Monday, October 17, 2011

I need MORE days like yesterday

Most of you know that I ride my bike in a couple of fundraiser bike rides and host Pampered Sit n Sew days as fundraisers!

Yesterday was one of those days. What a day it was!!   I had eight guests who accomplished LOTS. Part of the deal is I serve them lunch - not difficult, but up and down the stairs a few times, I do their seam ripping - not a whole lot of that, I transport their machines and stuff to the studio in the basement (a lot of up and down the stairs) and finally I do their pressing. HOLY COW - I am surprised the iron didn't die yesterday because those girls gave it a GOOD workout!!  - OK - I got the workout.

Now that I think about it - we set Pat up with her own ironing surface because she was paper piecing, Lynn was working on sorting a one block wonder, Holly was mostly appliquing, and Kathleen had her own ironing station for paper piecing as well. Must have been Ronda, Judy, Traceyann and Sharon who monopolized my time!!!

Bottom line - we had LOADS of fun.

Lynn - getting started at laying out the blocks

Oops - those blocks started migrating across the design wall

We always have to laugh with Lynn. She is a spreader!  Give her a table and she'll not only take that table, but all the surrounding ones as well!!!    We love you Lynn!!  She was somewhat contained yesterday because she was in the corner!!!

This was the final iteration - time to start sewing

Pat (with her little ironing station) - I did not get a picture of what she was working on - I will see her on Tuesday and get a picture - it was CUTE!!!!!!    There is Lynn madly sewing her one block wonder and Ronda working on her second project which is on the design wall. Yes - there was room for others to use it later in the day!!!

Sharon was working on a table runner - again - I wasn't quick enough with the camera, Judy was working on bags (and we had "fun" with the instructions, and Kathleen worked on several projects - circles, bargello and a paper piecing one. 

Holly who did a small applique project and almost finished - just the binding left and she is a newbie!!!   Traceyann worked very hard on a gorgeous quilt and was winding down as it was almost time to go when I took this picture!

Katheleen's bargello - all neatly labelled and laid out. If you do not - this project will be a mess!!!   Can't wait to see those colours together - it is going to be BRIGHT!!!!!

Ronda worked on several projects as well and this was one. Love those brights. Then she was going to cut up her BRAND NEW bright strips from our exchange. I said NO - I had scraps of leftover binding and managed to find a piece with a bunch of bright sections joined together and was big enough for 3/4 of the binding she needed!!!!  

Four o'clock came and everyone went home. WAIT A MINUTE - who is that still sewing in the basement????   OH - it is Lynn!!!!   She asked if she could stay to get more of the sewing done as moving a one block wonder can be a brute to move a one block wonder if isn't together. So I dug out my sewing machine and we sewed together. I think she left at 7 PM!!!!!   However it was AWESOME. I managed to get a bit of sewing done.

I decided to work on my Halloween. So back up on the design wall it went. I got the center part together and was going to leave it at that. Then we started talking about the borders and I was going to put something weird on it - like lime green. Lynn suggested black. And the black was PERFECT.

Now here is why you NEVER precut a border for a quilt. My intention from the start was to use this black with the orange circles. Well after I took out all the orange squares from the quilt - this border was no longer appropriate -see what I mean..........................

Orange border - ick - but look at that skinny black border!

After digging through the Halloween fabric box - guess what I found!!!   Something way better and just perfect!!!

Perfect fabric for this quilt - lots of witches, goblins and other ghouls in the right colours!!!

The finished quilt top (I put that last border on this morning)

Here is the "finished" project - the top, the backing and the binding. And what did I use for backing you ask??????

How about this!!!!    Yeah - the colour is a bit off - hey - it is the back of the quilt!!!!
Backing for Halloween!!!!

And what else did I get done???   Well I got the first border on the Christmas Heart Light completed and on as well.

Christmas Heart Light - with the first border. The borders are only on the top and the bottom. I dug out the second border - look at this - the pieces were all cut!!!   How about that. I see there is a bit of applique to do - but I might just get this thing done!!!!!

And remember that design wall??   Well after Lynn took her one block wonder off - that was a BIG empty space and I can't live with that. So I dug out a couple of things to put on it.
From the left - flannel squares (80) to put together for a comfy quilt , the completed blocks (16)  of a Debbie Caffrey mystery from a couple of years ago and a buggy barn (20 blocks) - all trimmed and ready to sew together. 

Can't wait to get started!!!   HOWEVER - this is my big week with my monthly classes and I have to get the Christmas Heart Light done, Dragon Star (paper piecing) and Elm Creek - 10 new blocks to complete. THEN I can work on this stuff on the wall.

And I might just sneak that Halloween quilt on the machine - I could actually hang it up for Halloween.

Well - got to run.

Have a great day!!!


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  1. As always, my head is spinning from all you manage to accomplish! Loved all your photos -- and I do hope you get that Halloween quilt finished in time to hang for the holiday! Happy Monday! :)