Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In the Nick of TIME!!!!!!

Why oh why do I do this to myself?????

Got a big quilt finished yesterday and delivered.

Jewel Box Quilt

Jewel Box detail

Jewel Box detail

Yes - I had lots of time to get this one done and I am very happy with the results.

I delivered it to a quilt store. Yes - a QUILT STORE. Yes - I did buy something - WAIT - have a look at what I bought before you remind me of my rant yesterday!

Flannel backing for the minky animal print quilt - that was NECESSARY!!!!  

The last of seven prints required for yet ANOTHER bright exchange I am in. OK - so I bought a bit more than I needed, but it was the end of the bolt. The extra was about .5 M

So far - so good........

I was able to drown out the NEW FABRICS that were CRYING - "take me home - take me home". I did break down when I saw this novelty fabric and bought .5 m.

Novelty fabric - bread

But that was ALL I bought - so I did very well I thought!!!!   Hey - we can't learn new habits in just ONE day.

I even stopped at Indigo to look at the new magazines. BUT - I was in a hurry and didn't see much new. I have vowed to NOT buy any more of the ones published by Stampington. They are very expensive and take up a lot of room. And I have lots to browse through anyway. And I did vow to NEVER buy a magazine in plastic and there were TWO new ones in plastic. Hmmmm - got to find a friend who bought those ones. But again - probably nothing new in them.

At first I was thinking I need those magazines to keep up with new stuff - then if I never read them - that theory goes out the window. If I don't make quilts from them or read the articles - then I am buying them because????????   OK - so I am NOT a logical person.

Back home and onto the next quilt which the customer needed TODAY!!!!

So I got most of it done yesterday - had a bit of trouble when a smidgen of thread got caught in the thing the bobbin sits in - the technical term is GONE! I couldn't see it, but I could sure hear it!!!!   After a bit of searching I was able to get it out and keep going. Amazing how a little piece of thread could throw the tension WAY out of whack.

Customer Quilt

It was my stitching night with the girls - you know - our little Christmas redwork. So instead of staying home and making sure the quilt was 100% done - NO - I went out socializing!!!!

I did get another block done and I am pretty happy with the stem stitch.

SNOW block completed

Not bad for stem stitch if I may say so myself

I used TWO strands of Cosmo thread which is in fact FOUR strands of floss since each strand of Cosmo is already TWO strands. Does that make sense????   The rest of this block was done in one strand of Cosmo.

Anyway - progress is being made, but of course no progress on the Halloween stuff. I am like a bird - flit flit flit from one thing to another!!!!

And when I got home (instead of working on the customer quilt - OK - it was almost 10 PM by then), I decided to trace the next TWO redwork blocks.

Next TWO redwork blocks traced with blue mark b gone pen.

Now you are wondering - did the quilt get done????   Oh yeah - after I had physio this morning, the quilt got done. And a half hour to spare before the customer came at 11 AM. OK - that was STUPID. I will try NOT to do that again. Too stressful. Thank goodness no threads got caught in that bobbin case this morning!!!!

And I would like to say HI to those who leave comments. The comments come to my cell phone so I am in the middle of wherever and a comment comes in. I LOVE it!!!!!   Nice to know that I am not alone in getting up and sewing in the middle of the night, would like to know more about the trials and tribulations of binding a quilt with minky in it (should I be afraid?????) and well - we all just have so much to learn by sharing with each other!!!

Now I see that another quilt is waiting for me and it is another HUGE one. I better get started on it.

Ooops - for those of you in the Toronto area - there is a quilt show this weekend!!!!  As I have said before attending a quilt show is a great way to spend some time with friends or even by yourself. It is also a great way to pick up new ideas, new quilting patterns, new colour schemes. Grab a camera or a sketch book and be prepared to come home INSPIRED!!!!!!   Here are the details -

Halton Hills Quilter's Guild  Quilt Show

Friday, October 14   (10 AM - 5 PM)
Saturday, October 15 (10 AM - 4 PM)

Location - Croatian Center which is on Winston Churchill (a couple of KM north of 401). You can't miss it - the church is a massive building on the left. The show is in the conference center in behind the church!!!!!

I'll be there bright and early tomorrow for the setup!!!!!   I feel like I am an expert at setting up quilt shows.

Have a great day!!!!


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  1. I really like the quilting on the purple(last minute),(bobbin problem) customer quilt. Not bad under pressure