Monday, October 3, 2011

What I did on my FREE day!!

I don't think I was super productive, but that is just fine by me!

For those of you wondering - yes I did get out of my jammies at one point. Had to go visit Sparky who is going to stay at the animal hospital until at least Tuesday!  OK - where is the employment line???   Yes - she is doing fine, but doesn't seem to be improving. The ultrasound (at ultra $$$$$$) has shown no cancer so that is a good thing. She was happy to see us though.

Well here are a few things that I did BEFORE my free day.

Customer quilt - which I am sure is already bound and hanging on the wall!!!

Finished the card trick quilt top

Got the backing and binding complete for card trick - that is a LOT of that one colour. No worry - it will be fine. 

A while back we were working on a challenge - the initial challenge. We were supposed to pick three colours that started with the initials of our name. We could add two colours to that. The three colours on the bottom of this pictures are the ones I chose and I added black and the muslin type background.
My colours for the initial challenge. I used paint chips to get the colours and notice how close my fabric is!!!

I chose this pattern which I have had forever. 

And this is the piece so far. The stems need to be added, but need my machine to do that. 

By the way - the challenge was due in June so yes I missed the deadline, but I had started cutting out the pieces so I figured I would finish it. And then I can use it to practice quilting.

Somewhere in my travels I picked up this block which is part of a block of the month. OK - so I must have got it for a steal. It is weird and the fabrics are kind of icky!!!   Going to use it to practice different edge finishing and then practice quilting.

Block for practicing!!!
So you see - even those icky blocks have a purpose!!!!  

I was checking out what M did in her sewing class last week. They were making the handles for the bag. I saw one of her handles had been turned inside out - the other was half way. Hmmmmm - I bet that teacher did NOT have a tube turner. When I asked M - she said NO - turning the handles was a pain. I got out the tube turner and VOILA - in two seconds that handle was turned inside out. I'm excited that my kid would think that I might have a better solution to the handle issue!!!!!!   Yep - there is hope after all!!!!

That's all for today - got physio this morning. Yeah!!!   I just wish I could say that I feel a lot of difference - I don't!

Have a great day!!!!


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