Sunday, October 16, 2011

Where do I begin?????

Just surfacing for a few minutes to say - YES  - I am still alive and going strong!

Downloaded the last "few" pictures I took - not even sure where to start!  However I will keep it short this morning as I still have to zip out and buy lunch for the Pampered Sit n Sew today and I guess I could pass the vacuum.

So while things have been crazy - I still managed to get some sewing done.

Christmas Heart Light - the center of the quilt is DONE!!!!   

Hmmm - I started this project at the Hobby Horse many years ago. It was half done - well not quite - but a good part has been done forever. Then it got resurrected as a $10 quilt at the Hobby Horse for 2011 and now I can say that barring any major issues - it should be DONE very soon. Well - not quilted, but done enough for me!!!   Some of that fabric (chosen MANY years ago) would not be what I would use today, but I didn't bother to change it. That just adds to the story!!!   I'll take more closeups when I have more time.

This is the first border that goes on top and bottom. I got half of it pieced together (yep - all those half square triangles were already MADE!!!!)  So piecing the HST border together was no big deal. And I sewed them as the ender/leader in this next project!

Halloween quilt. It is almost totally together. The blocks are all together (with an orange diamond making up one block). Some of those blocks are in groups. No time this morning to finish it.

 I did manage to get TWO of the last three panels of design wall complete. They are not just upholstered, but they are up on the wall!!!!!   The Halloween quilt has to come down as the girls are going to need the wall today (hence the push to get the Christmas and the Halloween together as much as possible) - well I know one person is going to bring one block wonder and that definitely needs a design wall. I will hopefully finish that last piece of design wall this week. It is cut and shoved in the corner but needs to get the flannel on. I'm excited about having the entire wall up and I have BIG plans for it when the girls leave this afternoon.

Design wall almost done!!!!

And I have given up on locating those quilt hangers. Yes - they will show up some day, but when???   I didn't want to wait any longer. So back to square one - using straight pins - I hung these quilts up. You can see the design wall on the right with the last skinny piece of blue insulation board just shoved in the gap!

Quilts up!

And here is the view of the room this morning. 
When it is empty like this - I just so much want to SEW SEW SEW!!!!!   And I will get to that later tonight when everyone goes home. And I am going to try and leave everything tucked away in its spot so it is NOT distracting me until it is time to sew - well that is NOT going to happen. Like I said - I already have BIG plans for that design wall. But I hope to keep the "mess" to a minimum because it is very distracting.

On that note - I must get myself to the store or we will have nothing to eat for lunch.

Have a great day!!!!



  1. Look at you go!! I love your Christmas tree center. Very pretty. Have fun sewing! :)

  2. Boy, do you have a big sewing room. How big? Love all your energy!! How long have you quilted? Pat