestival. I see so many people I haven't seen for a long time - both store owners and visitors to the show. It is going to be CRAZY today.

Anyway - after the show, I stopped at Fabricland to get a pattern for M since she had her sewing class. I gave her one of my patterns that I was going to use next week for pants (of course NOT her size) and then gave her the one I purchased for her. The reason - the waistband on mine had a tie in it besides the elastic, hers did not. The teacher made her use my pattern and they cut it up without tracing it. GRRRRRRRRR!!!!   Oh well - it is just a pattern, but that pattern is now retired. Well - I guess lesson learned - NO lending of patterns to M!!!!!  It isn't a big deal - it is just a pattern for PJs after all and she is enjoying the sewing class so I'm not going to complain.

After driving her to the class, stopping by to visit Sparky - hopefully this is the last night at the vet and then back home to sew. OH - not before I stopped at the library to pick up a book that came in. And I think it is a very appropriate book given the fact that I will be surrounded by temptation for the next three days.

A YEAR with no unnecessary shopping - yikes what a concept - Can't wait to read it. 

Hmmmm - AFTER this weekend though. Or should I read it before - Hmmmm - to buy or not to buy??????  I should just think of the vet bill and NOT buy anything!!!!

I also ran into this designer/author at the show. I dug out her book (she has two - I have both). I am going to get her to sign the book for me.

Beth Wheeler - at the CreativFestival

At least I do not have to purchase her books!!!!!   Lots of great ideas - too bad I seem to have NO TIME to get to anything like this. I am struggling to get to the sewing machine.

But I did. And there I was last night - eating a big piece of pie!!!!   having a cup of tea and sewing my homework at 10:30 PM!!!!!    But I did get done what I needed to get done last night (I've got more tonight)

Here is what Dragon Star looks like now.

Dragon Star

Yes - I got two corners done and started on the diamonds. I am very happy with the progress (OK - should have started a bit sooner). The final reveal for this quilt will be in November. I have ONE month to get it complete. I think I should have no problem.

That's it for today. If you are coming to the CreativFestival - stop by Booth 512 (Sew Fancy) and say hi!!!!
And don't forget to visit my favourite quilt stores -

Have a great day!!!!!!


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