Saturday, October 1, 2011

KA-CHING!!!!!!!! (or Separation anxiety!!)

No - I did NOT buy a new sewing machine (although I was TEMPTED when I dropped my sewing machine off for service!!)

Not one, but TWO machines left my house at the same time!!!!

One was going for servicing - the other, M was taking to class. Yikes - NO SEWING MACHINE!!!!!!

Yes - I can live without my machine for a week. So far - I haven't even had time to touch a sewing machine!!!

No - my big KA-CHING and big SEPARATION ANXIETY comes from the fact that the BIG BLACK DOG is SICK!!!!!!    She wasn't feeling well on Wednesday evening and by Thursday night - I was very concerned. Vomiting, lethargic, temperature - so much so that we had to carry her to the car. Yes - my Sparky needed to be carried - this is NOT good. I took her to the Animal Hospital Thursday night and well - the $ haven't stopped piling up!!!   Blood work, neurological tests, X-rays, (I said NO to the ultrasound - $500 during hours - $800 after hours!!!!). It is Saturday morning and she is still there!!!!

Poor thing. apparently she is feeling better, but has had no food yet. I think they are going to try today to offer her food and hopefully she will come home today. Sammy is beside herself. She doesn't know the routine (and how long has she lived here???)  She doesn't follow any schedule! And she doesn't know what to do!!!!   Poor thing!

Sparky may have a bout of pancreatitis. Most likely caused by eating GARBAGE!!!!!!!    How I hate my neighbours who throw garbage over the fence into the forest. OK - so Sparky is supposed to be on a leash in the forest, but at 6 AM - who else is in the forest. But the vet said that Sparky was in very good shape - I mean weight wise - she is right on for her age and size!!!!!   Little Sammy - well it wouldn't be the same story - she is a little fatty - oooops - unhealthy weight!!!!!

Let's keep our fingers crossed that the big black dog comes home today!!!!   I need money to pay for the quilt show and shop hop we went on yesterday!!!!   More on that tomorrow.

Got to run - have to teach a class this AM.

Have a great day!!!!!


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  1. Hoping Sparky is home again and Sammy has settled down! It can be very trying when you have more than one and upset the applecart!!!!!

    All the best,